Sunday, March 25, 2007

I am so busy

I am so freakin' busy. I cannot seem to get anything done except work. So be it. What that means to my readers - all blessed few of them, is a temporary hiatus I think. I've been so miserable bad about posting in the last few weeks, that I feel like I'm letting people down. That can't be true, since there isn't anybody depending on reading my "purls of wisdom" (a bad pun, shamelessly stolen). All I can say is that I continue to knit a little bit everyday. I just don't seem to be finishing up any projects, so I have no pictures to post. The FPS stole looks the exact same is it did before, just a bit longer. I've started the eye pillows for my staff, but they are currently in a state of "white square swatch" land. I will post a picture of those after Io get rolling on them, which is starting to feel like... July? I'm being cynical now. It's not that bad.
What sucks is that this tech is going so poorly. The designer wants to make a bunch of complicated changes. Changes are fine, but DAMN! It is already a reduced tech period, and making large difficult changes in 24 hrs is HARD. enough whining. I just wish I was at home knitting. Or at least knitting during tech. I have been too crazy to even do that much.
Well, that is all for now. I will try and find some time this week to post a spread out, updated picture of the FPS, and a snap of the eye pillows. well, that's it. Back to the grind, as it were.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When your non-knitting life enroaches on your knitting

My knitting super hero alter ego has been kept under wraps in her secret identity. She is not getting much knitting done, and it is making her mad. She wants to knit more, and stupid life keeps happening. I don't know if her mild mannered secret identity as a costumer can contain Costumechick's will any longer!
ok. enough speaking in a creepy third person way. I really don't have too much knitting news. I am still plugging away on FPS. I am in the middle of tier 18.

I am having a pause moment. I measured the blob this morning.

With no blocking what so ever, or even a light stretch, it measures 45" - not including the top border. I was going to knit the *whole thing* as written. I like to feel like I actually completed it, instead of "cheated" and made it shorter. Well, I might need to stop. According to my swatch, if I stop after tier 19, my stole will be 133" long - not including the border. In case you care, that is over twice my height. umm. I really think I don't need a 161" stole. That is 13.5 feet of stole. Yea. I think I might stop at tier 19. So I suppose on a positive note, I am almost done with the tiers!!!
I am itching to start a new project. Absolutely itching. I think I want to make eye pillows for my staff for end of the year gifts. I have to start those soon. Good tech knitting, and frankly, I don't want to have to "crank them out". I just want to knit one here and there.
I also have two sweaters to recycle. I went to the Salvation army a couple weeks ago and bought two sweaters. The first is a light grey cashmere and silk blend. It looks like it was work once. No pills!

It is not enough to make myself a sweater, but it is enough for a decadent hat, scarf and mittens set.
The second is a pale pink angora sweater. this beauty looks like it was never worn either. and it was hand knit! The finishing is what gives it way.

It is so well knit, it is a shame to see it given away with out having been loved. I wonder how it ended up in a thrift store. If you look in the center front there is a bit of a hole - a split stitch.

Maybe this little problem was the reason it was given away. So sad. I will rescue this awesome yarn and give the sweater new life. Again, not that much yarn, but it could be wonderful gloves and hats.
Well, I must go. I need to keep up my secret identity by working. Stupid work...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another vintage sock

I am still working away on my FPS - v e r y slowly. I am so busy with my Costume Project that I can only knit on it sporadically. I'm so frustrated. Thankfully, I should be done with my notes this week, and can knit on my FPS this weekend, and all next week. I cannot wait!! The Costume Project is for a major University, and they are on Spring Break until the 26th. Once I am done with my notes from my pre-spring break fittings, I am all clear until they get back. Then , we;ll, no progress on the FPS, because I'll be doing fittings and notes again in the evenings. ehh.
I am also in the planning stages of my next sock project. My friend, Lesley wants to buy a pair for her Mom for Mother's day. We've selected chocolate brown Lang Jowall yarn, and this pattern:

It is the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. Lesley's mom is a Librarian, and loves all things old and "with history". I love this book because it gives the original sources of the pattern - another librarian love - and the vintage illustration. I plan on typing up the information on the sock, with the illustration, and maybe some of the history from the beginning chapter for her - of course citing as I go. I think this will be a great Mother's Day present!
Now, what to get MY Mom?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Socks

I have officially finished my March Socks. It only took me FOREVER! I do like them though. (grin)

