Sunday, April 05, 2009


Some time ago, in an alternate universe, I purchased some geek yarn with the intent of making Evad some socks. A while passed by; comic plot lines came and went; geek movies were made and panned; then finally, the time was right, and I struck with socky vengeance!!

Name: REVENGE!!!
Yarn: Dyeabolical Yarns Alter Ego sock yarn in colorway "Luthor's Revenge"
Pattern: My own top down Evad size basic sock
Needles: Knit Picks classic circs size 0
Notes: Evad is not one to wear his "geek" on his sleeve. He likes to keep his "geek profile" low, so that the average person on the street won't instantly know he likes Star Wars, or LOTR, or Discworld, or Warhammer, or Comic Books, or......well, the list goes on. The thing is, he DOES like all those things, and ALL those things have built in gift potential, providing said person likes to wear t-shirts with Orcs emblazoned on them! Evad does not. On occasion you might find him in a hat or shirt with a small emblem, but that is about it. Really. What is a wife to do? Why, knit geek socks!! Of course!

This way, he can still wear a little geek, and not give away his secret identity to the world. Smarty smart! The colorway is quite eye popping, and chock full of Lex Luthor's 1970's Uniform colors, and "kryptonite" green. Seriously, can you imagine trying to take over the world in these colors? Talk about standing out...

But Luthor wasn't about taking over the world, all the time. Sometimes it was about unadulterated REVENGE! Seeing as Evad's motto is "revenge is a bitch.", I just couldn't resist buying this yarn when I saw it on Etsy. Turns out, the base yarn is fabulous. It is soft, squishy, and totally unsplitty. Sweet.

I hope he likes his socks as much as others seem to! I also hope he gets to wear them before it warms up too much!!