Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fast Mittens

hmm. 'Fast Mittens' sounds like the name of a band. I bet they would be a "Maroon Five" wannabe band. I wouldn't listen to them, although, I would like their name. Anyone remember Savage Garden? That was a band with a bad name. No name could have described their sound worse than that name. Seriously. 'Wilting Poseys' would have been a better, and frankly, more accurate name.
Let's get back to the knitting, shall we? I can talk about this subject for, literally, hours.
The mittens I am knitting right now for my Grandma are working up really fast. (ahh. post title...)I finished the first one last night, and cast on for #2 right away.

I did leave the thumb off for now, mostly because I wanted this picture:

Hitch hiking mitten.
And because I want to knit the thumbs at the same time. I want to modify as I go, and I don't want to write it all down for thumb #2. I might not get to thumb #2 for three weeks, and by then, I'll never remember my mods.
I'd call it supreme laziness.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Holy Monday Batman!

I have a lot of Knitting content to throw your way today! I should save some, since I will have none tomorrow, but, what the heck. Let's have a GIANT post.

First up, some updates. SotS is going well, and I have completed clue #4. This was a fast clue, and an easy one. Easy to memorize, and fast to knit.

Mystic Waters Shawl is also completed for this week. Clue #1 was a lot of fun. I hope the trend continues!

I cast on for the Snowdrift Mittens for My Grandma. So far so good. These are my current take a long project, so I'm sure they will be slow going.

With the start of the new month in a few days, I have a few more things ready to go on the needles. My Colette Sweater for NaKniSweMo, and Corrine's socks for Socktopia. Corrine's Birthday is in November, so it is a good impetus to get them finished. I am all set to be a crazy busy chicky!

Finally, I have FO pictures for you! (I am appeasing the Yarn Overlords for my Cast-on-itis with my FO's!)

Pattern: Ladies Long Gloves from freevintageknitting.com
Yarn: Superyak from School Products, NYC
Needles: size 0 and 1 KP classic Circulars
Notes: The only changes I made to the pattern was to decrease needle sizes to fit my super tiny hands, and to kitchner the fingers closed. I have fingernails, and I hate when my gloves don't take that into account. Kitchnering seems to help the problem. I LOVE how long these gloves are. They are perfect for my 1960's winter coat. SO much so that I *almost* want it to get cold so I can wear them. Almost. (Not really. I like the moderate fall temperature.)

I like the faux cabling on this pattern. We all know how I dislike the cable monster, and avoid it when I can. At first I almost rejected this pattern out of hand because of the "cables", then I read it. No cables! Sweet! All cables should be faux. The yarn was great to work with - even with the machine oil in it. If you have never knitted with oiled yarn, you should know, it is a bit odd at first. Your hands stay nice and soft, but the yarn acts like it is made from linen. When you wash the oil out, the yarn is soft and fluffy. You should have seen the water - eww. It was grey from the oil.

umm. I think that's it! Later!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

guess where I'm posting from?

We have a laptop!
And stolen Internet!

Pictures to come, as we don't have a camera yet, but I finished the first clue of Mystic Waters today. wow. I have gloves to post about, Mystic Waters, and SotS. Monday is going to be quite a day.


Friday, October 26, 2007

yarn overload

I went with two other people from work today to the Farmhouse Yarn Sale. I always come away with a ton of goods, but today was different. I have a SHIT ton. She has reduced the price for today and tomorrow to $200 for a 30 galloon bin of yarn. Dude. That's all I can say.

The picture is not so great, since it's from a cell phone. yeah, the only yarn in the picture is my share. Matt's and Denise's are on other tables.
I finished my gloves last night, but have been so busy helping Matt and Denise wind yarn that I didn't get any pictures of them. frankly, they aren't dry yet, since I didn't even put them in to soak until 5 minutes ago.

I started on the Mystic Waters Shawl, and I must say... I heart it. I love the geometric pattern, and the yarn is awesome so far. I made it through chart a last night.
I'm a tad intoxicated by the yarn fumes. I need to lay down.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SotS 3

I have completed clue #3. I had to stay up way too late to make it happen, but I did it! Whoot!
Let's go to the pictures:

The whole she-bang.

