Monday, June 30, 2008

Hairy Cucumber

I have a bunch (umm...7) pairs of mittens on my Summer Knitting List. I thought I maybe should start them. You see, I have been working on the Zetor scarf, but it is a little less intuitive and a little more "paying attention necessary" than the last one. The scarf is pretty, and I love the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, but just a wee bit intricate.

SO, I needed a more tv watching, less knitting attention project. Enter the first of the Mittens!

I've named them Hairy Cucumber. I love the color (reminds me of cucumber lotion), and the recipient will too, but they are my first thrummed mittens. I knew the inside would be full of fiber, and lovely to wear - and they are. But, I wasn't prepared to find the inside out mittens so funny. Really. I laugh every time I look at the picture.

The upside is that each mitten only takes a few hours, so I can easily add these into my regular knitting rotation. Sweet!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Cross #10 off the list, Baby!! I finished the Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern today, while getting my hair done. Sweet.

Name: Aunt Helen's Cherry Leaf Shawl
Pattern: Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern, from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Lace, color2379, 1 ball
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony, size 5
Notes: This pattern calls for a knitted on edging on the sides, and a crocheted edging across the top. Obviously, I did neither. When I cast on for this I saw that I had a good deal less yardage of my chosen yarn, then the pattern called for. I've heard the the patterns in VLT have slightly underestimated yardage, just to add to the problem. SO I thought I'd just omit the edging. Turns out, I used a Little less than one ball, so I could totally have done the edging. Oh well, I like it this way. It is fancy, but yet, still simple.

The pattern itself is uber easy. After the first repeat, you have it down. Since the scarf starts at the point, and works towards the top edge, you get to do three repeats really quickly, learning the pattern fast. The downside, of course, is the last three repeats, or so. Like most triangle shawls, this gets a little tedious.
I love Misti Alpaca, too. after my first shawl with it, I knew I had to knit with it again. I have two balls in three more colors just waiting to be knit up. I equate it to knitting with unicorn fur. What could be more soft and drapey than unicorn fur?

This lovely bit o' wisp is for my Great Aunt Helen's Holiday Gift. She is a knitter, crocheter, and quilter. Who better, and more understanding, of a gift of homemade lace than someone like her? All my life she has given me gifts of handmade things and chocolate (it's generational :))and I look at this as my opportunity to give a little back to her. Now, it doesn't compare to the gorgeous wedding quilt she made me, but I hope it serves as a little reminder, and a hug, from me this winter.
And with that, I get to cross #10 off the Summer Knitting Goals List!!
#12 is next...
Oh, and this is what happened to my hair whilst I was knitting.

It is also the reason I drive to Seymour to get my hair done. SO worth the drive.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Next on the list

1. Make a list
2.Check thing off
3.Bask in glow of accomplishment
There is nothing like drawing a line through an item on a list to make me all glowy and happy. I feel organized, accomplished, and somehow justified. I have visible proof of progress. Sometimes, when I have a crazy busy day at work - the kind that you are bouncing all over and are getting no, one project finished - I make a list. I put everything on it - broken down into the smallest units possible. For example, instead of writing "Do timesheets" I write, "Do DB's timesheet, Do SS's timesheet, Do KV's timesheet...". This way, even if I only get one timesheet done before I have to run off to another meeting, I get to cross something off the list. I also put items on the list like "drink a glass of water" and "eat lunch", because, seriously, I forget sometimes. Most times I make my lists during meetings - it keeps me from getting noticeably bored, I'm multitasking, and I get to cross "sit in stupid meeting" off my list at the end.
In my real life, as a knitter, (smile) I do a form of the list as well. I read through the pattern and make little boxes in the margins that correspond to the amount of times I need to do a certain instruction before moving on. Like, "repeat chart a 10 times" would get ten boxes beside it. Then I can cross out a box each time I finish a repeat. Or, "increase one stitch st each end of row, every 6 rows, 5 times" would get five boxes, and I'd make a slash mark at the end of every row, so when I got to six slashes in the box I knew it was time to increase again.
I have no idea why I do this; why I love to cross things off so much, but I do. I really do. I think it is part organization, and part motivation. (maybe part obsession too) I can say this though, my current project is killing me.

