Monday, June 02, 2008

I do still exist. I swear.

This time of year is always really freaking busy. I don't even have kids! I can only imagine what life would be like with end of year school crap to deal with too. Anyway, let me show you what I've been up to...
First up, the big project sucking away all my time is "the Gala". I'm designing a room again. I got a great idea (this is where it all goes pear shaped) to hang a whole seasons worth of props, costumes, supplies, lights - and on and on - from a truss grid in my room. awesome, right? Yes, in theory. In practice, this is a bitch. A big flaming bitch. It looks good. It'll look awesome when the rest of the room gets put together, and the tables and junk are in. Here is a sneak peek at my "ceiling collage/sculpture".

It kinda looks like TGIFriday's on crack. Or stock exploded on the ceiling. Or a vintage store threw up. Take your own euphemism and run with it. I like to describe the centerpieces as "piles of crap". I don't think devo likes that description much. When I have the whole flaming pile of evil assembled, I'll post more pics.
In between climbing ladders, tying crazy knots, and bruising myself to the point of looking like a crack whore, I managed to finish the Mystic Waters Stole!

It is blocked now, but I just don't have time to grab some FO shots yet. I'm wearing it to the Gala, so I'm sure I'll get some then. I'm glad I finished it. It is gorgeous, will look great with my dress, and will hopefully help hide the aforementioned crack whore bruises.
I also managed to get some time off yesterday. (Be amazed, be very amazed) So instead of updating my blog, doing laundry, cleaning my pig sty - er- my house, or any of the other hundred things I should have done, I went to the beach. I knit on the beach. then I went to Panera. I knit at Panera. then I went home. I knit at home, amidst the piles of crap, but, what ever. All that knitting resulted in my finishing the knitting on Camisa.

I might get to wrap this up over the next weekend. It only needs two seams and a crocheted neck line, yet I am not going to get to it. I'm just not. I have to do some sewing tonight for the children's theatre show I'm designing. It goes into dress rehearsals tomorrow night and Wednesday night. Then on Thursday is the Gala. I just don't see the opening in the schedule.
In hindsight, I might have overbooked myself just a little.
In all the craziness, I did manage to have some fun. We have "Beer 30" at the theatre on Friday evenings. Not all the Friday evenings, but enough to make it a well known entity. The final one of the season was a lot of fun.

We hung out, ate hamburgers, thew Frisbee, drank copious amounts of beer, and played flip cup. Yep - the good ole' college frat game, "flip cup". Our Managing director is a natural. Just saying.
What's up next for Costumechick? A week off. Hells yeah! I'm headed to PA to visit with the family, see my cousin and her babies, and probably help my Mom do some horrible chore around the house that I didn't anticipate. (She always does this to me. It'll be like, "oh on Thursday you can help me repaint the attic." "The attic?" "Of course. It just looks better that way. It's only 130F. It's small, we'll be done in time to re-carpet the church at 3pm. Then after our one meal we are going to eat today, in the evening we can do all the flower arrangements for the Congressional Club luncheon." ) You think I'm kidding - I can tell. I'm so not kidding.
I also have to get my shit together for another show I am designing this summer. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's coming up fast, and I still haven't read the dang thing. At least I know the basic story. I can fake my way through, right?
What else? Oh, I cast on for my June Socktopia socks. No real progress to show yet, but I'm sure I will get some work done on them next week. That's it! You are caught up! Don't you feel better?
Most likely, this will be my only post this week, as I am stupid crazy at work. But, I promise FO pics this weekend!

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Deenz said...

I think that "flaming pile of evil" has a lovely ring to it!

And ooo - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory - that sounds equally daunting and totally fun and exciting to me to design!