Saturday, December 12, 2009

Watercolor Sweater

I've always been the kind of person that ate their least favorite candy first after Halloween, saving the "good stuff" for last. I did my least favorite homework first - usually math- and saved the reading until the boring stuff was done. I use up the plain instant oatmeal first, and save the apples and Cinnamon for last. If I clean, (notice I said "if") I do the worst task first - the bathroom. I have always been like this. I didn't realize i was like this in knitting, until I went to knit this sweater.

It shouldn't have been, but it was a total surprise that I enjoyed knitting a sweater that had all the boring stuff at the beginning, and saved the "good" stuff for the end. It was like a huge bonus for getting through! The body and sleeves are knit in Stockinette, flat. Then, you seam the raglan bits, pickup some stitches, and knit the yoke in the round. Now, because I like to get all the boring stuff done first, if at all possible, I did all the seaming before I did the yoke. Oh how the yoke was sweet, sweet reward!

Name: Watercolor
Pattern:Yoke Detail Sweater by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Fiesta Naturalle Wool in Dyer's Bugloss
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony size 6
Notes: This pattern was well written, and frankly, really easy. The only change I made was to knit nupps on the yoke instead of bobbles, and I did one more set of decreases. Aside from being a PITA, bobbles are weird looking on grown up clothing to me. Accessories - fine, but sweaters? Nah. The neck, as written, was kind of a boat neck, but I thought the intended recipient would like a crew neck better, so a little more decreasing, and voila!

The yarn is really nice to work with. It is soft, and lofty - so smooth. I can't say anything poor about it! I choose it for this sweater because my brother's fiance is in school for Zoo science, and always concerned about animals and environmental impact. Fiesta Naturalle is dyed with natural, plant derived dyes, with minimal impact to the environment - something that I knew she would appreciate! I plan to include a label for her, not only because of washing instructions, but also because it has information about the plant, and the earth friendly processing!

Overall, I'm very pleased with this sweater although, I randomly guessed on the size, so everybody cross your fingers!!
edited to add: Yeah totally not going to fit her. I am instead giving it to someone else, and knitting her a different sweater. More on that next week....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Knitting Events.... way after the fact

Want proof that I went to Rhinebeck?

Where else would one meet Bob?
awwww yeah.....

BackstageKnitter, HeadwigBC, AlainaJane, Evad and I all went to Rhinebeck this year, for a fiber rich, freezing cold, lamb burger filled weekend of excitement!! Of course, I suck, and didn't take many pictures, but I made up for it in yarn buying!

The only thing missing from this picture is the two skeins of Briar Rose Fiber's yarn that I have all ready knit with. Ooops. I managed to stay in the budget and pick up a mess of gorgeous stuff that I can't get anywhere except from the dyer. I still haven't officially put it way. I keep getting it out to pet it.
I also went to Star Wars in Concert! Ok, not a traditional knitting event, but I did knit during it!
Anthony Daniels was awesome in person, and the MUSIC. OMG. THE MUSIC. The whole thing was fucking fantastic. Really. GO see it if it comes near you. You don't have to bee a SW geek, the story is narrated as the concert goes on, and film footage is played behind the orchestra to help "tell" the story. The lobby display is totally cool too:

Just in case you wanted to be inches from the costumes like me!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Neck things

Did you know that "Neck Things" is a category of knitwear to me? I didn't either until I just typed it. It is fitting though, since I've knit 4 "neck Things" since my blogging hiatus.
1. Evad's Rockstar Bodyguard

Ever since I knit myself the 'rochoke', Evad has wanted one for himself - in blood red. Since I am always in favor of encouraging Evad's love of all things knitted, I, of course, agreed. There is no pattern- just knit a shape, felt it, and add a clasp. He wore it to Rhinebeck with great success, and hopefully it will get some more use this winter. (The name comes from his Rhinebeck status. He is a big guy, and can move people out of the way when the rockstar (me), or her entourage, needs to get through.)

2. Angora Leaf Scarf from Vintage Knitwear for Modern Knitters.

This is a holiday gift, gone slightly awry. In theory, I thought I had enough black angora to knit this scarf. One ball, and less than 1 leaf into it, I realized that I in no way had enough angora to knit this. I dug about in the yarn wall and came up with a few balls of wool/poly with sequins. woo! I combined it all together, shortened the pattern, reshaped a leaf, and *just* eeked it out. All in all, I'm pretty sure the recipient is going to love this! It's sparkly and soft!