This is just clue #3.
I must say, I am irritated with the weather. WTH! Why must it be grey every day that I try to take pictures of this project? Blech. One day, it will be sunny. One day I will get decent pictures of my SotS.
In other news, My computer is acting like I'm trying to run AutoCad on an AppleIIE. every time I hit enter in a dialog box on Ravelry or in Knitty it freezes, and the cursor freaks out. It also won't load some web sites. I don't know what the problem is. I'd call the computer tech guy at work, but he is a complete tool. He'd just be mad at me for all the "contra ban" I have on this thing. No music! No photo! No You Tube! I'm short, and angry about it! Stomp Stomp Stomp! This weekend DH and I are going to look at buying a new computer for the house. If, and when, that happens, no more of this crap!
Since 10 people have either e-mailed, asked on the blog, or asked on Ravelry for the Trouble pattern, I feel as though I should write it up. The writing part I can do. But, I am going to be seeking technical help regarding the posting of the pattern on the side bar of the blog. That, my friends, is too fancy dancy for me. way past my blog skillz. I will post about it here, when I have the sucker written, and then feel free to flood me with "retarded computer person" help.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how you know you have lost your mind.

It's easy to tell, really.
You start taking pictures like these:

gloves for if I has scissors for fingers.

gloves for Nixon

gloves to keep my angry finger warm...

and my happy finger.

if I was a traffic cop.

you get the idea.
I need help.

The Secret of the Stole is coming along nicely. I should finish up my clue tonight. I hate when I can't start knitting a clue as soon as I get home the evening the clue comes out. It KILLED me that I had to wait until Monday to start this one. Along with getting home late Tuesday and today, this clue is taking extra long. Maybe I can power through it.
Mystery Waters starts today. I printed the clue, and I must say, I'm already in love. I can't wait to get this underway. I haven't even wound my yarn yet! At any rate, I won't get to start on it until Thursday anyway. I guess it is better that the yarn isn't wound. I'd feel all out of sorts because I hadn't started yet.

Hey SnB peeps! I'm throwing my winder and swift in the car tomorrow, in the hopes that Panera won't be too crazy busy. I want to wind my Mystery waters yarn. If you want to wind things, bring them along!!!

that is all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Socktopia October is complete! I finished my entry on Saturday night, but just got around to post about it. With Rhinebeck to post about, it kinda came in second on my "to post" list.

Pattern: "Trouble" by, me.
Yarn: Filitura De Crosa, Maxime in color 15
Needles: KP classic circs, size 1
Notes: I chose the theme "Bubble bubble, toil and trouble", because of both it's theatre theme, and because the recipient is a witch. (She is also a knitter that happens to dislike making socks. Wearing yes, knitting no.) I chose the color because it reminds me of "witch's brew", and if you wore the socks in black shoes, it wold look like brew bubbling out of a cauldron.

The socks are done toe up so I could steadily increase the amount of "bubbles" as i went up the leg, and well, I like toe up socks. I ended with a picot bind off, mostly because I don't use it often, and artly because I reminded me of the foam on top of a bubbling pot.

When I started these socks, I was pretty jazzed about them. I like them, now that I am done, but I didn't have very much fun knitting them. I got bored somewhere along the way, and had to really prod myself to work on them. But, I did. they are done. Ready to be gifted.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dude. I'm exhausted.

Holy crap on a cracker! Rhinebeck was AWESOME! I mean, people said it is awesome, but you know how it is. You have to see the awesomeness in person to truly appreciate it.
I cannot possibly do justice to the coolness of the day, and you will be just as exhausted as me if I write it all out, so we'll just skip to the good stuff.
1. yarn buying
2. people I went with and met
3. yarn buying

1. yarn buying
Rhinebeck, also known as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, should really change it's name to "Barns and Barns of Yarn". Seriously.

As this was my First time at Rhinebeck (stop laughing Anne, I went with no plan. I brought money and a sense of adventure. I could have spent all my $ in the first building. I restrained myself. My goal was to buy some yarn, and not buy a spinning wheel. I know I would like it if I tried it, but I don't want to try. I really cannot take up another hobby right now. Maybe in a few years. The SnB ladies were saddled with the responsibility of making sure I stayed away from the wheels. They did a really good job. Want some Yarn Porn?
Here you go!
First off, the yarn I really wanted! Socks That Rock in Tanzenite!

