Friday, August 21, 2009

doo dee doooo

I'm a little loopy from my pain meds! The surgery went fine, I'm not too sore, but I'm a little swollen. It is much much much better than the one in March was!
I did do a little knitting today, as I was convalescing.

It's a hat!
Name: Bruise snail
Pattern: Snail Hat by the queen mother of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman
Needles: Us 10.5
Notes: Yep. another project that came about about because it just did. I knew I needed something relatively easy to work on whilst high on vicodin, but fun to knit, so I didn't try to knit on any of the more complicated projects I have sitting around, and inevitably fuck them up.
I should have been catholic, because I have a butt load of guilt about random things that I shouldn't really waste time worrying about. This current obsession I have with knitting form every book I own is becoming quite overwhelming. When I am not quite so loopy, i have a longer post to make about my list of projects, but you should know, this was one of them!
The pattern was fun, and EZ is awesome. I have read "Knitting with out Tears" several times, and I always get something new out of it every time. Her humor just resonates with me. Anyway, the pattern is a great little unvented thing, and did not disappoint in anyway. The yarn was another matter. I bought it originally because I thought it might be a potential "Noro" sub. It is really soft, the colors are great, and the color changes are nice and long. It is a little too much like noro in the knits department though. (boo) 4 knots in one skein! That was a little irritating, to say the least. I would have been more frustrated, I think, if I hadn't been loopy...'
I held the yarn double - using the inside end and the outside end at the same time. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, color wise, but I am happy with the end results. I have no plans about who this hat is for, but it'll be someone that likes "bruise" colors, like me!


accountantgrrl said...

Being Catholic is grossly overrated. ;-)

cafeeclectic said...

Nice hat! That was a super fast knit!

I like your "knitting from every book" goal though. Gives you something to focus on!

Anonymous said...

Cafeeclectic, Costumechick does not need anything more to focus on, she has many many focus things already, trust me.

Kim said...

Glad you're feeling OK.

knelleyknits said...

I'm amazed that you can knit so well under the influence! Hope you're feeling better.

Batty said...

I love your hat! You can't have been too out of it, as it doesn't look like drunk knitting.

Wishing you a quick and painless recovery!