3. Monet Shawlette
A little holiday gift for my Intern! The pattern is "Sunshine and Shadows" from Evelyn Clark's "Knitting Lace Triangles" book. I love this book. If you are an aspiring lace designer - who plans to design triangle shawls, you should totally read this book and knit a few things from it. Seriously. The yarn is from Briar Rose Fibers. I got it in the sale bin, so I'm not sure on the colorway or yarn, but I think it is "Celebration in 3014". At any rate, it's pretty, and the colors remind me of a Monet painting. The pattern was a great knit. It took me like 16 hours total to knit this thing! Perfect gift knitting!!

4. RAHA!
Another Holiday gift in progress! This one is for (soon to be) Mrs. Ship. (A lace scarf is the decider of her 'knit worthy-ness'. We shall see how it goes.....) Oh, and yes, this is the same yarn as #3. I had a second ball, with a slightly more blue overall color and thought it would be great for a gift for her. I went to my personal library and pulled out this gem of a book - "Knitted Lace of Estonia". It's not too feminine, not too plain... a good medium interesting. Hey, it's hard to knit for someone you never met!!
Oh, and for those who are counting - #2 ,#3 and #4 are all from books on the list! I have 21 left to go, and one in progress! Dear god. I shouldn't have counted. It seemed like less....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I'm a sweater machine
and I don't work for nobody but you
ye-ah baby!
I've been cranking away on the sweaters, semi-recently. I can't really say "recently", since I am including the near 2 months of almost total blog silence. Although, in knitting time, 2 months isn't that long....
I digress. I've been knitting, and surprisingly, completing sweaters! I've completed 2 adult size sweaters, and am rounding towards home on a third!
First up, my sweater KAL sweater!!
Name: Iceberg Lettuce
Pattern: Lettuce Sweater from Custom Knits
Yarn; Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in Silver Sliver, 6 skeins
Needles: KP Options, 9, 10, 10.5, and 11
Notes: To quote the Yarn Harlot, "If I change the decreases on the sleeve, make the bust bigger, add shaping and short rows in the front and knitted darts to the back, subtract some length, leave off the collar, and change the neckline to a V... when/if it doesn't work out, I do not have the right to speak ill of the designer's abilities."

yeah. My sweater, besides the back yoke and front to the bustline, in no way resembles the pattern i set out to make. it has short rows, the skirt starts further down towards the waist, the sleeves have different cuffs, and the skirt has a different stitch pattern AND is shaped totally different as well. wee! I only had to rip back three times to make it fit properly...

But, I love it. I got it finished in time for Rhinebeck, and before the end of the KAL. Lamb's Pride is one of my favorite yarns, but man does it shed the first few times you wear it! The seat of the car I was sitting in on the way to Rhinebeck was coated in a nice thick layer of silver wool hairs. heehee.
I also knit a holiday gift sweater for my Mom!

Name: Mom's sweater
Pattern: Classic Open Silk Cardi from Classic Elite 9098
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa "wave" in colorway 11
Needles: Knit Picks Options 5 and 7
Notes: My mom isn't a "fussy" sweater person. She likes clean lines, a little detail, and semi-fitted shapes. Mostly, she owns fine knits in Stockinette, maybe a few cables. Finding a pattern for her is oddly hard. But, I think I found a winner!

Purple is her favorite color, and this is one she should be able to wear well, based on her coloring. It knit up very quickly, even if it was a tad dull to knit. Frankly, this would be a great travel knit, since it doesn't require much thinking at all, and the pieces are small enough to be pretty portable. let's hope she likes it!!
Last up is another Holiday gift:

I'm to the part where I join the body and sleeves, and do some yoke knitting magic! This sweater is very... um.... plain to knit, until this point. It is like you get a treat for making it through the SS slog. good thing my "soon to be SIL Kate" is a small person. I also hope she likes it. She is a little bit tomboy, and a little bit girly - just like this sweater feels to me. (cross your fingers that she feels the same way!)

