Friday, November 30, 2007

SotS blocking

Thursday saw the completion of the SotS. I couldn't be happier with my effort, and cannot wait to submit it to the Gala coordinator.

The Secret of the Stole has been a lot of fun to knit, even if I didn't participate in the "clue guessing" aspect of things. I think it is a way fun way to do the mystery element involved in a shawl like this one. I just decided not to me a group player. I don't know why. Maybe since I am not keeping this piece? I am giving it to the Long Wharf Theatre Silent Auction at the annual Gala. I hope it sells!

pattern: Secret of the Stole by Nautical Knitter
Yarn: Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb, in Charcoal
Needles: Knit Picks interchangeables, size 4
Notes: I chose the yarn color for this stole based purely on "saleability" at the Gala. I wanted something that would go with almost any formal gown color. Since the Gala is a formal event, and the people bidding on it would be so dressed, I wanted then to imagine the piece along with the dress they were wearing - or tux. (Don't want to assume anything) I didn't want to do black though, as the Gala is in June, and black feels more wintry, even though I wear it all year round. I think the steel color is fantastic, and the brighter silver beads are stunning in the body of the stole.

As far as the yarn goes - OMG. It's kind of expensive, but it is WONDERFUL. I t has great spring while you work with it, but it blocks like a dream, with hardly any "snap back" after you up pin it. I cannot tell you how nice it was to knit with. I only just broke into the second ball of yarn, so I will definitely make a scarf out of the rest. I cannot keep away from it. heaven.
The pattern is not a hard knit, as far a lace goes, it just takes some thinking as you work on it. Non-repeating patterns are fun, but you can't knit four repeats, memorize and go. You have to knit where you can read a chart, makes marks, set out beads... you get the idea. That said, it is not the kind of hard that requires a silent surrounding. a lot of the pattern was intuitive. You could tell the shape you were making, and could quickly see if you were off. I like that. It was a nice medium knit for me. and at 72", a good size for a stole. I couls have gotten a bit more length from it, but as you can see from my pictures, I ran out of table.

Now I just have to weave in ends! I like to do that after I block. I feel like it looks better, and I don't have to worry that I wove in too tight, and it will pull.

As soon as I'm up and around, I'll get some action shots!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


She is finished my friends! With days to spare! She is knit, sewn, and blocked. I kick ass.

What to say about NaKniSweMo? First off, I love a challenge. I was very excited about this one, too. I am already planning to participate next year. Next years challenge will prove to be even BIGGER! FAIR ISLE WITH STEEKS! (Don't hold me to it...) (at least not the steeking part)
To the good stuff!

Name: Colette, by White Lies Designs, Joan Michael McGowen
Yarn: Elizabeth Lavold CLassic Al in "aged Oak"
Needles: KP interchangables in size 8
Notes: I knit to gauge, but as true to my history, It is a little big. When will I learn to knit a bit smaller. But it isn't too big. It is comfy, and it will fit over layers, which is how I wear my clothing normally anyhow. In hindsight, I should have knit the edging shorter, so it stands up around the neck. That's ok though. I love portrait collars, and I love the way it looks on me. The brown color is a great choice I think. I am trying to expand my color range, wardrobe wise. Over all, I'm happy, and that's what matters!

The SotS is going well... only 20 rows to go! Kick ass!
I've also started the Trevor present. I am doing some free form arm warmers. Literally, I cast on, and am "doing stuff" as I go. It's got random cabling (I know, CABLES!)random stripes, seed stitch, ribbing, Stockinette - you name it. The other one is going to have herringbone, hounds tooth, and maybe a random cable as well. I decided to call them "Trevors". Hopefully, they will come out great, and represent Trevor in a compelling way.

I've got to do some yarn winding soon. As if I don't have enough already wound. But, it's not the stuff I WANT wound. I think the two bags will be next on the list. They should be pretty easy, and hopefully quick. I'm going to wind the sock yarn too, just in case. No matter how much I plan, I always change my mind any way. Oh to live in my brain. Be happy you can read the blog then turn it off.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

You've missed a lot!

