Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another vintage sock

I am still working away on my FPS - v e r y slowly. I am so busy with my Costume Project that I can only knit on it sporadically. I'm so frustrated. Thankfully, I should be done with my notes this week, and can knit on my FPS this weekend, and all next week. I cannot wait!! The Costume Project is for a major University, and they are on Spring Break until the 26th. Once I am done with my notes from my pre-spring break fittings, I am all clear until they get back. Then , we;ll, no progress on the FPS, because I'll be doing fittings and notes again in the evenings. ehh.
I am also in the planning stages of my next sock project. My friend, Lesley wants to buy a pair for her Mom for Mother's day. We've selected chocolate brown Lang Jowall yarn, and this pattern:

It is the Fancy Silk Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. Lesley's mom is a Librarian, and loves all things old and "with history". I love this book because it gives the original sources of the pattern - another librarian love - and the vintage illustration. I plan on typing up the information on the sock, with the illustration, and maybe some of the history from the beginning chapter for her - of course citing as I go. I think this will be a great Mother's Day present!
Now, what to get MY Mom?

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anphoe said...

Hi Val, my honey is sick, and I want to stay home with him. Therefore I can't make it tonight to SnB. Don't miss me :)