More sock yarn! Aussi Sock in Amethyst!

Seaport yarn sold me some Merino Oro for my Mystery Secret Waters Shawl...

and...someplace...sold me this cool rustic spun wool, to the tune of real cheap.

2. the people I went with and met
The SnB ladies I rode with:

we look tired. We were. It was the end of a very long day.
we also enjoyed the food. yummy lamb burgers, french artichoke, fries....

Along with these 4 fine ladies, I also spotted 6 other members of SnB New Haven, a butt load of Knitty's, and a crap ton of Ravelry people. It was a little shocking to see so many people that know me or know of me. Some that knew me, and I didn't know them! Very cool.
Here is a short list. Please forgive me if you are not on the list. I, as a RHinebeck virgin, did not bring a note pad to write information on. Big mistake. I should have, as I cannot even remember the stands I bought stuff from.
Dude, and soooo many more. My brain is fried.

3. yarn buying.
we stopped by the book signing tent, saw some famous knitting people, and I realized I needed books. So I got these:

Yay Barbara Walker!
Did I stop there? Oh HELL NO!
I got this cone of black worsted wool:

and this awesome Syracuse colored sock yarn for my friend Corrine's socks:

and this black DK wool for contrast on some Fair Isle Hats I am doing:

and this silk cobweb weight yarn:

let's pause here. How many yards do you think are here? It is 100 grams. I'll tell you at the end.
Then, last but not least, I bought some soap.

5 bars of wonderfulness. AHH. soap.

then we piled back in the car, and drove home. Fun was most definantly had by all, and we WILL be going again next year.
I'm going back to bed now.

and to answer the question... 6000.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


My GOD! Work is Boring. Cripes.

I am cruising on my Socks though.... 4 more rows and a bind off to go!

and 7 more hours of... SNORE.
Wait! I'm awake! Then I work on my gloves some more! Woo!

but, tomorrow is RHINEBECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I got the knitting mojo back last night. Being sick really took a toll on me, and I've been lethargic every night when I get home from work. Last night I finally had more energy. I was starting to hate my October Socktopia Socks because they were taking so long. Maybe "hate" is the wrong word. How about "resent"? But, I picked up speed last night, and am ready to do the heel tonight.
The gloves are moving along as well. With tech this weekend, I should be able to finish both projects before heading to .... RHINEBECK!
My WIP list is getting a bit out of hand, my friends. I have the October socks, my gloves, SotS, and starting next week, Mystery Waters Shawl. wait. let's look at some dates:
Currently OTN-
Socktopia October
Long Vintage Gloves
10/24 - Mystery Waters Shawl starts
10/31 - Socktopia October ends
11/1 - Socktopia November starts
11/1 - NaKniSweMo starts
11/30 - NaKniSweMo and Socktopia November end
12/1 - Trevor's yet to be started present must be finished - currently a hat
12/15 - 2 pair of mittens, 2 bags, and one shawl must be finished.

Somehow, I don't think that I'm getting two pair of Fair isle mittens, 2 lined bags, and one shawl done in 14 days. That means that the hat, and both of those mittens have to be done in November. Along with a sweater and keeping up with two lace shawls. Riiiighhhht.

And maybe I'll invent another 4 hours a day, and win a million dollars.
At any rate, I'm going to give it a shot. Tonight, after SNB, I'm going to get a project bag ready to go with the first of the mittens. These are them:

yay! Crazy-ness!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doctor Shopping

