Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ants in the Pants... and possibly the lettuce

Around and about the house of Costumechick, seemingly rash and sudden decisions are often made, especially when it comes to knitting projects. Really? Are any of you surprised? After all, I am the queen of procrastination and impulsiveness.
i heard that. Some of you don't believe me. (The rest are laughing heartily.) For the ones that are less than convinced, let me give you an example. Last year I had several knitting "due dates" looming shortly on the horizon, at the same time I was designing/building 5 shows. One would think I would work on my knitting projects with looming due dates in my very limited free time. haha. You would be wrong. No, I'm the crazy person that casts on a hat, or a pair of socks, or a bib. Then I knit like a person possessed when a due date is just days away, all the time thinking, "I thought I had enough time to make this!" Then, even when I do finish a project weeks ahead of schedule, I block it and NEVER weave the ends in. Unless it is a pair of socks, (and especially if it is a shawl) I will put it away, never weaving in the ends. This isn't the end of the world for most people. Normal, non-procrastinators, would get the gift out a day before the gifting event and weave the ends in and wrap the gift. haha!!! again! I am the one running to Target a hour before a gift giving event to buy wrapping items, then rush home to weave in ends and wrap the thing up - with care instructions, all while cursing like a sailor and promising to not do this again.
Incidentally, I did it again last weekend. The Fountain Pen Shawl and Fountain Lace Hood were given away to great response, but I managed to wait until an hour before I needed to be at the Gift Giving Event to weave in ends and wrap them. At least this time I bought the gift bags 3 hours prior, and wasn't wrapping in the trunk of my car.
Which brings us to yesterday evening.
I said on the blog that I would knit through the armhole decreases on the front of my Dahlia sweater, then cast on for my KAL sweater. I actually did. (I know! I'm shocked too!) I decided a month-ish ago to knit the Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits. ok. good. it'll be an easy knit, but with lots of finishing, making a KAL a good idea because they will poke me until I weave in the damn ends. End of story, right?
You are so wrong. (You are bad at this.)
Two weeks ago I got a bee in my ass about knitting at least one pattern from all my books before I buy more books. (This isn't going to happen, I guarantee it. But I'm giving it a shot.) So guess what happened? I felt guilty about knitting from a magazine instead of a book. Go ahead. Roll your eyes. I'm rolling mine. So I went to my ravelry queue and perused my sweaters. I don't know how the hell I did it, but 9/10th of them are magazines or free patterns. As you can imagine, if I felt guilty about knitting a pattern from a magazine, I would not be knitting a free pattern. So I went to my ravelry Library and searched through the patterns I had at my finger tips - but in book form. I would have just thumbed through them on the floor in front of the bookshelf, but I was a work.
Two front runners came into focus. I dug through my yarn. I did maths. I thought I had a plan. I was going to knit the cable and lace sweater from French Girl Knits. (the one with no cables). I had my yarn out. i had my needles ready. I finished my Dahlia armhole shaping! I cast on and knit four rounds of the sleeve! It is at this point that I realize that the yarn sucks for this pattern. mumble mumble fuck mumble mumble.
At 11pm last night I got all of my sweater yarn out of the closet, spread it all over the bed, and proceeded to see if I over looked any yarn that would totally rock for this sweater. I did not. I had several choices that were 'ok', but not what I wanted to knit with. DAMN IT! So instead I used the opposite approach. I found yarn I wanted to knit with, and decided to find a stupid pattern to go with the yarn.
My favorite all purpose yarn of goodness came with me to the living room - Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted. I had my neutral yarn, now all I needed was a cardigan pattern. The previous choice wouldn't work because I didn't have enough LP to do it, and it has funky construction that would make it hard to alter for length.
Insert elevator music while I flip through books....
Ah ha!! I found it! The Lettuce Coat form Custom Knits! How did I miss it before? It has a similar feeling to the Tilted Duster, but next to no finishing, and it is from a book! And easy to adjust for being a little short on yarn! So before I had time to think about why I didn't want to make this sweater, I cast on for the damn thing.

I managed to get the back yoke and 2 inches into the front done before I went to bed. No swatching, no thinking. Hell yeah! Impulsive Costumechick decision for the win!


BeccaH said...

I love your thought process. So glad to know I am not alone in the cast-something-else-on-while-deadlines-loom... but apparently I could strive for even *more* procrastination :)

Anonymous said...

A costumechick with less than 12 things to do at once can not exist, like the half moon cookies guys on star trek, if her to-do list has less than a dozen things on it the universe implodes or something! Or maybe you're just a freaky overachiever, I guess we shouldn't test it.