This is the Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern from VLT. I'm knitting it for my Aunt Helen. (It is totally on my Summer Knitting Goals list. Surprise) It is 15 repeats of the same chart. I have 5 more repeats to go before I do the top edging. I am desperately trying to not make a little post-it of boxes to cross off. It's only 5 more repeats! Certainly, I can do 5 more repeats with out needing to make little x's on a freakin' piece of paper! My list making is seriously being tested. The only thing keeping my resolve is the fact that I get to cross this project off the Christmas and SNG lists after I block it.

I do think I might be knitting faster though - I think because I am desperate to cross something off. An upside, no?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Socktopia, June 2008

"Some man or other must present Wall: and let him have some plaster, or some loam, or some rough-cast about him, to signify wall; and let him hold his fingers thus, and through that cranny shall Pyramus and Thisby whisper." - Bottom, A Midsummer's Night's Dream, Act III
Socktopia this month had the theme "Midsummer's Night's Dream" included among the list. I just had to use it. Midsummer is one of those plays that as a theatre person, you can expect to do upwards of 15 times in your career, and every time you get a little more out of it. It has some inherently complicated moments to deal with - people turning into fairies, bottom turning into a Donkey, and "magic"; but it also has some sweet and funny moments that can't be ignored. One of my favorite parts of the play is the "rehearsal" scene from Act III. The "rude mechanicals" or clowns, are getting ready to rehearse Pyramus and Thisby, and are assigning roles. All of the "play with in a play" cast members are tradesmen - weavers, joiners, smiths - and poor Snug, the joiner, gets cast as "the wall" - a piece of scenery. The last time I did midsummer, the actor playing Snug was one of my favorite people from the cast. He was a joy in real life, and a joy to watch on stage. So these socks are in honor of Mr. Shakespeare and his comic genius, and Mr. JoJo Gonzolas who played the funniest wall I've ever seen.

Name: Snug's Wall Socks
Pattern: Inspired by Barbara Walker's Bricklayer's Lace
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet, color 2
Needles: Knit Picks Classic Circulars, size 0 and 1
Notes: These socks were totally a labor of love. Mostly a labor. I love the finished socks, but dang! They took me forever! The pattern wasn't really hard, but it was the kind you need to pay attention to. No Movie knitting with this one. You'd think you could make a pattern as easy as you want when you design it, but evidently, I didn't realize that when I was knitting. (But they were good beach knitting!)

I typed this pattern up after sock #1 because I was afraid I'd forget what I did when I got to sock #2. I'm glad I did because I did forget parts of it as I was going. I also figured out how to make charts on the computer, so bonus! These seemingly straight forward socks needed three charts. Deceptive socks, these are.

The yarn was chosen because of it's color. It just screamed "bricks" to me. This sock adventure was my first time using Plymouth Happy Feet. I can't speak to the wear ability yet, but I can tell you they are going to fuzz up. As I was knitting them, they were already starting to get fuzzy. I don't mind, but others might. Just mentioning it. I did like the twist and the feel of the yarn. It is soft, and it doesn't split easily. HF is on the thicker side of fingering, but not quite a sport weight yarn. I'm used to working with a slightly thinner yarn, so that took me a little while to get used to.

Over all I am very happy with my Snug's Wall Socks. I ever put a "chink" in the wall for Pyramus and Thisby to whisper through... (Do you see it?)

I'm funny, I know. Anyway, I'm working on revising the pattern for clarity, so if anyone wants to take a test drive of Snug's Wall and tell me if it is written in "knitting english" or "crazy woman", let me know.
Incidentally, these finishing these socks lets me cross off #15 on my Summer Knitting Goals List!! WOOT! And they count towards Lace 2008, as they are, well, lace.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mystic Waters

It has been a long time coming, but I finally took some shots of the infamous Mystic Waters Shawl. I think this is one of my favorite things I've ever knit.
Pattern: Mystic Waters
Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro, color 956
Needles: Knitpicks options size US5
Notes: This bit of pretty took me a long time to knit. I took a HUGE hiatus in the middle of the shawl. Frankly, I farted up a row, tried to fix it with out tinking, and ended up royally loosing my patience. SO, I put it away for about 5 months. Finally, I decided to tink back the two stupid error rows and finish the blasted thing. all in all, it only took another two weeks of on again off again knitting to finish it. I could have been wearing it all winter, but nooooo, I had to get irritated and put it in time out. There is nothing like a formal event to propel you to finish a delicate lace shawl!