My recent bout with sickness has put me on the "finding a new doctor" train. My Company switched HMO providers, and I took it as a sign to find a new doctor. My old HMO assigned doctor is on my new plan, but i didn't like her anyway. SO I made an appointment for a physical in two weeks, with a new randomly selected doctor, near my house, with a name I can pronounce. Part of the reason for the lack of health care seeking over the last few years was the reluctance to call for appointments. Nothing is more embarrassing than calling for an appointment, and having the receptionist ask which doctor you are calling for, and you saying, "um... Dr. Queeeyummthriiimmmbyyy...? I think?"
Certainly, there has to be an amount of people that cannot pronounce her name. I looked at the other doctors in her "medical group". they all have names that I cannot even come near to pronouncing correctly. Obviously this doesn't mean they are bad doctors, or less than wonderful caregivers in any way. I just feel dumb when I call. My problem, not theirs.
You know how you can tell the region of the world someone hails from based on their last name? (Usually) All the names in the aforementioned medical group must hail from the same part of the world. They are all very similar in structure and phonetic syllables, but are so wildly unfamiliar to me, it's odd. I love names, and the origins of them. I wonder if there is an Internet way to search for the origins of names. Obviously, there must be. maybe I need to do some googling...
Back to my quest for a doctor.
I called the place right beside work. Super convenient, but not accepting new patients. Fart. Too easy.
ok Off to the HMO website to search for "participating PCP's in your area". The first name that pops up is "Dr. Queeeyummthriiimmmbyyy..." Oh, Hell no.
search some more.
side bar: Why must my HMO only have an online directory. Not everyone has Internet at home. I have to do this from work, and our Internet connection has been spotty, at best, the last few days. What would i do if I needed to find someone NOW? I asked when I called to change my "PCP" if I could get a hard copy provider list. "Sure," said Mark, "It's $50." $50!! Like hell I'm paying $50 to get a damn list of doctors!
I wanted to find a "medical group", since usually they have labs and stuff on site, and you can see whoever is available if you need to get in right away. I like that. The next group was "Spanish language preferred". I assume that means they all speak Spanish. I was tempted to sign up there, as I am trying to learn Spanish, but decided to leave the spot open to a HMO member that needs a Spanish speaking doctor. Although an initial visit might have been great fun, as all the body terms I know are slang ones that I learned from watching Soap Operas and Talk shows. I would have learned a lot, and the doctor would have had medical conference stories to tell for years about the "crazy woman who kept talking about her breasts".
The third group I found seems good. Close to my house, accepting new patients, and well stocked with doctors with names I hopefully won't murder. With my luck they will be complete jerks, and I'll be on the hunt again.
Sigh. Why can't doctors just be in big buildings with a sign on the door - like credit card signs. You know what insurance they take, you can go in, say, "I'm sick". They take your card, you see a doctor, and that's that. SO much fuss.
If it were a knitting pattern, HMO care would read:
*Get the PCP approved by the HMO provider, call for an appointment, get turned down because the doctor is "not accepting new patients at this time", even though the HMO just told me you were, call back to HMO, get new "PCP"*, repeat from *50 times, finally get a doctor lined up for two weeks from now.
See? I got knitting content in here!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

and to continue...

eh hem.
Are we excited? Yes we are!!! Although I am a bit bummed that I will miss seeing Erin. :(
I can hold it together for 4 more days, can't I? I feel like a kid going to Six Flags. I know we are going, I can't wait for it to get here, I can only imagine the wonderfulness that awaits me, and I hope it doesn't rain. Just like being 8.
To keep me calm the next few days,I do have some projects in the wings. Mostly more Holiday presents, but all requiring a little thinking on my part. Last night I "designed" a mitten for Trevor. I swatched said Design. Yuck. Back to square one. No, I didn't take any pictures. It was horrid.
The other mittens are all previously designed, and way less yuck - hopefully. I plan to get the yarn together and wound for at least one of the pair tonight, as my backup weekend project.
Oh, and guess what I remembered to bring with me?
That's right! SotS pictures!

Clue 2 was not too complicated, and it went by really quickly. The only problem I have with these Mystery Projects is the wait between clues. But, hey, Next Friday the Mystery Waters shawl starts! Wee! Extra lace to work on!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello monday

I had a very productive weekend, but you wouldn't know it, since I forgot my camera, and didn't take any pictures.
I thought, "that's ok. I'll just take my SotS with me, and get pictures at work."
And guess what I didn't bring along.
Well, it is Monday after all.
Tomorrow, SotS pictures!
In other knitting news, I picked up steam on the Socktopia October socks. A bit of steam, at any rate. I am finished with the toe on Sock #2. They aren't exactly flying off the needles, but I am making progress. If I don't finish them before Friday, I do have a long Tech weekend to sit through again. This one promises to be especially dull. yay.
I guess I need to decide what to work on next. Another Holiday present, for sure, but what?
DH's Syncopation would be good, although not a Holiday gift, but it is portable.
I was thinking of Mittens for both Grandmas, but have not thought of patterns or yarn yet.
Then there is the illusive Trevor Project.... maybe a tie? as he would say,"oh hell."
Surely RHINEBECK (!!!!) will help! Rhinebeck! Rhinebeck! Rhinebeck!
I'll stop jumping and clapping now.
I can't wait!!!!!!!!

