Friday, December 29, 2006

Ready for 2007...almost

The end of the year always makes me introspective. I think it does to a lot of people. I think about the things I've accomplished, the things I didn't. People I've met. Places I've been. It's nice to do that.
This year I learned a lot of things- both knitting and non knitting. I knit my first sweater, used two colors, conquered lace, completely conquered socks, learned ML, had the lightbulb go on about entrelac, and that I LOVE alpaca. I also learned about the history of aviation through war, how rope is made, how ships are maintained, the history of Connecticut, more geneology than you can imagine, and how to work an Mp3 player.
I've met a lot of people. In my business it's a given, but the highlight was probably either Susan Sarandon or Olympia Dukakis.
I've been to many new places, mostly in my new state - from cities to one stop sign towns, and Rhode Island.
Next year I hope to meet more new people ( a given), go new places - maybe Vermont, and keep learning new things. I want to really master color work - specifically fair isle, but also insertia, continue on the lace quest - doing hard things involving grafting and fancy mitered edges, and finally conquering the scarf for DH. (I will do it!!) I'd also like to take a class about wig building and attend USITT.
2007 will bring my 10th Anniversary, a milestone birthday, and the demise of a credit card bill that has been looing forever.
Bring it on!
Now to the knitting:
It seems odd to me that I am knitting a sweater named "Emerald" in grey. Emeralds come in many colors - not just green - but none in grey that I know of. hmm. Just continuing on my "grey phase" I suppose. I made incredible progress on it last night at SnB. I told myself that I would knit one ball of yarn, then put it away until I finished my second Seascape Twist sock. yeh right. I finished the first ball with ONE ROW of ribbing left to go. Poo. I HATE leaving things "almost" at a good stopping point. It would have been perfect to run out at the end of the ribbing. I could have put the sweater down for WEEKS with out having an itch to continue on. Of course I was at SnB, so I didn't have more yarn with me. I could also have unraveled the swatch, but I didn't want to do that. SO, I knit the toe of Seascape #2.

Fast forward to getting home.

I am now at home, and have the dreaded unfinished ribbing loomimg in the project bag. ok. I'll just knit the one row of ribbing. A new ball will be added and I'll be able to pick it up again as soon as the sock is done, ready to go.

I'll wait for you to stop laughing.

My thought process went like this:
ok. well, I'll knit the first stockingette row so I can have the markers placed. er. I don't like to leave my knitting on a purl row. I like to end on the right side. one more row. well crap. now I'm too tired to work on the fiddly bit of my sock, and I am part way into a new ball and a new section. I don't want to leave it like this! I'll knit until the waist decreases start. It's only about 18 more rows.

Thank goodness I didn't run out of yarn again. I could still be doing this. I managed to finish the section before the waist shaping, and leave only about 6 yards of yarn at the end. Ready for a new ball, at a logical stopping spot, and NOT looming at me. it I would have attached another ball I might be in trouble. Sure I'd have a sweater by next Friday, but I'd never finish my 24th pair of socks.

I think I might need help.

I can report that I love my new needles. AWSOME! SLippery, lighter than you'd think, flexible cord, and SHINY. I think they were half the reason I kept working on the sweater.

As I said before, I am officially half done, plus a little, with the Seascape Twist Socks. A picture:

The pattern doesn't show up as well as it would with a lighter, less boldly varigated yarn. I originally didin't like them much, and considered ripping them out. BUT - isn't there always a but - I like them now. The pattern reminds me of waves hitting the beach. I like it moocho mucho. Subtle waves, for a subtle beach theme. I like to think of the warm beach in the winter. If you put the Beach Boys on, crank the heat, and smell salt water....

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The beginnings of an Emerald

I am still working on my Seascape Twist socks, and am almost finished with the first one. I could have finished last night, but I decided to swatch for my new sweater.

I like the yarn a lot, and I'm using my new needles! The yarn is Lane Cervinia Londra in color #20. Pretty, slightly varigated greys that I can wear with almost anything. The pattern is from I decided to move this project to the front of the line because I want to actually wear it while it is still cold.
I want to get started tonight, but I'll probably work mostly on my socks over the next few days. I am trying to finish this pair before the end of the year. I want to complete 24 pairs. I did remember a pair of slippers I didn't have on my list from a few posts ago, but I don't think they count. They were not constructed like socks. I could cheat and say they count, but it wouldn't feel right.
In the upcoming year I am participating in the "Socktopia" KAL. A whole year of sock making fun. There will be themed socks to complete each month for prizes. I want to be fresh and ready for the KAL on the first!
I am still working on the entrlac scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I should work on IT, instead of starting something new, but I don't care. Ok I do. I will finish it before January 19th, but I want to work on something else right now. I am about half way done. I have a few ends to weave in, and I don't feel like weaving ends right now. I like the knitting part, but the finishing part SUCKS. ugg. Hopefully, I will be inspired to complete it when I am finished with my Seascape Twist socks. When I start wrapping up projects I get on a roll.

Finally, just because I can, I took a picture of my Christmas Yarn to share with y'all.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

when Christmas goes right

I love it when a person opens a gift and the look of happiness crosses thier face. I get all glowy and happy inside. Knowing you made or purchased the "perfect" item for a loved one is amazing.
I also love the super confused look that crosses a loved one's face when they open the "weird" thing. You know... the gag gift. The pause. The puzzlement. Then the big grin and laugh when they finally "get" it!

I think DH and I succeeded this year, with flying colors.

