Monday, March 05, 2007

Take this job and shove it!

Every morning my brother's boss calls and tells him where they are meeting that day. Sometimes they meet at the supply store, or at the diner, or at the job site. He also never knows what time they will start. All a little to frenetic for me, but Bro seams to relish in it. Who knew that electricians were so easy going? My job can be a lot like this also. Today is one of those days. Lots to do and nothing to do all at the same time. I find it irritating.
I also didn't get much knitting done this weekend. I am 2/3 through my second Socktopia March sock. No progress to report on the FPS. Poop.
It's ok though. I had a good time in NYC with my Mom and Dad, and the people they brought with them. I played tour guide with my DH, which is always fun. (note sarcasm) We ended up at the world's most annoying restaurant. In case you ever go to NYC, and want to experience said evilness, go to Ellen's Stardust Diner. It's at Broadway and 51st, and is home to singing waiters and waitresses dressed in 1950's attire. yea. The girl who hates musicals at the "out of work singer/dancer" diner. I suppose all of the restaurants in NYC are that way, but at least at most eateries they don't actually sing at you.
On the plus side, I get to legitimately knit at work! I am making a piece for our next show - out of gold lame yarn. (EEK!) It's a capey ponchoy thing. It is supposed to be tacky - and it will be.

I need to start a count down to summer. Not that my life is slower then, but I will at least be warm.

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