Where have you been? I've been very busy, and you haven't even been paying attention. tap.tap.tap.
Oh, I guess I have to actually take a few minutes to update my blog, if you are to know what I am doing. hmm. Quandary, isn't it.
Let's see. I went home to visit with my parents over Thanksgiving. It's always good to go home and remember where you came from, who loves you, what you like most in life, why you like it, and how much you'll miss it when you are gone. My brothers were entertaining as always. My Dad grumbled about all the work my Mom makes him do, and about how she "spends all his money". My Mom wanted to go shopping, a plan I didn't resist at all! We went to a bunch of cute little stores, not to any of those crazy Black Friday sales. Please. My Mom doesn't believe in getting up before 9am. (or going to sleep before 2, but that's another story entirely) Guess where the last place we went was?
A YARN store!
My mom got some yarn to make a multi-directional scarf, and I got some sock yarn, (duh) and a sock pattern booklet.
I've had some Jojoland Melody before, but not the superwash variety. I'm really looking forward to using it, but I fear it won't be for quite a while. I still have a lot of Christmas knitting to do.
Speaking of knitting, I finished my Snowdrift Mittens for my Grandma M! It only took forever.
I was originally making two pair of these. One for each Grandma. I've changed my mind. I'm going to find a different pattern for Grandma R. The pattern was fun, but I'm tired of looking at these!

Pattern: Snowdrift by Patons, free from
Yarn: Green - Tioga Three Ply Fingering Wool, Purple - Jaeger Alpaca Pure
Needles: KP circulars, size 1
Notes: This is very well written, and easy to understand - a feat that is hard to master sometimes in a vintage pattern. we just write our patterns differently now. I had no trouble with this one. The gloves fit nicely, but if you have larger hands, they are going to be very snug. For larger hands, I'd go up to a sport weight yarn, and a size 2 needle. Usually, I'd say just go up a needle size, but these aren't the most tightly knit mittens on size 1's, and I'd be afraid they would be too breezy on 2's. On a design note, I love the old school vintage quality of these gloves. You can tell they are a 50's pattern with out even seeing the original text. I know not everyone has my love of the old, but these are a real classic.

My knitting picked up speed this weekend, as I didn't have to go to NYC every other stinkin' day. Therefore, I also completed the edging for my sweater! I'm steaming it today, and sewing it on tonight! Pictures Tuesday! I don't care if it takes me all damn night, I'm finishing it! I'm also so close to finishing the SotS, it actually hurts. I would like to get it finished off, and blocked before Thursday. I know I can finish it, but I'm not sure about blocking. Cross your fingers.

So what is next on the needles? I have to start planning! When I finish the SotS and the sweater, I'll have gone from 4 WIP to 1! We can't have that! Like I said, I have a bunch of Christmas knitting I want to do, so that will be my main focus the next couple weeks. I want to do two bags - one for Mom, and one for Mom's friend Vangie. (Vangie is another knitter - she gave me yarn last year for Christmas.) I still have my Assistant Trevor to knit for...and I'm still not sure What I am making him. Grandma R needs a gift - most likely mittens. Lastly, Aunt Helen has to be knit for - I'm planning a shawl. If I can get moving on the Mystic Waters Shawl, it might be for Aunt Helen. Oh, and I forgot, my friend Corrine's socks! Her birthday is in December, and she asked if I would knit her a pair of socks. I am going to be a busy lady. What to prep first... opinions?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

you're draggin' me!

Once upon a time, when I was a little girl, my Mom and Dad were walking hand in hand with me. we were enjoying a lovely vacation at the ocean, wandering on the boardwalk, taking in the sites. evidently, they were going to fast, or I was tired, or I was being the Pain in the Ass that I am best known for, and I declared, "You're Draggin' me!" At the top of my lungs. This was followed by tears and upset moments, and of course, it has become and endless source of amusement in my family. When I walk slower than everyone, or say I'm tired, I get "You're draggin' me!" or "Are we draggin' you?".
I actually feel like I'm being drug today. Way too much to do, not enough time to do it, and the list getting ever more lengthy by the minute.
I just want to take a nap, then wake up and knit. What job?

anyway, I am six repeats from the end of my edging. I WILL have this thing seamed and completed before the end of November! I WILL. DAMN IT!