Monday, November 09, 2009

bloggers block

I know I said I was going to update you with all my FOs and WIPs, but I have had a serious case of blogger block. I think about it everyday, plan what to blog about... but never get there. I'm just more interested in actually knitting, instead of just blogging!
I'm forcing myself to write today, in hopes that I can shake my blockage. (Insert Activia joke here) I ate the roughage of a good Sunday spent just sitting on the couch knitting, only getting up to pee and make food. I think I am ready to write!
Since I last 'really" blogged, I finished 3 projects for Schaefer Yarn. The one was a sweater that I enjoyed knitting, but never took a picture of. Sigh. She was 'Jamie Lee', and it was a really fun and quick knit! (Hee, insert second Activia joke) The neck/collar construction is really awesome. I wish I would have taken a few snapshots. Oh well.
I also knit up this cutie:

Name: Peter Sweater
Pattern: #62 Nichole Collared Pullover
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn Co, Nichole, in Peter
Needles: us 6 and 7 knitpicks options
Notes: This sweater was ridiculously entertaining to knit. You wouldn't know it from looking at it, but the stitch pattern is just interesting enough that you just... want... to ...keep... going! Plus, it is a kid's sweater, so it goes quickly anyway.

I'm not usually a huge fan of variegated colorways, but I did really like this one. It had blues and greens mixed together, but they were very close in tone, and it almost feels like a solid knit up. I ended up knitting with two skeins, alternating, so that I didn't get a lot of pooling, but I imagine YMMV. Different size, different knitter...different outcome. The shot of the full sweater is the closest to the real color. It is a nice vibrant color, and for some reason my camera was just not interested in capturing it completely. :(
Overall, a very fun project, quick to make up, and cute as a button!
I also knit a pair of socks for Schaefer...

Pattern: Bines
Yarn: Schaefer Yarn Co, Anne, in Thistle
Needles: US 1 knitpicks classic circs
Notes: This is not a sock pattern for the faint of heart! It has no rest rows, twisted stitches, and tons of purls! That said, I TOTALLY think it's worth it.

Bines is based on a 1x1 twisted rib, with "lace" elements. The twisted rib is not hard, and becomes almost second nature after a repeat or two. It took me unit the foot of the first sock to not need to refer to the pattern every row, but they are also written to be ankle socks, so I didn't have much leg to memorize the pattern. I cruised through the second sock though, hardly needing to look at the pattern at all!
If I had anything to say to those thinking of knitting these beauties, it would be:
1. write down how many repeats you did of each chart on the first sock. This is a hard pattern to "see" your rows if you go back and count - specifically at the toes
2. try them on after you get the cuff and one repeat of the leg finished. The gauge you get in SS is going to be different than the gauge in twisted rib, making the socks snugger than you would think they would be. Twisted rib is just like that! It's aways better to check before you get a whole sock finished!

Overall, though, they were a very fast knit, and quite pretty. I was sad to send them off!
I think next I will try to update on the sweaters I've knit since before my blogger block. Yes, that was plural. I've knit 2 and half sweaters since then. bad blogger. bad. Tonight I shall get some more knitting roughage and be prepared to blog again reliably! (Activia joke 3!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Angee Mink

I shall now speak in prose about my love for Cookie A.
A knit designer named Cookie
had stuff that made me lookie.
her book rocked and rolled,
on it, I was sold
and I now have a gift "off the hook"ie.
how about in Haiku?
swirling, warm and soft
knits and purls dance across socks
all hail Cookie A
In all seriousness, I LOVED knitting these socks. Cookie A's patterns are the bomb-diggity.

Named: Angee Mink
Pattern: Angee from "Sock Innovation" by Cookie A
Yarn: Dye Dreams Twinkle Toes in Mink
Needles: Knit Picks classic circs, US 1
Notes: I love love love a lace pattern that has a nice long chart. It fills me with so much glee when I realize "huh, I only have to knit this chart twice before I get to the foot." It really feels like you are making soooo much progress! Also, Cookie A (did I mention that I love her patterns?) has a great way of creating patterns so that it looks hard, but when you really get into the sock, it isn't hard at all! her book is crazy informative about sock designing, pattern writing, and customization - not to mention the butt loads of awesome patterns to choose from. If you love to knit socks, and you haven't knit a cookie A pattern yet, go forth and knit! She has a few free ones on Knitty - including the ever popular "Monkey". You should try one. Go. I'll wait.


I knit these socks as a holiday present for a person I work with. I hope she likes them as much as I do. The yarn is beautiful - kind of a purply brown when you get it in the light. It has a shine to it too, which comes from the tencel blended into the yarn. It is so silky to knit with, I was almost sad to be finished! The skeins are very generous too, making it easy to get larger socks from one skein, if needed.

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with these socks. they were a very fun, and quick, knit. Highly recommended!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WTF Costumechick?!