First off, lets give props to the DH! He did fabulous this year. I got many of the items on my wishlist, including: KnitPicks options Needles, "Victorian Lace Today", a subscription to IK, and the cd's I wanted. He also filled my Stocking with Chocolate(!!), and got me an MP3 player! WHoo! Very cool.

He loved the gifts I gave him. I'm very good a Christmas.

We also recieved many fablous presents from my mom, dad, and brothers. DH got a leather coat (very sexy), and a few small things. I got a new longerberger basket (I love baskets! Actually, I love containers, but I have a specail place for Longerberger baskets), and some pretty jewelry, among other things. The big gift we got was a navigation systerm!! You know those in the car ones that talk to you. It is awsome! We are known for getting a tad lost at times, and with all of the travelling we have been doing for geneology, it is good to have a map system in the car. It also gives GPS coordinates, so we can mark grave sites for other researchers if we want to. If that wasn't enough, Dad got a new tv for Christmas. We got the old one. Man it is great. Our old one was on the blink, and we thought that we would have to spend some $$ on a new one. But, we didn't want to until after we moved this summer. Problem overted. sweet.

I gave my Mom the Icarus shawl I made in June, two bags of Dean's Beans Coffee, a greek dictionary (so she can talk to her best friend, Vangie, in Greek), and the manicure mitts and pedicure socks I made in November.

My Dad recieved a wool hat that he wanted - it is boiled wool, and fits under a hard hat. He had one from , like 1960, that he can't find. I told him that if anyone could find it, it would be me. I'm not being pretentious - it's what I do for a living. I found it too. He LOVED it. I also gave him easy crosswords - it's a joke, a book about VIrginia in the civil war, with geneology research about our family in the Civil War, a PBS DVD called "Warplanes", and a bag of "Blackberries and Raspberries" candy.

My older brother got welding sleeves, a "Super Duper Weenie" shirt, a vintage Coors Belt Buckle, and a belt buckle I made him. He loves belt buckles, the bigger the better. I joke that he could use them a dinner plates. So, I made him dinner plate belt buckle. I has a knife and fork on the side. He wore it around all day. I never thought he would actually wear it, but he did! He said his friends will be soooo jeleous. He is in college to be an electrician, which he loves, but it means he has very little $. SO, for a gift he fixed our car. My mom bought the parts, but my brother did all the labor. He changed the brakes, fixed the bumper, changed the headlights, changed the oil, and repaired the motor on the driver's window! I told him that it was an awsome gift!

The younger brother was the recipient of the Firefight of the Year award last year, so I got him Firefighter things. I framed a vintage firetruck photograph, and got him a cast iron reproduction firetruck, that frankly, looks very simlilar to the one ion the photo. This is the brother that also likes to impersinate Elvis. So I made him an Elvis Wig. We were laughing so hard at him that we almost peed our pants.

I ended up giving my Grandmas' pointsettas. I kNOW I said I was going to make her something. I changed my mind. I didn't have enough time to make her someting that I was proud of, so I gave her someting I know she would like. SHe loves plants, and she really doesn't ant "things". The other Grandma is even harder to buy for, so she got a pointsetta too. They liked them, and the day got to be about visiting instead of gifts. I also visited my 'extra' Grandmas - my Great Aunt Helen, who has no kids of her own, and my "Mom mom", aka Lillian. Lillian was my next door neighbor when I was a baby, and used to babysit for me when my Mom and Dad wanted to go out. I have stayed close to her, and it is always nice to see her. She is 90 now (!) and still going strong. Aunt Helen and Uncle Jalke were so happy to see DH and I. Aunt Helen is the family Geneologist, and her and DH always share and compare notes. they are working on a book. I like to look at her quilts. SHe is a rabid quilter. She does everything by hand, and they are spectaular. Everyone gets one for a wedding present, and they are adored family wide. I think Aunt Helen will get one of the next lace projects. Hand crafters know the work that goes into something intricate - even if it is not their craft of choice.

We also visited with George and Vangie - my Mom and Dad's friends. They are very cool people. I made Vangie the Kiri shawl in September. She knows I'm a knitter, and so is she. She bought me YARN for Christmas! Two skeins of Laceweight mohair, two skeins of Lite Lopi, and one skein of Circus! I have a feeliong she is going to send me a box of yarn "just beacause". She said that she felt as though I gave her such a nice gift, I should have more yarn to make a bigger project for me. we'll see!

It was very nice to have everything appreciated and loved. it makes me smile.

On a knitting note, I am cruising long on my current socks. I cannot wait to start someting with my new needle set!! I am actually itching to start!!!! I can't even decide what to start on!!!!! i think my next sweater. I was going to start a lace project, but if I do the sweater now, I might have time to wear it this year before it warms up.
OMG. I cannot Wait for SnB tomorrow. It has been two weeks. I'm going through withdrawl.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The mall

I hate doing modern dress shows around Christmas. Blech. Shopping a the Mall 5 days before Christmas both sucks and blows. I am so tired, I could sleep for a week. err.

I have fittings tommorow for previously mentioned show, so I am not sure if I will blog before I leave for Christmas, or not. If not, I'll be back on the 27th with lots o' pictures and bragging about my gifts, both recieved and given.

Till then!

Rememebr to put a carrot on the roof for Rudolph.

Monday, December 18, 2006

"Another pair of finished socks"; or "Brown is in ,man"

Since I can remember, I have liked Rocky and Bullwinkle. I don't know if you recall, but the titles for the stories always have two names. Usually the meaning of the second name was revealed later in the episode. I like that about the show.
I find myself double titling things a lot. I do it to reports a work. For example: "show budget estimate", or "why it costs so much to produce a two person show".
I think it at the mall. "Longest line ever!" or "Why I hate the Mall!!"
I could go on. I'm slightly insane.