The problem with starting it so long ago is that I kinda don't remember too much about the early knitting of the shawl. I kinda remember that the original pattern had an error or two - that were very quickly corrected, and that there was a place that I thought looked weird. The weird spot was part of the design, but it was really hard to see during the knitting progress. the first jog in the center motif happened at a break between charts, so it seemed like the chart was off a stitch.

I spent a whole evening questioning my knitting because of this. Lesson learned: trust the pattern until proven otherwise. I should paint that on the wall beside my knitting chair.

Overall, I am more than pleased with this shawl. I love the geometric nature of the design, it NEVER got boring and repetitious, and you could customize the size. I knit the short version, and it is plenty big. The big version would be way too long for my 5'2" self. Some people are scared off my charted lace, and prefer to knit from written out instruction. I am a very visual person, so I don't really understand that, but I am empathetic to those people. Anyhow, this is not the shawl for you if you are not a chart reader. As you can see, there are no two pattern rows the same in the entire shawl. Let me say that again, louder... "THERE ARE NO TWO PATTERN ROWS THE SAME IN THIS ENTIRE SHAWL" I, personally, love love love this kind of pattern. A good challenge is fun every now and again. I think it goes with out saying, this is not a take a long project, or a SnB project. I did work on it at SnB, but by the time you have 4 pieces of paper taped together, and limited table space, plus talking... you get the picture.

The yarn was very nice too. I love the bluey-purply color. It takes on different tones depending what it is around. The yarn itself was delightful to work with. It is soft and smooth, but with a bit of halo after you wash it up. it blocks beautifully, and really holds its shape. I took the pictures in this post after I wore it for an entire evening, and had it folded up in a suitcase.
I think this piece will get a lot of wear, and I definitely look forward to knitting more of this designers patterns!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I did something!

"I did something!" - Trudy Wiegel
This is possibly my favorite quote form Reno 911. The character of Trudy screams it after shooting a robber, with a shot gun... after he surrenders. She's not malicious, just stupid. You see, she was put on suicide watch because she was found passed out in her car, in her garage, with the car running. Everyone assumed she was trying to kill herself. Turns out she was just listening to "learn to speak french" tapes, but she liked the attention, so she didn't correct anyone. Anyway, the Reno 911 sheriffs' get called to a craft store to check out a burglar alarm. Trudy proceeds to hold the shot gun on her hip, and squeal with delight over the decoupage glue and plastic pearl strings. While she is looking a the glue, the robber comes around the corner, she shoots, then screams, "I did something! USA! USA! USA!". Trust me, it's funnier than I make it sound. I tried to find a clip to include here, but alas, my googlefu is not working today.
Why all this Reno 911 nonsense? Well my peeps, I DID SOMETHING! I finished the Camisa Sweater! A bit of seaming and muttering under my breath later, I have a sweater. A FITTING sweater!

Pattern: Camisa, from Knitscene Fall 06, by Kat Coyle
Yarn: Cascade Pima Tencel in color 2493
Needles: Knit Picks Options size 7, crochet hook of some random size
Notes: I knit this pattern two sizes smaller than what should have been my size according to the pattern. My gauge was way different, but I liked the fabric I was getting, so a little math ensued. This is a very easy pattern - almost to the point of too easy. It's easy to get a little lazy about the stitches being even and the counting on the back. The nice part, though, is the sleeves are built into the body. Yay! One less seam! You only have two shoulder seams and two side seams to do. It's not much, and it goes quickly. (well, quickly compared to seaming freaking lace. Sewing an invisible seam in lace - not again, anytime soon. KMA)

I had this sweater on my mind for two years. I just never got to the knitting. I went back and forth about converting it so a sweater knit in the round, as much as possible, to make even less seaming necessary. In the end, that made the whole thing more complicated. You see, the sweater is constructed by knitting the basket weave portion first - from side to side. I could have knit long basket weave section, and grafted the beginning and end together to make a tube. The picked up the whole hem, knit in the round to the side seam slit, then worked back and forth. SO, out of the bottom 10.5" of shirt, 2" would have been in the round. Then I could pick up the top of the shirt around the basket weave section, and knit in the round. Out of the top 16", 6" would have been in the round. Somehow, 8" out of 26.5" doesn't justify the recalculating and needle changing needed to make my in the round and flat gauges match. It doesn't even justify saving less than a yard of seaming. Plus, the seaming helps a cotton sweater keep it's shape.