Were the hell have you been?!
Well, dear readers, I've been swamped. We had some man-power cuts at work last summer, and while losing two people from your department doesn't seem like a big deal, it is when your department was only 7 people to start with. We started this season with a massive show involving magic tricks, magic costumes, and 20 separate costumes. 20 costumes isn't that much, really, but when they are all engineered for magic tricks and built from the ground up, with 5 people - one of which is an intern, with only 3 weeks to do it and zero lead time... it's a lot. Any way, we survived, the show rocks, and we have a lot of great portfolio pieces. Oh, and even with all of the craziness, I did manage to keep knitting. I actually knit quite a bit. I didn't have time to blog about it, or to update Ravelry, but I still found a moment or two to wave the sticks about!
I'm going to try to catch ya'll up over the next few days. (I feel like I'm talking to a friend I only get to see once a year....)
In the month and a half since I last blogged, I have finished the Angee Mink Socks, My Iceberg Lettuce Kal sweater, a felted neckwarmer for Evad, the Classic Open Silk Cardi sweater for my Mom, the Peter Sweater for Schaefer, and Adult size top for Schaefer (that I won't blog about, considering I didn't even take a picture of it), and the Angora Leaf Scarf from Vintage Knitwear for Modern knitters. I also cast on, and am about 1/4 of the way through, another pair of socks and another adult size sweater. I also went to Rhinebeck. In other words, there is a lot of back log in the blog and Ravelry update world.
Bear with me folks. I still have to get some pictures of the FOs before I can properly take care of the back log. But.... they are coming...

Monday, August 31, 2009

How about a WIP update?

The lack of reliable pirated Internet at home is getting annoying! Sheesh! Don't these people know that I depend on stealing their service? ow am I supposed to do blog updates and waste copious amounts of time on Ravelry with no Internet service? I had planned on doing a couple WIP posts spaced out over the weekend, but obviously, that didn't happen. SO you are getting the sweetened condensed version.
The KAL sweater AKA Iceberg Lettuce

I have started the second sleeve! the first came out great, and fits really well. The skirt, however, is a different matter entirely. I will be ripping it back and re-doing. I am stalled at the moment while I try to decide what I am going to do. I might need to rethink the stitch pattern.
Angee Mink Socks
These never even made it to the blog. I started them the 22nd of August, and just didn't get a post written before now. I'm on the gusset of sock #2. The pattern is an awesome Cookie A. sock from her book. The yarn is called "twinkle toes" and I picked it up at the CT Sheep and Wool Festival last year. I've been really random about working on these socks, since they are my travel project right now. That said, they are flying off the needles!
#62 Nichole Collared Pullover "peter"

I'm naming this after the colorway of Schaefer Yarn Nichole. Peter Sweater. It's fun to say. Try it! It is a test knit, so I've been concentrating on it the last two days. I made a pretty good dent! I'm about 1.5" from finishing the front, then I have the sleeves and the finishing to do. Not too shabby!
You are now officially caught up in the knitting world of Costumechick. Congratulations, and please be careful debarking the ride!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The aformention post re: all my damn books