I had a fairly productive weekend. I opened my new show on Friday night. I finished my Falling Leaves Socks, I made a list of all of the things I need to finish before Thursday night (ha), I wrapped some gifts, I decorated just in time to undecorate, and discovered that I don't have a gift for my Grandma for Christmas. I had an idea a long time ago, I just never actually did it!
So now I am busting my butt to make her a lacy scarf - ala the airy scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts (cause this IS). The worst part of it is, I have to be prepared for the usual outcome. It is the outcome for every gift she is given, no matter what the gift is.
It goes like this... "Oh, insert name. I don't need another insert gift. Here, you take it."
or it can go like this... "Oh insert name. This insert gift is too big/small. "
once in a awhile it goes... "Oh insert name. This insert gift is too complicated/ what would I need this for?"

NOW HEAR THIS: I love my Grandma. She is my favorite Grandma, but she is really hard to buy gifts for. In the last few years, she has become very... lets say "honest". She'll tell you what she thinks of you, and doesn't care how you feel about it. I love her for it - mostly because I find it entertaining at parties - but it makes it VERY HARD to give a gift. DH said to me last night, "you are going to make her something?" I said I was. He then commented that I should be prepared when I give it to her. I said, "You mean for the 'I don't need this' comment?" He shook his head. I said that I knew, and was prepared for the let down. Hence the 4 hour scarf.

Still, I know you knitters out there are thinking that I shouldn't even waste 4 hours - especially when I have one more pair of socks to do before January 1. I could go buy her something. I could. But she's still my Grandma.

So here are a few pictures of my finished Fallling Leaves socks! Please excuse the poor pictures. We just don't have any natural light to speak of, and probably won't for a while.

The details:
Pattern: Falling Leaves Socks from Knitty
Yarn: Trekking ProNatura
Needles: KP classic circs, size 0
Comments: Fun to knit, Easy to memorize. I didn't change anything about the pattern, but to fit my 6.5 foot, I knit 4 repeats of the lace patttern in the foot section, and 5 in the leg. This yarn is pretty! I still haven't seen anyone else's FO's with it! Very nice varigated, and a blend of wool and bamboo! A tad splitty, especially in the dark, but overall, something I'd work with again.

Well, must go. I have to finish at work... so that I can home.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

My box of Red Scarves is growing

I am getting such an awsome response from my friends at work! We already have 9 complete, and 3 more in the works! Yay go team!

I am working on my third scarf. I haven't been posting pictures of the scarves, because I want to do a big scarf pile reveal at the end, so I am not going to post a picture of the beginning of the one I am working on now. I am making an entrelac scarf in Lambs pride worsted, using two colors. It will have a lot of ends to weave in, but I think it will be worth it. I am trying to weave in as I go, as to not make the finishing torturous.

This is my first foray into entrlac, and I can see the appeal. Lots of bang for the buck. It looks terribly difficult, but is actually quite easy. I think that if I made another scarf like this, or a blanket, I'd work with two balls of each color. In theory it should work, leaving hardly any ends to weave in. hmmm. I feel an experiment coming on.

The whole reason to knit this scarf was to learn the entrelac technique. I want to knit the Forest Path Stole from IK. It is soooo pretty, and done in... you guessed it! Entrelac! Lots of rectangles, all with , like 6, different lace motifs in alternating patterns. Pretty and complicated! ok. That's only kinda true. The process is easy. The lace bits have the potential to be easy or hard - depends on the motif. Keeping straight which rectangle is next could be a bear. The end result will be stunning. I can't wait to start.

(people who know me IRL are laughing right now. There is so much on my "want to knit" list. Who knows when I might actually get to it.)

My show opens tomorrow! I can't wait for Saturday. Time to get down to some knitting business. oh. and maybe decorate for Christmas. and do some laundry.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Watch out for my Slingshot!

I debuted my Slingshot today at my 9:15 meeting. I recieved lots of "ooooo and ahhhhh"! Also plenty of "I need one! How Cool! and My whole family would like one!". I consider it a success.

It holds the coffee very nicely, no slippage at all!

I thought that the strap might be too short for the Dunkin lids, do to thier "high profile", but I had plenty of arm room, even with my heavy coat on.

Great way to use us sock yarn ends! The color is closest in this picture.

Pattern: Slingshot from the Winter '06 Knitty
Yarn: super tiny amount of KP Sock Garden in Yukon - I need superwash. I'm messy with my coffee.
Needles: Brittany Birch DPNs, size 2
Notes: This took about an hour and a half to make. Even with swatching. So easy and well written. I highly recomend it. I decided to not do the color work it as written in the pattern, mostly because I was to lazy to dig through my partials bin to find a coordinating solid in the appropriate weight yarn. I might make some more of these to have on hand as "gift extras". They would be a good use for all of my partial sock skeins - as well as an excuse to try out some Fair Isle patterns. The only change to the pattern that I would make is to knit the "cup holder" portion a bit longer. Maybe do another set of decreases were the current BO is, and knit another 1.5". It would be more of a "cozy" for your hand.

I am headed into another series of Dress rehearsals, so I won't see any of my SnB friends for a couple of weeks. (frown) So I'll show off here when I can. In that spirit, here is my first sock in the Falling Leaves Pair. I wasn't going to show them until I was finished, but, eh. I changed my mind.

It's not blocked yet, so the pattern is still a bit hard to see.