Overall, I am very pleased with this little top. I like the fit, length, color, and detailing. If I were to make another, I might make the sleeves a little longer - just 8 sts, or so. I also might do a "bolder" crochet stitch on the neck line. The crochet works well to keep the neck from stretching wildly, but something with a bit more decoration might help mirror the garter stitch hem edges. The only other change I might make would be to do a short row shoulder instead of the step decrease shoulder called for in the pattern. The seaming always looks more invisible, to me, that way.

This is the first design I knit by Kat Coyle, but I must add that I looked over her body of work on Ravelry, and I realized that she designed a whole lot of patterns that I admire. When I flip through a new book or magazine, I notice I stop on the same designers over and over again. Kat is one of them. While I'm not interested in knitting everything by her, or any designer for that matter, I often pause to read through the pattern to see how something is made, or how a certain stitch pattern works. I find it interesting that I am drawn to the same aesthetic as certain designers, even when the pieces are ones I would never make.
This is my second project using Cascade Pima Tencel. I do like the drape and feel of this yarn a lot. The color selection is also right up my alley. I love dark colors, and it seems that a lot of manufacturers make cotton yarns in medium to pastel colors. I suppose this is because most people wear lighter toned items in the warmer months, and most people use cotton to knit warmer month items. At least someone is looking out for us knitters that love colors in the "bruise tone" range.

I noticed that this colorway appears to shed less than the red I used last year for my Shaped Lace Tee". Could be the lot of yarn - or it could be that the purple shows up less on my clothes than the red, so I don't notice it as much. Either way, I've been wearing my sweater for 5 hours, and I don't have noticeable purple lint all over my black pants, so that is a good thing.

Well Peeps, it is back to work time. Later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

From time to time, I like to make lists. (Did you here that? That was DH guffawing. I maybe, just MAYBE, have a list addiction.) When I found out that there was a knit blog contest that involved LISTS (!!) I couldn't pass on the opportunity. If there are any other fellow list makers out there that want to participate, follow this linky:

SO, what is this all about? Let me 'splain, Lucy.

1. Head to your blog and post your summer knitting goals list (you must have at least 1 goal!)
Be sure to link to this contest in your post
2.Stop back and leave the link to your goals list with Mr. Linky (by midnight, June 20th!) to be 'officially entered'
3.Spend the summer, attempting to stay at least a little bit on track, tackling one goal at a time
4.Have fun with it
Easy enough? Let the goal setting begin!!

Dude, I can totally do that?! Besides, it got my rear in gear to make my Christmas List. I realize that my list is lengthy, and entirely impossible, given my design schedule this summer, but I made it anyway. The following things are things I want to knit as gifts for the fall and winter, so it is big. Really big.

1. Something for My Mom's Birthday. What, I don't know.

2. Finish the blasted bag on my desk for Vangie's Birthday.

3. Thrummed Mittens for My Assistant

4. Thrummed Mittens for my Other Assistant

5. Thrummed Mittens for my Intern

6. Thrummed Mittens for my Wardrobe Supervisor (are we seeing a theme yet?)

7. Thrummed Mittens for my Stitcher

8. Thrummed Mittens for my First Hand

9. Thrummed Mittens for my Draper (Yes that is 7 pair of Thrummed Mittens)

10. Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern from VLT for Aunt Helen

11. Anglaise Scarf for Grandma M

12. Zetor Scarf For Grandma R

13. Mommes Lysedug Blanket for Mom

14. Ona's Lace blanket for Vangie

15. June Socktopia Socks - Snug's Wall Socks

16. July Socktopia Socks - For Mark

17. August Socktopia Socks - For David?

Holy crap that's a lot of knitting, even if #2 and #15 are partially finished. It's more than a little terrifying to type out and read. Good thing I have a lot of Vacation to use up, I guess.

Who's with me?!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Voting Republican

I had to share this with you.