I am a major bibliophile. I have been all my life. When I was potty training, I had a stack of Golden books on the toilet tank. I would 'read' them for hours. My parents had to threaten to take them away if I didn't get off the pot. Actually, my parents threatened to take away my books all the way until high school. I always had my nose in a book, often (in my parents' opinion) to the detriment of chores, social interaction, and other activities. With so many kids that HATE to read, it's hard to imagine a parent needing to limit a child's reading time! Before I started knitting in earnest, reading was my main hobby. I still enjoy a good book, but I take my time and really enjoy it now. I have knitting to pass the time!
In all seriousness, I can read a novel in a day. Two days if I have to work. I would go to the library and check out a stack of books - literally - and bring them back a few days later. It is an awesome free service! The problem for a bibliophile is that the book isn't yours. You don't get to keep it. It is gone forever once you take it back. Yes, you can check it out again, but it still isn't in your collection. Sitting in front of the collection and scanning the titles is as good as actually reading.
So, as you can imagine, my collection of books has grown and grown... and grown. It probably doesn't help that I married a bibliophile. We enable each others book collecting something fierce. Almost any topic can be met with the phrase "I read a book on that" or "I have a book about that." Come to think of it, it also doesn't help that I am in a field that I need a vast amount of period research at my fingertips. This is why I have books about the history of the outhouse and decorative finial designs.
What does this have to do with knitting? You didn't think it stopped at research and novels did you? Oh my no! Knitting books - I haz dem. I have vintage ones, new ones, history of ones, stitch dictionaries, easy pattern ones, hard as hell pattern ones, hardcover, softcover, falling apart,.... I could go on. My point is, I have a lot of knitting books.
I have read all my knitting books - cover to cover. Not just the descriptions and intros and useful information sections. I've read the patterns. Beginning to end. Every one. Even the stitch dictionaries. Why? why not? I like to read how each one is constructed, where the needle sizes change, what the designer's idea of body proportion is, and so on. I knit each pattern in my head as I read, making a little three dimensional knitted thing in my head. I always read the parts with unique shaping/ construction multiple times. (It's the best part!) I realize that this might border on insane, but I liken it to reading recipes and imagining how all the flavors will fit together.
Unfortunately, I discovered that I have a lot of books that I have never even knit one pattern from in my collection. This shouldn't bother me as much as it does, I don't think. But, for some reason, this is a REALLY BIG DEAL to me right now. So, I made a list. I love a good list!
When I made the list, last week, I had 32 books on it. (eep) Since then, I have knocked two off. (yay!) I still have 30. 30!! Now, according to my SnB friends, I don't need to count the books I bought as "work research" (i.e. vintage pattern books) or stitch dictionaries. Great!
I recounted.
I still have 25. Crap. So I picked a project from each book. If I make a list, I'll stick to it! (maybe) I totalled the projects up. (this is funny)
on the list are:
5 large lace shawls
11 sweaters
1 hat
3 baby items
2 gloves/scarves/other
7 pair of socks
Now, dear readers, I ask you this, "What are my chances of knitting all of these things before I buy another book?"
secondly, "Since this is impossible for me to do, as I love books too much, and am afraid I'll just buy more magazines to keep having patterns to read, how long should I try to not buy more books before I can claim success?"

Monday, August 24, 2009


Summer is an interesting time to be a knitter. Really, there isn't much you can knit when it is 90F in the shade, with out feeling like you are laying under a bear skin coat. The loose fibers stick to you, the extra layer of insulation is unpleasant - at best, and sometimes even the fiber running through your fingers is enough to make you want to sit in the freezer. It is this time of year where I end up working on little things - also usually quick things because the idea of the yarn touching me is nearly unbearable. I finished a little sweater on Saturday that I started for just this reason.
Name: Gradient
Pattern: Seamless Yoke Sweater from Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in sea spray and hazelnut
Needles: Knitpicks Options, size 7
Notes: As per usual, Ann Budd's patterns are easy to follow, super customizable, and accurate to a fault. Unfortunately, I wanted to knit a sweater smaller than 2T, so I had to do a bit of resizing. I just combined info from other patterns with her basic instructions. Not too hard!

I knit the body a bit long to be a regular sweater, so I decided to dub it a "jacket". I hope it is useful to whomever I give it too. It should be warm, at least. I put buttons the whole way down the front to be a good "bundled up" type of jacket.

It took me a few tries to get the button band picked up "just so". It probably did not help that I was on pain pills at the time. The first time, I forgot button holes. Ooops.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my little jacket with gradient stripes. It makes me happy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

doo dee doooo

I'm a little loopy from my pain meds! The surgery went fine, I'm not too sore, but I'm a little swollen. It is much much much better than the one in March was!
I did do a little knitting today, as I was convalescing.

It's a hat!
Name: Bruise snail
Pattern: Snail Hat by the queen mother of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman
Needles: Us 10.5
Notes: Yep. another project that came about about because it just did. I knew I needed something relatively easy to work on whilst high on vicodin, but fun to knit, so I didn't try to knit on any of the more complicated projects I have sitting around, and inevitably fuck them up.
I should have been catholic, because I have a butt load of guilt about random things that I shouldn't really waste time worrying about. This current obsession I have with knitting form every book I own is becoming quite overwhelming. When I am not quite so loopy, i have a longer post to make about my list of projects, but you should know, this was one of them!
The pattern was fun, and EZ is awesome. I have read "Knitting with out Tears" several times, and I always get something new out of it every time. Her humor just resonates with me. Anyway, the pattern is a great little unvented thing, and did not disappoint in anyway. The yarn was another matter. I bought it originally because I thought it might be a potential "Noro" sub. It is really soft, the colors are great, and the color changes are nice and long. It is a little too much like noro in the knits department though. (boo) 4 knots in one skein! That was a little irritating, to say the least. I would have been more frustrated, I think, if I hadn't been loopy...'
I held the yarn double - using the inside end and the outside end at the same time. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, color wise, but I am happy with the end results. I have no plans about who this hat is for, but it'll be someone that likes "bruise" colors, like me!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I ate it again.

