Monday, June 30, 2008

Hairy Cucumber

I have a bunch (umm...7) pairs of mittens on my Summer Knitting List. I thought I maybe should start them. You see, I have been working on the Zetor scarf, but it is a little less intuitive and a little more "paying attention necessary" than the last one. The scarf is pretty, and I love the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, but just a wee bit intricate.

SO, I needed a more tv watching, less knitting attention project. Enter the first of the Mittens!

I've named them Hairy Cucumber. I love the color (reminds me of cucumber lotion), and the recipient will too, but they are my first thrummed mittens. I knew the inside would be full of fiber, and lovely to wear - and they are. But, I wasn't prepared to find the inside out mittens so funny. Really. I laugh every time I look at the picture.

The upside is that each mitten only takes a few hours, so I can easily add these into my regular knitting rotation. Sweet!


WifeMomKnitter said...

I like your hairy cucumbers!

(God, that sounds so dirty! Can't you hear the bad 70's porn music playing? Boom-Chicka-WOW-WOW)

soozies said...

I had to come look at this post just cause it was titled "Hairy Cucumber." I feel so dirty.