This random post was brought to you by the number 5 (days till we go to Rhinebeck!) and the letter R (for Rhinebeck!).

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


One glove down! One to go!

The Socktopia socks are coming along. Not quickly though, for some unknown reason. bleh.
I will persevere, and finish them up soon! I may be stalling since I don't know what my next Holiday gift to cast on will be. I want to work on Trevor's gift, but I don't know what said gift should be. Hat? Socks? (wait. no. he has huge feet.) a scarf? Trevor is a man of accessories and extreme fashion. He wears nothing straight from a store. He modifies all of his clothing to make it unique and distinctly "Trevor".* Knitting for a guy like this is HARD. A simple anything will not do. The yarn choice is important, the pattern is important, and the uniqueness and fashion savvy-ness is ultra important. I cannot knit something you could buy in a store, or something "standard".
To gauge reaction, I was showing him some of the Twinkle designs, and he was in love with the use of fat yarn, cables and tight fit. He also loves to layer on his upper body and arms. OOO, I thought. Cabled arm warmers! In a random non repeating design! But I hate to cable!!! I might have to bite the bullet for Trevor. It will be a labor of love.
That said, the man can wear a scarf! He honsetly wears accessories like no man I've ever seen. To Trevor, there is no such thing as "over accessorized". Multiple scarves, ones with prints you'ld never believe, big heavy woolen ones. You name it. But, they are all in some "magic trevor Clothing bits rotation", that produces amazing fashion results. If I tried this, people would run screaming from the crazy pin lady with too many layers on.
Since I'm on the subject, I'll keep going.
Trev also has been known to go home at lunch and change outfits to "better fit the tenor of the day", or change half an hour after work starts into the "back up outfit" he brought. He goes home between the Opening Night show and after party to change in order to "fit with the resturaunt". It's not always that extreme. Usually, he just moves peices around, and he is suddenly in something completely different, even though the pieces are the same. frankly, he'd make a great Victorian, changing 8 times a day.
He has a whole closet of Blazers. Just blazers.
Trev puts me to fashion shame. I cannot, and don't even try to compete. and he can dance. sigh.
SO what to do? I am teaching him to knit, and have no doubt that if he takes to it, in two years his name will be all over the knitting community. He is destined to be a really great designer, and I could totally see him desiging really funky knitwear.
what would you knit for this guy?

*I don't know about underwear. I've never asked, but I'd bet they are fashionable, pressed, and thrown out as soon as they look worn. Trevor is not a ratty underwear guy. But I cannot imagine anyone "fashioning up" underwear. I guess if any one would, it would be him though.

Out sick

I really did want to post to my blog, as I had a very exciting knitting weekend, but getting sick seamed to be a higher priority to my body. Blame them body, not the mind. I'm on the mend, so I'm back at work, and able to post once again.
I really need to get Internet access at home.
First up, I cast on for The Secret of the Stole, to be known as "SotS" from now on. The first clue went by really quickly, and I am in LOVE with the Lacey Lamb yarn. It is so wonderful to work with. It felt a lot like Misti alpaca when I was knitting, but the knitted fabric is so sproingy - this stole will grow a lot when I block it.
Onto the pictures:

The cast on edge has two points! The instructions say to knit them at the same time, one from inside the ball, one from outside. When you get to where they join together, break the outside of the ball yarn, and continue with only one. I decided not to do that. Mostly because I didn't want to screw with my ball integrity. All you lace knitters know what I mean. I ended up knitting the left point, breaking the yarn, then knitting the right point, and joining with the right point yarn. Same basic idea, and way less yarn tangle stress. It turns out that I had a good idea, since about half way through the first point I had a major yarn barf episode, and had quite a wad to untangle. It would not have gone well if I had two ends to deal with in the mess.