Ahh. The close up shows it off better.
Till next time!

Monday, December 11, 2006

remember when we talked about joining things?

well, I did it again. Just call me Brittany.

This time it is "Socktopia" Socktopia is a year long KAL, dedicated to socks.

So far this year - without the push of a KAL- I have made 23 pairs of socks!
Let's update the list:
1. Dad's - woolease
2. dh's - regia
3. my regia
4. sara's - sockotta
5.carol's - sockotta
6. rebecca's - sockotta
7. denise's - sockotta
8. joy's - sockotta
9. leah's - sockotta
10. DH's SU socks - local handpaints
11. my Child's First Socks - KP essential
12. Mom's CFS - KPM13. my Multiringel's
14. my Mystery Socks - Viv's Lacey Socks in Wildfoote
15. Nate's Birthday socks - sockotta
16. Mystery Socks #2 - smocked socks - Gedifra Fashion Trend
17. Socktoberfest -CTH Elfine socks
18. My Ripple socks in Fable - I forgot these earlier. They should be around #5
19. Socktoberfest RPM's in regia
20. Jaywalkers in Trekking
21. Mom's Pedicure Socks in Red Heart Soft
22. DH's Friday Harbor Socks in Regia
*23. My Falling Leaves socks in Trekking Pro Natura - in progress*

I think my goal should be 24 pairs for the year. Pretty sweet! I don't know if I'll do that many next year in Socktopia, but we'll see. I have quite a few sweaters and lacey things I want to knit as well. Maybe I'll have less of a "Socktopia" than this year....

In knitting news, I have finished one of my Falling Leaves socks. I didn't get very far this weekend on #2. I was in NYC with my Mom on Saturday, and Christmas Shopping on Sunday. I wan't in the mood to knit on them on Sunday night. (! I know!) I worked on my "slingshot" instead. "what is that?", you ask. Why, it is a new pattern from Knitty!!! GO check it out! The new Knitty is up!

I found like 6 more things to add to my "to knit" list. The never ending list....

It's funny, but I keep putting off Casting on for the next big sweater of lace project. I want to wait and see if I get my new needle set for Christmas *hint*. I'd hate to be in the middle of a big project, get new needles, cast on something on them, then feel guilty about the old project. So, I keep working on Socks and other small projects. I'm going through shawl withdrawl.

Oh! I also cast on for DH's new scarf. I am using a pattern written from an old piece of textile - very archeologoical. The problem is tht I don't *really* know what I am doing. It is very complicated. I think I might need to make him a cabled scarf, and put this project away until I find out more about htis type of knitting. Man my brain hurt last night! It looks so simple, but it is all twisted and has instuctions like "pull the loop out long and knit the rest of the roww with the loop, turn the work and knit back to the loop, and pull the slack through." ummm. ok.....
Like I said. I need to do some research. It will probably be a "duh" moment after I see some examples from other people.

I just realised that I am pictureless. SO I leave you with a few pictures of past socks:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Presenting Glasgow Lace!

I wore my sweater to my Work Holiday Party, to MUCH aclaim. Lots and lots of compliments! This isn't the best picture of me, but I think that DH did ok.

Lots has been said about this pattern. Most people hate the edging on the sleeves and the hem; the lack of waist shaping, the deepness of the neckline and the shortness of the hem. I am one of the few - very few - that felt the need to knit this sweater. I can only find one other on, and she changed it a lot! The only thing I changed was the neckine. I knit the ribbing the whole way around, and made it wider than called for.

my specs:
pattern: Glasgow Lace from Fall '06 Interweave knits
yarn: jeager alpaka - 6 balls, well 5 and a 1/4
needles: size 5 bamboo circs (japanese?), sise 6 inox circs, and size 7 susan bates circs.
changes: I knit the collar the whole way around the neck, making it 2.5" wide.
started/ended: ummm, I think I stared this in October (!!!), around the 9th? I finished it on 12/1. holy crap. Two months.

TO be fair to myself, I was pretty dedicated to "socks only" in October, and I was trying to finish up the Christmas presents. I also went on two trips in November that were not sweater condusive. I guess itis not THAT bad.

On a Holiday note.... I gave the staff lace scarves out for presents yesterday. They were much loved! It's always nice to see people appreciate a gift made just for them. Much smiles!

Progressing good on my new socks, with my fancy new yarn. I am working up the leg on sock #1. SO far so good.

the big question on everybody's mind,... (ok just my mind) is what to work on next. I think it will be DH's new non-inferior scarf. If that is giving me fits - seeing as I need to translate the pattern from "huh?" to something I understand - I mightwork on my long gloves, and a new hat for me. I feel kinda guilty doing all of these projects for me, and none for anyone else.

ok. not that bad.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I forgot my Secret Project!

I was going to reveal my Secret Costume Project on Monday, and I forget to do it! well, ok, I was sick, but I didn't do it today either!

so, with out further ado....

The last two very busy weeks have been consumed with "The Tempest". Writen by William Shakespeare, and newly adapted by Olympia Dukakis. I couldn't snap photos, but I can tell you it was crazy. The "staged reading" was fully costumed and lit. It had a sound designer and a set. sooooo not a reading. It was a script- in- hand production, with no budget. What does that mean for me? lots of work.

That's ok. I got to work with Olympia and Apollo Dukakis,Kathryn Grody, David Margulies, Louis Zorich, Stacy Ross, and Matthew Lewis - to name a few. The whole cast, and all of the directors - there were 3 - are ALL well know theatre people. The kind that you have seen a million times in every play you can think of.
I was a ton of work, but at least they left happy!

