Wednesday, October 24, 2007

how you know you have lost your mind.

It's easy to tell, really.
You start taking pictures like these:

gloves for if I has scissors for fingers.

gloves for Nixon

gloves to keep my angry finger warm...

and my happy finger.

if I was a traffic cop.

you get the idea.
I need help.

The Secret of the Stole is coming along nicely. I should finish up my clue tonight. I hate when I can't start knitting a clue as soon as I get home the evening the clue comes out. It KILLED me that I had to wait until Monday to start this one. Along with getting home late Tuesday and today, this clue is taking extra long. Maybe I can power through it.
Mystery Waters starts today. I printed the clue, and I must say, I'm already in love. I can't wait to get this underway. I haven't even wound my yarn yet! At any rate, I won't get to start on it until Thursday anyway. I guess it is better that the yarn isn't wound. I'd feel all out of sorts because I hadn't started yet.

Hey SnB peeps! I'm throwing my winder and swift in the car tomorrow, in the hopes that Panera won't be too crazy busy. I want to wind my Mystery waters yarn. If you want to wind things, bring them along!!!

that is all.


JennM said...

OMG, Val! You must have ESPN! I was going to ask you at some point to borrow your winder since pretty much all the yarn I bought on Sunday was hanks. Thank you for offering.(Don't worry, I wont bring it all.)

Erin said...

Glad you were having fun with the glove pictures. I like the happy finger pic :)

KnelleyBelley said...

Snorting laughing!