Stupid ditch

I seem to be in a knitting rut. This tends to happen after I have a knitting failure, I mean, "learning experience". I spent all evening looking for recipes online instead of knitting. weird. Originally I intended on recasting on for Green Gable right away. I don't think I'll do that. I need a project change I think. The question is...what?
The Snug's Wall Socks shall remain in rotation, and I will finish them before the end of June. (I will, Damn it.) Maybe I need some "real" lace to kick me back into gear? I have so many lace things that I want to knit, that it is actually hard to choose. Maybe I will reach into the yarn wall and pick yarn that excites me then find a pattern for it.
I should finish up the bag that is still on my desk. I should frog the sleeves on DH's Sweater of Doom. I should seam my sweater I finished two weeks ago. I should start my christmas list. For that matter, I should clean the house.
I think what I am actually dealing with is "after uber-busy, no time to think (let alone knit), running like a crazy woman, slump". Or "AUB,NOTTT(LAK)RLACW,S" for short. It's a technical term.
Le sigh.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture of the SWS's. I like them, even unblocked. Let me know what you think...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Grandpa Cherries

I have the lofty goal of posting more than once this week. Crazy, I know. Things have finally calmed down a little bit, so hopefully I can actually catch up on my personal life.
First up, a recap from my trip home.
Mostly, I spent a lot of time visiting with my family, and extended family, and a few friends. It was nice to see familiar faces, even if only for a few days. There was, of course, the obligatory eating of all the Central PA treats that I can't get in CT - that took up many days to complete. My Mom and I went shopping. (Wouldn't be a visit with my Mom with out shopping.) I also watched a lot of cable. Being a rabbit ear girl myself, cable is a big treat. Mom and I went to the pool one day - nothing has changed. All of her friends still sit in a line, in the same place, and still gossip about the same things. I found it funny, but in a good way.
The highlight of the trip, and the reason for going to PA for 4 days, was to see my little cousins, Cash and Zoe. Their Mom, Melanie, is my first cousin and moved to stupid Montana, so I hardly get to see them. when she told me the dates she was going to be in PA, I arranged my schedule to be home at the same time. We decided to go to HersheyPark!

Zoe and Cash were definitely "HersheyPark Happy". For a 2 and almost 4 year old, they did really well at the park. we expected to be leaving in a fit of tired tears by 4:00, but they were still going strong at 7:30. No cranky pants, no fighting. I have no idea how she did it, but my cousin raised two incredibly well behaved, cheery, and downright smart kids.
I haven't been to the park in a few years, and was amazed by the new water park section!

It had stuff for all ages, including a water roller coaster called the "Roller Soak er". My dad and I went on a crazy water slide called the Whirlwind. It was terrifying and awesome!
Melanie and I also rode two roller coasters while the babies were sleeping in the strollers. The newest one, Fahrenheit, goes straight up for 96 feet, then CURVES UNDER as it comes straight back down! We sat in the front seat. And screamed our brains loose, I might add. Then we went on the Storm Runner. Sweet Jesus tap dancing on a cracker. This thing launches you at, like, a billion miles an hour, instantaneously. It is a roller coaster lover's kind of ride.
We ended our day with more fun rides for the kids, and ice cream. All in all, a great day full of catching up and thrill seeking. Can't complain about that!
ON my last day before hitting the tracks back to CT, I visited with My Aunt Helen and Uncle Jake, Lillian (Like my 3rd Grandma), and Grandma M. Grandma M. had Aunt Sis and Aunt Bird over - so I had bonus visiting. It's strange to see people getting noticeably older. I guess you expect your relatives to stay looking the same for ever. It's kind of sad when they don't.
Speaking of "kind of sad", my Dad asked if I liked Cherries while I was home. I said that I did. He handed me a handful from off the tree. He said they were ripe, and that no one was picking them. You see, Grandpa M was the Cherry lover in the family. He planted the Cherry Trees, and now that he is gone, the cherries just serve as bird food. I told my Dad I'd pick them and take them to eat on the train.

For the last few days, I've been snacking on my Grandpa Cherries. It was a nice sweet reminder of how much I miss him, and how much he left for all of his family - both in the tangible and in spirit.
Unfortunately, the Grandpa Cherries did not help my newest knitting foul up.

In knitting news:
I have had a disaster with my Green Gable. It is too big. Tonight, I shall rip away. Oh well. At least I didn't wait to finish it before I tried it on. This might be some sort of curse. The sweater I made last June was too big. I never wore it - even once - because I hated the fit. Maybe I'll rip both, and be done with the June sweater Curse. And I finally finished the first Snug sock. Sheesh. These are harder than I originally intended them to be. Hopefully, sock number two will progress faster...