Fun with Elvis

So, I had a good-ish weekend. I went Christmas shopping on Saturday morning. Dancing on Saturday Night, then sat on the couch with a cold on Sunday and Monday. bleh. I did get some knitting done, as I couldn't do anything except blow my nose and pass in and out of sleep. I made two "Red Scarf Project" scarves. I am going to photograph all of the scarves before I send them off, so no Pictures yet. I am finding it very hard to type. I am a bit loopy from the cold medicine. Let's hope this all makes sense.

In addition to the christmas shopping, I also went yarn shopping. Would you expect anyless? I bought the red scarf project yarn, and a skein of.... Trekking Pro Natura! What is that? Why it is Sock yarn! and it is Trekking Sock yarn! And it has Bamboo in it!!!

The color way is 1600.
It is a less springy than wool yarn - do to the bamboo I guess. It is more like knitting with a cotton blend. That's ok for me. I like cotton blend sock yarn. As with cotton, it is a bit stiff feeling, but it is softening up as I work with it. I am using 0' s, but it seams a bit open still, but I always think that when I start a new toe up sock. Onece I have a bit of the foot done, I always feel better about it.

My super zoomed in picture is of the first toe of "Falling Leaves" socks from Knitty. I think the brown, gold and green colorway will look nice with the leaf pattern.

Now, as promised, my Elvis Wig Pictures. I took these of myself, so no judments about the photo quality. I also do not have makeup on, or even a shower. Frankly, these are cold medicine fog photos.

I don't even have the thing on my head right! oh well. You get the idea. It is much funnier in person.

I decided to snap the photo of the finished Glasgow Lace sweater on Wednesday. I have my staff Holiday Party, and plan to wear my sweater! The finishing went well! I can't wait to show it off!

hmm.... that means that since Thursday, I have finished 5 (!!) projects! (Glasgow Lace sweater, Friday Harbor socks, red scarf 1, red scarf 2, and Elvis Wig) I should get some sort of award!

Friday, December 01, 2006

the end of Lacevember

Well, Lacevember has come and gone. I met some goals, and didn't meet others.
I finished DH's "Socks with Holes"
I finished all 6 of my employee lace scarves.
I nearly finished my Glasgow Lace sweater.
Not too bad. If I hadn't been crazy the last week, I would have met my goal! The sweater will be complete by Monday!

Also on Monday, I can reveal the secret costume project I have been working on. It has been time consuming (read: no knitting time), but it has also been interesting. I can't wait to tell you more!

Last night was the first night I've gotten to knit since Friday!!!!! I was going knit crazy! I finished my Friday Harbor Socks for DH.

The best part about blocking is that they look so... done. pretty, er handsome even. The worst part, is that I'll never block them again. DH will wear them as they are when they are dry. No need to fuss with blocking. I don't block the ones for me either. They are just so drapey and wonderful this way.

Also known as the "socks with, you know, holes" socks. They are knit from Regia 4fadig, on KP size 1 circs. I modified the crap out of this pattern, so much so, that in an earlier post I considered calling them "Friday Harbor Inspired Socks". The pattern is from Nancy Bush's "Knitting on the Road". I might make these again for me. The sock goes quickly, as the lace is not complicated, but different every round. One repeat is 12 rounds long, but is only repeated once across the front of the sock. Very easy to memorize.

I also finished the Elvis Wig for my Brother for Christmas. OMG. It is hillarious. I have to take a picture this weekend.

The Glasgow Lace Sweater only has the stinkin' neckband to do! Check out my seaming. Quite successfull.

Wait... you can't tell where it is? Look closer..

and just to prove there IS a seam...

I picked up the neckband stitches this afternoon, so I shall be completeing it soon!

I swatched for DH's sweater vest last night. tragedy struck. The yarn has all of these awful weak spots in it. I am going to see if all the skeins are like that, or if it is just this one. I will be so sad if I have eight skeins of unusable yarn. ok. pissed is more like it. I can't even return it. It was a yard sale buy. grr.

I suppose that I will be projectless when I complete my sweater. hmm.... what to do next? I will let you know what I decided on Monday!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Off for Turkey

I am headed off for Turkey as soon as I post this post!

I tried, I really did, but I did not finish my Glagow Lace sweater in time for Thanksgiving. so sad. I am done seaming! I only have to do the neck band. I fI didn't have to drive tonight I could get it finished. oh well. I have a plethora of holiday parties coming. It will debut then!

I took a picture of the Secret Santa Stocking I made this weekend:

A little blury, but you get the idea. I'm in a hurry...
Lastly, a little yarn pron from last weekend...

The yarn for Dave's ancient scarf

and a skein of Bearfoot for ME. wow. those are some bright colors!

must go. must drive. eat turkey. gain 12 pounds.

till sunday!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Blocking the sweater!!

I submit photographic evidence!

Now if can only convince myself to seam the dang thing. Seaming will take the longest I think. The collar will be short and sweet - even if it is ribbing. blech. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind ribbing on socks, but this is a heck of a lot of ribbing.

This weekend I made a Christmas Stocking for my Secret Santa at work. I haven't picked a name yet, but I figured that a Christmas Sock was a good gift either way. Good to fill with treats! I'll snap a picture tomorrow morning. It's funny though, I kept thinkg that I had to remember what I did where for the second one. Ha! No Second sock! I knew there was a reason to love making a Stocking!

I really had a busy weekend, for a "nice quiet weekend". I got a lot of knitting done. In addition to finishing the second sleeve, making a stocking, and going yarn shopping (ahem), I also am two repeats into the second of DH's grey socks!

