Wednesday, September 20, 2006

for fun and profit

My standard answer to any question that begins, "Why do you do......" is "for fun and profit." Take for instance, my DH asked me why I'm so sexy. I answered "for fun and profit."
"Why do you always say 'for fun and profit'?"
"for fun and profit."

As you can imagine, this stock answer can often times be construed as "dirty". I don't care - as I am often dirty. (wink) However, I have to get better at filtering when I should say my catch phrase - maybe not at work. Like when the $$ guy askes why I need more Petty Cash, and I say "for fun and profit" - well you can imagine the looks and reaction. $$ guys do not have the sense of humor you'd expect.

But, "why do I knit Lace?"

"FOr fun and Profit."

Ok I don't really profit from it, although I suppose I could if I tried, or desired too. But is most definately fun!

I finished Kiri last night, and she is blocking as we

I knit this with 1.25 balls of Misti Alpaca laceweight, in a lovely Celedon colorway (oddly MA calls this "maize". I don't know, it's not yellow at all. It's green.) I used us 5 needles, and the stitch markers from my SP7. I only used markers on the edges and center stitch. (I'm too damn lazy to move makers every ten rows.) All in all, I did 12 body repeats, and the edging chart. The finished size is 66"across the top, and 33" long Center Back. I could probably get a few more width inches if I wanted too, but I like the look of the lace at this blocking tension.

I *will* take a picture after it is unpinned - I promise. I'm so notorious for not taking the arty "look at my handwork" pictures. Sue me.

Also just taking a bath is my Brothers "new" hat. He thoght the one I made him last year was too "girly", as it was light blue and drk blue marl. Umm... more manly than blue? Well, yes. He thinks light blue is "girly". SO a new hat it is. This is the most basic of hats. No pattern really.
I knit it with two strands together, size 4 needles, k2P2, ribbing, blah blah.

Boring I know, but the yarn is divine! It is from Hopyarn Spinnery / farmhouse yarns, midnight blue Autumn Spun. It is silk/wool/cotton blend - probably sport weight. I love HopYard! I use so much of Carol's yarn, andshe is a local - to me- company, so even better! SOft, warm, and frankly, if b#2 doesn't like it, I'll give it to someone else. It is elegant and cozy all at once. My picture really doesn't do it justice. When it dries I will take a picture on my head.

My lone project OTN is my Elfine Socks. I promised pics yesterday, so here they are. I find it hard to take pictures of my feet. Obviously.

That is all for now. Tonight I drink like it's my job. Tomorrow I doubt I will have had any rpogress on my socks. If I do, I will be, most likely, frogging back. I have learned that drunk lace knitting is not good.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

what I have been doing....

It has been 11 days since my last confession, er... I mean post. I have been off the charts busy! I am nearly finished with my Kiri. I am not going to [post any more pictres f the green blob until I am blocking the thing. seriously. it looks likea blob. Kiri has been slow going, as of late. I have been in Tech rehearsals, and frankly, lace in the dark is hard. Instead I made this scarf - for a Christmas present.

The specs:
Pattern of my own "design". It is a slanted rib pattern, that initially was supposed to just slant in one direction. I got bored and decided to slant the other direction - by doing an extra purl row. Esy peasy. Then I decided counting my rows was too much work, and I should just change directions when the mood struck. I did that for a little, then I decided to change directions when the Stage Manager called for break. It is the funkiest randomest way to knit. But it was super fun, and I have several people willing to take it off my hands.

The yarn is from, and is called Novelty butone wool, in colorway fiesta.

I knit it on #8 Susan Bates quicksilvers.
Over all a just interesting enough project to do in the dark with out going bored.

I also knit a dark blue watch cap for my brother. I need to wash it..then you get a picture. Eventually...

Now on the needles, and with a picture tomorrow, is my pair of "Elfine's socks". I am using Cherry Tree Hill Sock yarn in "Tropical storm" colorway. They are looking pretty cool!

Other than work, I also went to NYC this weekend. On Saturday I spent the day with my Mom and my two ...Aunts? My Dad's cousin's wives. easier just to say Aunts. Anywho, we spent the day buying bags in Chinatown. Love Chinatown! I got three bags (from my mom) and free lunch( from Tina), and free dinner (from Marion)! I spent my train fare, and that was it! They wouldn't let my buy anything for myself...not that I'm complaining.

On SUnday I went to the NYC Knit Out! It rocked! I met tons of Knitty Heads including my SP! Hi Weaselrina! Three of us are working on Kiri right now! How cool is that?! I'm so lame. I got so exscited by the knitting and the people, I only took 2 pictures. These are of the Knitty Heads meeting up outside b &n's.

I would tell you all of the names, but I'll get some wrong, and I don't want to do that. SO I won't even try. I am so bad with names.
I also hooked up with my friend Nate after the kintting festivites and we chowed down on Chinese Food and Wine. He just moved to NYC - actually Jamaica in Queens, and was feeling a bit lonely. It was so good to see him! everybody send good vibes to my friend Nate that he will continue to love his new adventure in life!

Tommorow - more pictures of FO'S!

Friday, September 08, 2006

what's on my lap this week?

I have had so much to do at work this week, I am kind on going insane. My one person was out - she was honeymooning, so we have split her usual duties between myself and my assistant. It is all going fine, we just have been really busy. Hopefully all will be good going into dress tomorrow....

I did have time to block my Sock's for my Mom's birthday, and my 2nd Mystery Socks. I got two piar of nifty vintage blockers off of e-bay. Blocked Socks make me happy.

My 2nd Mystery Socks, also known as "the socks I am trading for hand forged needles for Celtic Swan Forge", or as "smocked socks". Three people tried to claim these while I was working on them. I guess they are a hit.

ok- the smocking is really hard to photograph. Trust me, it is cool.

My Mom's socks have been finished for quite a while. I just now blocked them, so here they are all pretty and ready to gift. They are my second pair of "Child's first Socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks. It is hard not to keep these for me - as they are KPPM.

Lastly, what's on my lap this week?
Kiri in Misti Alpaca, that's what! SO pretty. This shawl is also a Christmas gift - for my"third mom" Vangi. It is a really quick and uncomplicated knit. I like that. Good knitting after work project.

I didn't intentionally pick a color that looked like the color of the yarn in the pattern sample. Actually, I printed Kiri out a long time ago, and just recently pulled it out. I bought the yarn because I knew that Vangie would love it, and I picked Kiri beacuse I had the right amount of yarn. Then, I went back and looked at the pattern on line again - and the exact same color. Serendipity, I suppose.

Hopefuly things will calm down next week, and I will have the pieces of my Elvis Wig sewn together. That should be a treat to see.