I tried to stretch the lace out a bit. Of course it is rainy and grey when I want to take pictures. It can't possibly be sunny. So far, the pattern in easy to knit, and not to fussy. We'll see what Friday brings!
On Saturday, I did a bit of yarn shopping. I know. I wasn't going to until Rhinebeck, but it was a 40% off sale! 40%!!! I want to knit Colette for my NaKniSweMo project in November, and was hoping to buy the yarn at Rhinebeck. Well, I was nervous that I wouldn't find any, or enough of what I liked. So, to the Yarn Garden Sale I went. I bought 15 skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Classic Al in Aged Oak for the sweater, and two skeins of Universal Yarns Pace, for what else, socks.

On Sunday I went to AcMoore's 25% off your whole order event, and bought half of the yarn for my Road to Golden Sweater. I got all the contrast yarn. They didn't have enough in any dye lot of the color I want to use for the body.

Then I got sick.
On Monday, I couldn't do anything that required movement beyond moving my hands while laying on the couch, so I did a gauge swatch for the Colette Sweater.

I think it will turn out nicely. It is a challenge for NaKniSweMo, as it has lots of pieces, and it has lace, so it is perfect for Lacevember. Now if only I can keep from casting on....
Yesterday I just putzed around with my gloves and my socks. I hate being sick.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm a crazy woman!

It's official. I'm a crazy woman. The Secret of the Stole KAL starts today, and I've gone and signed up for another secret KAL. The new one is the "Mystic Waters KAL", and is supposed to be a triangular shawl.
Come on over and join the fun. If all your friends were jumping off the bridge, would you?
I have no knitting update today, just a story.
My Aunt Judy, a lovely woman, is a bit...flighty. She runs out of gas pretty often, and regularly misses exits because she is signing along to the radio - especially if it is Christmas Music. Her daughter, Mel, is not as flighty, but equally funny, and loves to tell stories about her mom.
One day, Mel was sent outside to mow the grass. They had a riding mower, and about 2.5 acres. Normal people could do this job in a hour. Mel hated to mow, and used to come up with any and all reasons to get off the mower, and come inside. The day in question was no different. Mel wanted to come inside because the mower was "getting hot". Judy, having enough of Mel's un-enthusiasm for mowing, told her she could, but she'd have to practice her piano while she waited for the mower to cool. Judy, of course, thought Mel was faking.
Turns out, she wasn't for once. Mel started practicing her piano, when she glanced out of the window, and saw the mower ablaze in the back yarn. Thankfully, about 200ft from the house. She ran to get her Mom.
Aunt Judy jumped on the phone, and said, "I've got to call your Dad!"
"Wait, he's at the site. I'll call Grandpa!"
"No, hes not there!"
"We'll go get them! In the truck!"
SO Mel and Judy get in the truck and start tear assing down the road for the farm.
"Wait!!!", screams Aunt Judy.
"I'm a Crazy Woman! I've got to get the Fire Department!"
Judy jumps from the truck, yelling that she has a fire at her house, and to "follow her!"
They do.
After the blaze is out, the Fire Chief says, "Ma'am, in the future you can just call. We'll come to you."
Oh, and we still tease her about his, and it happened about 15 years ago. About ten years ago, my Mom made a fake news article about the Fire Department putting in a drive through window. We're just mean.
'Till monday!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Did I ever tell you that my nickname in High School was "trouble"? My then Boyfriend's Dad coined the name, which later became my DJ handle. Every so often I start to think about my HS nickname, and you know what? It still applies.
All kidding aside, I started on yet another Holiday Present. My "Trouble" Socks. They are also for Socktopia, which themes are all Halloween related.
Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet !
Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?
He did the mash,he did the monster mash …
You are so boo-tiful to me !!
I decided to go with the second one, as it is a line from Shakespeare -the giftee is in theatre, she is always Trouble,and she is a witch. Cool, no?

This yarn just looks like the green stuff in the cauldron that Halloween witches always have brewing. I can't wait to finish them up!
oh, and guess what happens tomorrow?
Secret of the Stole, Clue 1 comes out!!

There will be lace to see on Monday!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Finished Christmas Gifts

I have been moving right along on the Holiday knitting, and have not one, but TWO more Finished Objects to share today!