About the yarn shopping:
I am trying to se form the stash, but DH needs a new "non inferior yarn" scarf. I talked about the really cool ancient pattern I got from my friend last week. I just didn't have any appropriate yarn. It needs to be light in color to show all the stitch work, and it needs to not be "inferior yarn". I found some Brown sheep on clearence at Saybrook yarns in a lovely oatmeal color. He even liked the color and the softness. It has intention! It's not just stash! well, the skein of Bearfoot I got is just stash, but sock yarn doesn't count as stash! We all know that!

Yarn Pron pics tomorrow!

Friday, November 17, 2006

another one bites the dust

ok. Maybe not another WHOLE one, but another PIECE bites the dust!
I have finished a sleeve!

One more to go! I cast on last night and have finished the first increase. I didn't get very far, as the cast on takes FOREVER! I also had to fight "startitis". I really wanted to start on some fingerless mitts for me. I shouldn't even start those. I should be finishing my Christmas Knitting, as well as finishing those socks for DH. Not starting something else for me. I WILL finish the other sleeve this weekend. I can block the sweater before I go home for Thanksgiving! Maybe I can even finish the collar....
Maybe not. I have to bake a pie and do laundry and work in there too. We'll see. I would be nice to wear it for Thanksgiving. A fitting debut!

I also got a pattern from my friend Erin at SnB last night. It is based on a piece of ancient knitted fabric found on an archaeological dig. If I can figure out the directions to recreate the fabric, I think I will make this into a scarf for DH. He has many hobbies, but one of the biggest is ancient cultures. He's even writing a historical fantasy book about this era. He'll like it, I'm sure - and he'll tell everyone about how it came about when they comment on his scarf.

I must go. i have to eat. Hunger wins over blogging I guess. If anyone shows up at the Farmhouse Yarns sale this weekend, look for the girl witht the big red bag and blond hair! (That'd be me...)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

yeasterday's post, again

I hate rewriting posts, especially when they were really well worded, and I don't have much time to rewrite them. Yesterday Blogger dumped my post, and I was too frustrated and short on time to try again.
I'm giving it another go.

This is the first sock of the 'Friday Harbor" socks for DH.

front view

sock blocker view
Just because I know you all were waiting with baited breath to find out what I did to fix my reading problem, I'll show you.

My seriously in need of a manicure finger is pointing to the row of purls up for discussion. The pattern told me to stop purling st the sides of the front panel when I go tto the gussett. well, I neglected to actually READ the pattern, and started to merrily knit along. Half way through I looked at the instructions. whoops. I was supposed to stop purling. Not about to rip it out, I had to find a logical place to stop purling. As you can see, I stopped at the end of the gussett decreases. Looks pretty good.
Yeah, well. I ALSO neglected to read that I was to knit ribbing on the sole of the foot. I wouldn't have done that anyway, but it would have been nice to choose that, as opposed to just not paying attention. I also changed the toe. I couldn't figure out the math to use my stitch count with the toe called for. I ended up doing a plain ole' toe.

I suppose I should call them "Friday Harbor Inspired Socks".
In sweater news, I am working on the sleeves! Just one and 2/3 more to go! Then I block, seam, collar and done! ok. It's still a lot. I'm trying to be positive!

Monday, November 13, 2006

red scarf link

this one sold be better. I don't know how I linked to such an old ne the other day!

ps. I am up to 9 knitters at work, and I have 4 scarves worth of donated yarn!

Is it March yet?

I suppose not. I'm all ready for it to be warm again, and it's not even really cold. This is going to be a long winter I think. At least I have my knitting to keep me warm.

I had intended on showing off my first sock from my Friday Harbor pair, as I finished it on Friday, but I managed to forget it when I came to work today. What can I say, It's Monday. I am ready to cast on for sock #2, but have put it off in favor of continuing to work on Glascow Lace. I am ready to start the armholes! The front of the sweater has a deep "u", so the armholes and the split for the sides is done at the same time. It sould go pretty fast. Frankly, I should have the front done, but I had a show to design this weekend (- it's secret, but I'll tell you about it when it is over), and I had yarn tragedy.
I was knitting away on Sunday, when I needed to add another ball of yarn. I pulled out the center string, and I got a big ol'e tangled mess. ok. Untangle. untangle. STupid yarn. grr. STUPID STUPID YARN!!!. I left the cozyness of the coffee shop to go home and use the ball winder. Maybe it'll be easier if I wind up the untangled bit. not so much. I ended up needing to cut in two places. annoying.
To alleviate my sad ball winding experience, I decided to wind my laceweight rayon. I want to start a tablecloth with it as my next lace project, so might as well wind while my winder is out.
NOTE TO SELF: remember to watch the ball winder, as every skein of yarn will not fit. You will get a giant knot in the gears when the yarn slips off the cake because you let it get too full. 300 grams of yarn will not fit. you need to wind two balls.
This did not help my yarn disaster from the coffee shop. It just pissed me off.
SO I ate some super yummy potato chips that I can only get in Central PA. That helped. So did finishing the torso of my sweater.

Let's hope that tonight goes a bit better.

Just because I can, and since I have no pictures today, I'm going to start a list of projects, in no particular order, that I have yarn for, and want to make... well, at some point. Socks don't count. I'm always making them.