Monday, June 09, 2008

some new projects

I did take pictures of my Mystic Waters shawl. And.,... they suck. they are way too dark. So, the FO pictures are forthcoming, but after I get some new and better shots. Instead, you'll have to take a look at my new projects de' jour.
I started a pair of socks. Surprise, right? Of course, they are Socktopia inspired.

I'm calling them "Snug's Wall Socks". Any guesses as to the theme?
I also started a new summer sweater - 'Green Gable" from Zephyr Style. It is great mindless knitting. I like a mindless project every now and then.

The yarn is Longmeadow from Valley Yarns. So far, i like it a lot. I hope I continue to like it...
That's it for now. I have a long day ahead with my Mom!

Monday, June 02, 2008

I do still exist. I swear.

This time of year is always really freaking busy. I don't even have kids! I can only imagine what life would be like with end of year school crap to deal with too. Anyway, let me show you what I've been up to...
First up, the big project sucking away all my time is "the Gala". I'm designing a room again. I got a great idea (this is where it all goes pear shaped) to hang a whole seasons worth of props, costumes, supplies, lights - and on and on - from a truss grid in my room. awesome, right? Yes, in theory. In practice, this is a bitch. A big flaming bitch. It looks good. It'll look awesome when the rest of the room gets put together, and the tables and junk are in. Here is a sneak peek at my "ceiling collage/sculpture".

It kinda looks like TGIFriday's on crack. Or stock exploded on the ceiling. Or a vintage store threw up. Take your own euphemism and run with it. I like to describe the centerpieces as "piles of crap". I don't think devo likes that description much. When I have the whole flaming pile of evil assembled, I'll post more pics.
In between climbing ladders, tying crazy knots, and bruising myself to the point of looking like a crack whore, I managed to finish the Mystic Waters Stole!

It is blocked now, but I just don't have time to grab some FO shots yet. I'm wearing it to the Gala, so I'm sure I'll get some then. I'm glad I finished it. It is gorgeous, will look great with my dress, and will hopefully help hide the aforementioned crack whore bruises.
I also managed to get some time off yesterday. (Be amazed, be very amazed) So instead of updating my blog, doing laundry, cleaning my pig sty - er- my house, or any of the other hundred things I should have done, I went to the beach. I knit on the beach. then I went to Panera. I knit at Panera. then I went home. I knit at home, amidst the piles of crap, but, what ever. All that knitting resulted in my finishing the knitting on Camisa.

I might get to wrap this up over the next weekend. It only needs two seams and a crocheted neck line, yet I am not going to get to it. I'm just not. I have to do some sewing tonight for the children's theatre show I'm designing. It goes into dress rehearsals tomorrow night and Wednesday night. Then on Thursday is the Gala. I just don't see the opening in the schedule.
In hindsight, I might have overbooked myself just a little.
In all the craziness, I did manage to have some fun. We have "Beer 30" at the theatre on Friday evenings. Not all the Friday evenings, but enough to make it a well known entity. The final one of the season was a lot of fun.

We hung out, ate hamburgers, thew Frisbee, drank copious amounts of beer, and played flip cup. Yep - the good ole' college frat game, "flip cup". Our Managing director is a natural. Just saying.
What's up next for Costumechick? A week off. Hells yeah! I'm headed to PA to visit with the family, see my cousin and her babies, and probably help my Mom do some horrible chore around the house that I didn't anticipate. (She always does this to me. It'll be like, "oh on Thursday you can help me repaint the attic." "The attic?" "Of course. It just looks better that way. It's only 130F. It's small, we'll be done in time to re-carpet the church at 3pm. Then after our one meal we are going to eat today, in the evening we can do all the flower arrangements for the Congressional Club luncheon." ) You think I'm kidding - I can tell. I'm so not kidding.
I also have to get my shit together for another show I am designing this summer. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's coming up fast, and I still haven't read the dang thing. At least I know the basic story. I can fake my way through, right?
What else? Oh, I cast on for my June Socktopia socks. No real progress to show yet, but I'm sure I will get some work done on them next week. That's it! You are caught up! Don't you feel better?
Most likely, this will be my only post this week, as I am stupid crazy at work. But, I promise FO pics this weekend!