First up:

This thing is hard to get a picture of!
Name: Retro Redux Shrug, from Lace Style
Yarn: Catalina Yarns Baby Alpaca Worsted - less than 2 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks Options, size 8,9,10,and 10.5
Notes: I knit the small size, as my giftee is a small girl. The yarn has awesome drape, and just a soft halo that is to die for. I'm sure my giftee will love it. I cannot imagine wanting to do this project with out my Interchangables though. Seriously. You change needles 6 times. 8 if you need to change sizes to cast off looser. I took me only a few not very committed evenings to knit this shrug, so it is a nice fast project. Big smiles.

Name: Shetland Lace Triangle, from Wrap Style
Yarn: Jaeger Alpaca, in light grey
Needles: Knit Picks Options, size 6
Notes: This took less than 2 balls of yarn, and I could have easily knit one more repeat from my left overs in ball two. It is a small shawl, more of a neckerchief. If I was to make it a shawl, I'd go up a needle size, and do at least two more, if not three more repeats. As it is, my shawl measures around 50" wide. This project was also quite speedy, as it took me about 14 hours to complete. As always with top down constructed triangular shawls, the last repeat and edging felt like they went on forever. It always happens. I'd definitely make this again. Like Swallowtail, it is super fast, looks more intense than it is, and is intuitive to follow. If I knit it again, though, I'd like to add some beads...

Monday, October 01, 2007

What a weekend.

I had an amazingly eventful weekend. So much so, that I am wiped out today. The tinge of Insomnia I've had over the past few days has not helped either. Whatever did Costumechick do to tire herself out, on the weekend, which everyone knows is supposed to be relaxing?
Everybody wanted to "do something" this weekend. I don't mind, really. I'd rather people want to hang out with me, rather then avoid me, frankly. It started with learning that my friend Nate was coming into town this weekend. Cool! Lesley said, "Nate likes to dance"! Let's go to Oracle! Trevor, DH, Matt, Danny, Denise, Nate, and I all met up at the club. Trevor was the only one who had ever been before, so we didn't really know what we were getting into. We had a freaking' blast. Drinking, dancing, generally making fools of ourselves. we all left sweaty, smiling, and with copious amounts of hearing damage. Danny described the club best by calling it the "club of misfit gays". SO true.
As we were leaving, Nate asks Dh and I if we want to go to the Big E the next day. DH didn't get to go last year, and wanted to , so we said yes. After being up until 3:00, and getting up at 7:00, since, I guess my body only wanted 4 hours of sleep, I didn't really want to drive. 5 of us crammed into Danny's car. We are not 5 small people. AND, I had to ride bitch in the backseat, "since I had the shortest legs". What a crock. DH and I have the same inseam measurement. Anyway, we got to know each other very well.
The Big E was very cool. I petted lots of sheep and alpacas. I didn't buy any yarn, even though I saw two vendors selling it. Both vendors had it tucked way down, in and under other stuff. But I saw it anyway. DH told me I have some sort of yarn sniffing radar. Yep, I do. It calls to me.
We ate way too much, walked until our feet felt like they would fall off, and only had a block of "Big E special" Cabot cheese to show for it. Well, the cheese, and an extra 10 lbs on our butts from all the fried goodness.
We got friendly again on the way home, and literally sprang from the car when we arrived in Westville. Then Nate asked if I was coming to Janet's Bday party. DH just wanted to sleep. I said sure, since Nate was going, and I hardly get to see him. and I like Janet. SO off to Sully's I go. "I won't stay long". Ha. Let's see, 9:30 until 2 isn't long, is it? Ugg. Lot's o' Guinness later, Val remembers that she is supposed to go to PBR tomorrow.
8am, Sunday - slept a bit longer than the night before - wide awake. Dh and I get up to go see Professional Bull riding at Mohegan Sun. Lesley, Mike, Sam and Beshta came along. Lesley, DH and I have never been there, so we toured around the building alot. It is HUGE. I don't gamble, as I find it kinda boring, but I do enjoy a good shopping experience! PBR was awesome, especially since we got free seat upgrades! Sweet!
We finally got home at 5:30. I took a much needed two hour nap. Then I finally, for the first time all weekend, got to sit down and knit. Ahhh.
If there is a good thing about insomnia, it is that you get to knit for hours. I am only 5 rows from the end of my Shawl I started Friday.
and, I didn't buy any yarn.
Someday I'll tell you about the stuff I got invited to, and didn't go to this weekend.