Evad reminded me before I took the second bite that I wanted to take a picture.
I didn't *just* eat for the past two days. I also finished the silk purse/ sock bag!
Pattern: Silk Pure from Knitting Classic Style
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite
Needle: Knit Picks Classic Circ, size 3
Notes: I made this bag considerably larger than the pattern (on purpose, for once). I wanted to be able to fit a 100 gram skein of sock yarn, socks in progress, pattern, and whatever else one needs to knit socks. I think I succeeded. The finished size is about a 6" diameter, and 8" workable length - with room to close it. Aside from just upping the needle size and yarn weight, I also added length before the eyelet row for the strings. I did 8 extra rows, adding about an 1" in length.

I managed to use all but 6 yards of my skein, which is how I like it! No extra stuff to store! The yarn itself is a bit stiff to work with. I has no give at all. this could be a one day knit if you had undivided knitting time. I couldn't say that I could do it with SG though. I need hand rest time, especially after all those purl 3 togs. In a nice wool sock yarn, this could be easily knit in a day, if you had too.
Blocking it was the hardest part. Finding a tall cylindrical thing with a 6" base isn't as easy as you would think. I ended up with this:

Cheap Vodka at work for the win!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So far so good.

I realize that I have no right to complain about having a bad day. Things could be much much worse - and for many people they are. I get it. really, I do. I'm just happy that I seem to have broken my little irritating streak of sand in my shorts style annoyances!
I went to breakfast with Evad today at our favorite breakfast place - CHIPS. They have fan- fucking-tastic pancakes and omelets. Today, though, they had something that called to me from the specials menu:
Raspberry and Blackberry Croissant French Toast.
It was three slices of croissant, prepared like french toast with glorious mounds of raspberries and blackberries on top. It was drizzled with a raspberry reduction, and dusted with powdered sugar. No, I didn't take a picture. I was too busy eating. The one owner came up to see if I liked it. Ha! I told her I want to eat it everyday - possibly live in it. Three of my favorite things in the world in one food dish. Heaven.
Excuse me while I wipe drool from my chin....
In knitting news, I worked on my KAL sweater last night! Evad and I went to see Julie and Julia. It was really something special. We enjoyed it intensely. Movie knitting is perfect for this sweater - especially the skirt bit. (No shaping to worry about!) The air conditioning was awesome. I hadn't been working on the sweater because I was too hot at home, but two hours of uninterrupted air conditioning knitting kicked ass!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tuesday wasn't much better

OK. I know the universe reads my blog. So I'd like to say, here and now, "Cut it out."
I went this morning to get my window fixed - the one that refuse to go the whole way up yesterday. Evad and I took the door apart last night and determined that it was not a simple mechanical issue. It wa a burnt out motor. Right. SO we called around and found a place to do it today. We ghetto-fied the car last night, in case of a thunderstorm, and went to the car place with high hopes.
HA! 6 HOURS later, they finally fixed the car. Granted, we had to wait 45 minutes before they could even look at it, but we knew that going in. We didn't know that they had to get the part delivered from Sweden by horse and buggy. Seriously. They didn't have the part, and sent someone out to a competitor to buy the part. Meanwhile, we sat. It's good our schedules are flexible.
I, of course, used my time wisely. Last night I finished the knitting on my little sweater.

I didn't take it along to work on because I thought, "Oh, we won't be there long, and the button bands are fiddly." HA! Again! I could have finished it, wove in the ends, and knit a damn hat!
Instead, I looked through my list of "books yet to be knit from" and pulled out a good take along project. "Silk Purse" from Knitting Classic Style, knit in Noro Silk Garden Lite.

I got a lot done - like most of it. Can I say, I love a project that carries its own yarn! I'm embarrassed to say how many books i have that I haven't knit from yet. Maybe that is a post for tomorrow...

Anyway, it took so long at the car place that I missed lunch and ended up eating drive though. This doesn't sound bad, but it is. Too much sodium makes me really sick, so I've had a sour stomach ever since.
Finally, we had a big "financial accounting systems" meeting at work. It sucked. It pissed me off. And, it ended a completely ass ended day in a completely ass ended way. At least my knitting looks ok!