1. sweater vest for DH. It will be orange yarn for Farmhouse Yarns.
2. my superspiral rayon table cloth.
3. rona shawl in tidal pool alpaca cloud
4.3/4 length gloves for me -black sock yarn. I should do this soon... scarf for dh- unknown yarn, unknown pattern garden fingerless mitts for me to use at work. new blankets and pillows for the couch. - I've had this yarn forever!
8.clapotis - yes. I still have not made one.
9.print o' the wave shawl in dove grey lace weight.
10.the pretty green wrap sweater from Big Girl Knits, in light grey.
11. ok, this could go on forever. Let's leave it at 10.

After Glascow sweater and friday Harbor socks, I am definately casting on for "super spiral" tablecloth. I also have a little more gift knitting to do - just added gift knitting. (secret Santa stuffs- shhh) The comes the DH sweater vest. i will need the lace to keep me from going bonkers during the Stockinette Stitch "excitement". I maybe should get on those gloves too... if I ever want to wear them while it is still cold!

well. Now I want to knit, and not do anything I am supposed to do today - like, oh um... work?! I supppose I must. How else would I pay for all of my yarn?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Question #3 from Lacevember

The third contest question for Lacevemebr is quite a doozy!

"What are your ideal lacemaking conditions?"


I love to knit on the beach in the summer. I really love that the beach is only a few blocks away, making this very easy to accomplish. I also love to knit at the coffee shop. I like to sit in the comfy chairs in front of the fire place. Very calming, and since it has a glass front, I get a lot of people watching done. I knit lace in the dark - as witnessed form this last weekend, I've knit on top of a mountain, I've knit it in the car, on the train, in front of the tv, during conference calls. Just to mention a few. So what is my ideal condition?

My ultimate favrite way to "get my lace on" is in the warm sun with a cup of coffee (hazelnut), and my cd player playing... Metallica. I knit best to punk, heavy metal, and hard rock music. I don't are if I am at the beach, or if it is summer, it just has to be warm and sunny. Even sitting inside the sunniest window I can find is good.
That said, I like to knit lace when it is really gloomy outside too. I don't feel guilty for "not going out and doing something."

I suppose I am really an anywhere, anytime gal!

A quick update on the Friday Harbor Socks: I have finished the gussett on sock 1! Unfourtunately, I forgot to read the pattern. (not unusual, btw) I picked up the stitches and started knitting away in pattern and decreasing like normal. The problem is - I didn't change the two edge stitches from purls to knits. Not a big deal, the socks will just has a one stitch wide purl line to offset the center motif. not quite. The center motif finishes with a decreasing motif that gets further and further from those two edge stitches. I have to find a logical place to end my little purl booboo bofore I start the final motif chart. The hard part will be remembering what I did for the second sock. I'll write it down, but will I DO it? Hard to say...

Until Monday, stay safe and keep knitting Lace!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fulfilling my promises

*I hereby promise to not be political anymore on my blog. * I had a momentary laps due to my election ferver. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled knitting:

Also as I promised yesterday, pictures of the back of my Glascow Lace sweater. Just so we all know, it did block out to the proper dimensions. (yea! GO math!) I didn't *really* block it with water and all, although I was tempted - I like to see all the pretty holes. I still has some more stretch to it than I gave it. I just wanted MAKE SURE that I, at least, could fit it over my ample self.

I love lace. I love alpaca. Therefore, I shall love my Lace alpaca sweater when it is finished.
The stitch pattern is so pretty when it is all open. mmmm.

The ladies in the shop were tres impressed. They all knit, but nobody else is into lace or socks - mostly scarves at this point. They couldn't believe that my little purple wad stretched to be the proper dimensions. Magic, I tell ya'!

On the Red Scarf Project front, I have made some good headway at work. I put a sign up sheet on the call board asking for knitters. I sent an e-mail around to ask for non-knittters to make yarn donations to the knitters - so everyone could participate. I plan to remind everyone at staff meeting today. So far I have 7 knitters! Pretty good for a staff of 50! Want more information? Check out this link
Also, check out the OFA's web site. even if you don't have time to craft a scarf, they are always in need of other support.

Thanks everybody! Remember, not only is Novemeber known at Lacevember, but it is also the month of Thanksgiving. A good time to give thanks for what you have, and to remember those who don't.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We got the House! We got the House!

uhh uhh! Yea baby!
we're coming after the Senate too!

Now, let's not Fart this up, please.

THIS is why I don't watch the returns. I go to see "Flushed Away" instead. Very funny, BTW. I think I'll need to see it again on Video, just to see all of the things I missed.
Dinner was good. We ate at the 'buffet". Tasty. Then to the mall to Borders. Still no IK, winter issue.. BLEH. Then to Panera in the mall. I knit, DH wrote and read. Then to the movie! Myself, DH and one other couple in similar age to us were the only ones at the "very late" showing of Flushed Away. I like it that way. No heads to see past, no crowds, no kids. Then I went home, and went to bed. No election coverage whatsoever. I did manage to knit the edging and one pattern repeat on my Glascow Lace, which would defintely NOT have occured had I watched election coverage. I would have thrown things at the conservatives. The poor needles and yarn would have been taken out by "friendly fire".

I desperately want to block my one completed piece of Glascow Lace. I want to make sure my calculations are correct. I'd really hate to knit both the front and back, THEN find out I'd made it too short. The problem is, I also want to have the unblocked side seams to match up, just so I know I am staying on gauge, and that all will line up when I finish it. I KNOW! It will be fine. I should just block the back to alleviate my concerns. Still, I really don't want to frog the whole dang back if it is too short. That will blow - big time. I suppose it is better than frogging both pieces....

err. That was called stream of thought.