These green cuties are my official entry for March over at the Socktopia KAL. I used the theme"It isn't easy being green".
Pattern: My adaptation of the "Leaves of Grass" sock from the Knitlist sock pattern selection. I adapted it to a toe up pattern so the leaves grew "up" instead of "down".
Yarn: One of my all time favorites, "Cherry Tree Hill" in Loden
Needles: Knit Picks Classic Circs size 1
The Story: I chose the theme, "It isn't easy being green" for a couple of reasons. It is March. The color green is synonymous with this month. First off - St. Patrick's Day!! I found out this year, I am 1/64th Irish. My Maternal Grandmother has Irish ancestors. I must say, I am thrilled. I've always loved the culture, and am proud to have some of it in me. Green is also the color of rebirth. In March, the grass starts to come back. The trees get new leaves, and the snow finally melts away.
The theme also brings to mind the need to protect our planet. It isn't always easy to be "green", but we need to try. My Grandma comes from a "wast not, want not" upbringing, and passed it along to me. I grew up composting, naturally ridding the plants of bugs, and recycling - before there was such a thing. I learned about farming from my Dad's family, but I learned about gardening from my Mom's.
SO, in honor of my Grandma, her Irish Heritage, her love of organic gardening, and her smile in the spring breeze, I knit these "Leaves of Grass Socks.".

Friday, March 09, 2007

It feels so good to knit!

It felt so good to knit last night! ahh like going to yoga class.
I alm *almost* finished with my March socks. I have one pattern repeat and the ribbing left to do on sock #2. I will finish this weekend no matter what! DH and I are making time to go to a movie, so I can probably finish it then. I like to think of it as Multi tasking.
I was thinking about all the crap I have to do this weekend. I'll make the short list:
Pattern a skirt for my show
Pattern a pinafore for my show
Pattern a dress for my show
make 4 baseball shirts - again, for my show
about 4 hours of personal sewing
grocery shopping
laundry - it has reached Mt. washmore status
cleaning - um yea. not going to happpen, but should

ok. That is the "have to" list. It does not include the "should do's" and "want to's". Blech.
Anyone want to trde weekends?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have to abandon any knitting until Thursday Night. Ugg. I just have so much to do with my show! I'll never get it done AND knit at the same time. Why can't people pay me to not do anything? If someone comes across a job for a person who will get paid for just doing whatever she wants , whenever she wants, send it my way!
I will not skip Sn'B. I need my weekly knitting time. I WILL finish my March socks then. Hopefully we can get some pictures up here on Friday. I probably won't have much to post until then, so I guess this is Good bye for now!

(I hope I don't forget how to knit if I ever get back to my FPS)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Take this job and shove it!

Every morning my brother's boss calls and tells him where they are meeting that day. Sometimes they meet at the supply store, or at the diner, or at the job site. He also never knows what time they will start. All a little to frenetic for me, but Bro seams to relish in it. Who knew that electricians were so easy going? My job can be a lot like this also. Today is one of those days. Lots to do and nothing to do all at the same time. I find it irritating.
I also didn't get much knitting done this weekend. I am 2/3 through my second Socktopia March sock. No progress to report on the FPS. Poop.
It's ok though. I had a good time in NYC with my Mom and Dad, and the people they brought with them. I played tour guide with my DH, which is always fun. (note sarcasm) We ended up at the world's most annoying restaurant. In case you ever go to NYC, and want to experience said evilness, go to Ellen's Stardust Diner. It's at Broadway and 51st, and is home to singing waiters and waitresses dressed in 1950's attire. yea. The girl who hates musicals at the "out of work singer/dancer" diner. I suppose all of the restaurants in NYC are that way, but at least at most eateries they don't actually sing at you.
On the plus side, I get to legitimately knit at work! I am making a piece for our next show - out of gold lame yarn. (EEK!) It's a capey ponchoy thing. It is supposed to be tacky - and it will be.

I need to start a count down to summer. Not that my life is slower then, but I will at least be warm.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Socktopia socks

Bet you thought I was going to be finished!
Not even close. I haven't even cast on yet. I am trying to pick a pattern before SnB tonight. I have narrowed it down, but am unhappy so far. The patterns aren't really jumping at me. I might be inventing one again. We'll see. Socks on the fly are fun!
and because I can......

My Socktopia yarn for March is Cherry Tree Hill in Loden. I love Cherry Tree Hill so much. I'm nearly drooling.
I got no knitting done yesterday. Nada. zip. It is so weird for me. I usually get at least a little done! Ugg. SO unsatisfactory. I hate when life feels so busy that you want to add an extra 6 hrs to each day. You could stop time, sleep for a good 6, start time back up, and people would think you never rest. I could get so much more done!
I also have another design looming. i am excited about he project, but it is a huge bugger. I really don't know how it'll all get finished. It always does. Maybe the costume fairies will come and help me.