Tomorrow I will block the back. we'll see pictures one way or another. Let's cross our collective fingers please!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A lace update and some YARN PORN!!

As I said yesterday, I finished Falling Water. Here are the pictures:

I used about 2.5 balls of plymoth Suri Merino, with size 8 needles. It is about 60" long, 12" wide. Over all a very enjoyable knit. I really liked the look after blocking. I twas almost cabled looking before I took the wires to it. I highly recomend it!

On the needles are the "socks with holes", aka lace socks for DH. I am knitting "friday Harbor" socks from Knitting on the road, by Nancy Bush. Regia yarn, size 1 needles. Thank goodness for lace!

Also on the needles is my Glascow Lace Sweater for Interweave Knits. I really like this sweater, I just gave it a break to work on Christmas Presents. I finished the back last night. I am casting on for the front tonight! Frankly, I don't want to sit at home while the election returns come in. It gets my blood pressure all up and out of control. I voted. I'll find out who won in the morning. I am going to dinner, then to the coffee shop to knit, then to a late movie, then to bed. I think it's best.

now to the Yarn Porn!
I got my package of Lornas Laces Shephard Sock yesterday in the mail!!

Top to bottom, the colors are: Mardi Gras, Clay, Socknitters Winter Sunset, and Seascape. Clay is the only one that I might not have picked for myself, but it's growing on me. It will be perfect for someone on my gift list in the future.

FOr somereaseon I can't seem to upload the closeups without getting the pixelation I got from yesterday's post. I need to find out what I am doing wrong. I think it's a photobucket thing. (I know! It's not Blogger for once!!)

Monday, November 06, 2006

knitting in the dark

This has been one busy weekend! I did get to see my cousin and the kids. They are the sweetest most well behaved kids I've met in a long time. It was like she and I were never apart. (big grin) The baby really liked me and DH. It was hard to give him back. Of course we got the obligatory, "when are you two going to have kids?" DH said, "we're not. You guys can keep pumping 'em out. we'll pick the one we like." I'm glad people find him funny. Cause it's kinda creepy out of context....

The fun of the trip was getting to Middletown! It should take about 4.5 hours. It took 9.5!!! That's right people 5 extra hours of this:


So I did this:

I knit in the dark. DH tried to get a picture, but it didn't come out well. I was a little leery of Lace in the dark, but it all turned out ok.
I'm blocking it now. Pics tomorrow!
I finished it. Good thing I brought along a sock project! If you recall, after I finished my first pair of Mystery Socks, DH wanted some just like them. "You know, with holes." DH wants Lace Socks. oh kaaaaaaay.
I found him a sock pattern that I think is "guy" enough, and am making out of his grey sock yarn choice. Good thing it is lace, because the grey is boring. These are his feet. (we were really bored in the car for 5 hours.)

I plan to snap a picture of the socks tomorrow, asI will have more to show for my work than a grey cuff!

Lacevember questions:
The participants were asked to answer a few questions, so I complied. Enjoy!

How long have you been knitting?
Since I can remember. My Mom taught me when I was a kid. I picked it back up, in ernest about a year ago.

How did you learn to knit?
From my Mom, and from books

Favorite thing about knitting?
The creative aspect and the calming aspect

How long have you been knitting lace?
about a year

Favorite thing about knitting lace.
the oohs and ahhs you get when you give it or wear it, and that it makes me feel smart.

The yarn questions, or flash your stash
Favorite lace yarn?
Hard questioin. I haven't met a lace yarn I haven't liked. I am currently working with a lot of Misti Alpaca, so I'll say that.

variegated or solids for shawls?
SOlids, to tonal varigants

Favorite lace color?
Purple. I love purple.

Technique, or show us your skillz
Circs or straights?
Circs all the way baby!

Favorite lace knitting trick?
Sewn bind off! Tricksy!

Sometimes... I'm so bad

If so with what?
Dental Floss

Fancy blocking wires, or just sewing pins stuck in your carpet?
I made blocking wires for myself, but they aren't fancy.

Pattern, or can you follow directions
shawls or lacey items?

triangle, rectangle, or circular shawls?
All! I love shawls!

Charts or printed instructions?
Charts. I deal with printed instructuons, but I don't care for it.

Favorite lace you've knit?
I loved Adamas - it was my first big lace project, so it holds a speacial place in my heart.

Favorite lace you want to knit?
there are so many. I cannot pick just one!!

Just Fun, yup that's right, just for fun
Favorite jelly belly flavor?
Cherry Cola

Tell me everything you know about Eric the Red.....
He had a red beard, hence the name. He was a viking.

Coke, classic or with lime?
LIME?! Gross. Classic. My favorite is still Fountain Vanilla Coke

Holiday carols, sing along, or wish they would be banned from all public airwaves?
annoying as all Hell. ban away!

What is the definition of irony?
That the stupid 90's song "Isn't it ironic" isn't ironic at all.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
I don't know... 115? Wait the comercial said 3!

Why is my cat always puking in front of my son's bedroom door?
He doesn't like your son. Or he really likes your son, and this is his way of telling him..

What is your superhero power?
Mind Control Powers!

If the laundry is 9 foot by 11 foot (just dreaming, that's a big laundry room), and the walls are 8 feet tall, and you are going to tile the entire room in tiles that are 3 inches by 5 inches, what color should those tiles be?

What's for dinner tonight?
I'm going out.

What is clogging my children's bathtub drain?
gross! WHo cares! Get the Husband to clean it out!

Hope you enjoyed! Tomorrow I promise pics of finished objects and yarn porn!