I'm off to the parents house for a few days. Lots of food, people to see, and if I'm lucky, knitting time. I'm taking my SotS, in the vague hope I have time to work on it, and my mittens I am still working on. Progress will be made! We shall have an update, a the latest, on Monday.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

not that prolific

This weekend was not nearly as prolific as the last. I just didn't have any time to knit. Saturday was spent in NYC with my family. we had a great day, but it meant that no knitting got done. Well, that's not fair. I got 12 rounds finished on the mittens I am working on, but not much in the grand scheme of things.
Then today I spent the whole day doing over hire draper work. (Alterations to you non-theatre people). I got home, and have so far knit two repeats on my Colette lace edging. I am over half way on the edging, but still.. only two repeats?! I'll get back to it shortly, but I thought ya'll might like an update.
On a blog post note, I might be rather scarce for a few weeks. I am doing the obligatory holiday traveling, and working for one of the most demanding designers EVER. seriously, she barely leaves you with time for breathing, let alone blog posting. I haven't fallen off the earth, I'm just crazy busy at work.
Speaking of work, I was reminded of the fragility of the human body, and of the reality of the danger of my job today. Being a costumer doesn't sound dangerous, but life on the stage really is. Peers of mine experienced a major tragedy today, and my heart goes out to them. I'm not going into details here, but let's all take this as a reminder to appreciate our time with our families, use safety precautions in all we do - even if it seams stupid, and to be thankful for our health and safety.
that's all for now. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a more exciting post!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Geek by Proxy

I always say that I am a "Geek by Proxy". Dh is a geek. MAJOR geek. I am going to totally out him here. He love comic books, action figures, geek movies, Sci Fi books, Warhammer, you name it. As he has done with all my Geek things related to knitting and yarn, I have done with his Geek things. I have learned names, terms, comparisons, plot lines, and criticisms all relating to DH's love of geekery. All with out reading or enjoying said geekery on my own. Basically, learning by immersion. I can talk circles around other semi-geeks because of DH. Lot's of people at work assume I am a MAJOR Star Wars fan because of my minutia trivia knowledge. In reality, I am a regular fan.
Why do I bring this up? well, I think he has finally gotten to me. I was searching around on ETSY the other day and came across a seller called Diabolicalyarns selling "AlterEgo Sock yarn". "hmm, like a super hero?" I thought. You betcha! I clicked on her hand dyed yarn, only to find it had names like "Blue Beetle" and "Dark Knight". OMG! GEEK YARN!
And it's Geek SOCK YARN TOO!
SO I bought some yarn. How could I not? I got two skeins. Why don't you guess in the comments what character or Comic they refer to. I, of course, know since I am a Geek by Proxy!

This one is called Luthor's Revenge.

This one is Themyscira.

Mad props to whoever gets #2.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just call me "bangin"!

Aww Hell my peeps! I got some shit DONE this weekend!
Alright. That might be a tad dramatic....
And have something to do with the fact I watched "8 mile" on Saturday night.
I'll try to keep the Big D plates to a minimum. But I make no promises, yo.

First up, Clue #6 for SotS. After the eternity last weeks clue seemed to take, finishing up this one quickly was off the hook. Sorry, I mean "awesome". ahem.

It was nice to have some uninterrupted knitting time during daylight. I hadn't realized how many weekends in a row we have had "stuff" to do all day on Saturday and Sunday. Now, I know, I went to SnB last Sunday, but that doesn't count. It was "accidental" found knitting time. I thought my parents were staying later than they did, so I suddenly found 3 hours. Not complaining, just saying.

Clue 6 brought the beads back! I missed the beads. The beads make this stole sick! (I bet Eminem never referred to and stole or shawl as "sick".) and we are up to 50" unblocked!

I also cranked on the Colette sweater. I finished up the fronts on Saturday, the sleeve edgings on Sunday, and the sleeves today.

If I can managed to continue, I'll be in a good place to finish this by the end of November! I'm concerned about the amount of time it takes to seam, but I guess I can just not sleep the last few nights of the month if I have to. pysnah, dog.

No progress on the other WIPs, but they are all still on the radar. After I finish the sleeves on the sweater, I have to block it, which means I have one night of "other project" time. It's not much, but at least I can have a little forward momentum.

I think that's it. I'm outy.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I have a post all ready to go

I really do. It is full of humor, knitting updates, and... that's it. What would knitting updates be with out pictures? Not much, I tell ya'! SO, in lew of that post, which will appear tomorrow, I'll show you the two Hershey's Kiss Flags I got yesterday. I ate two in a row, and the picture shows the way the flags "came to me". Rather like a fortune.

(Sorry about the quality. Cell phone pictures kinda suck.

Friday, November 09, 2007


A lot has happened in the two days since I posted last. I got a flu shot, reached the armholes on my Colette fronts, attended SnB, AND GOT MY RAVELRY SHIRT!!!! Oh yeah! I should have taken a picture of it, but I wore it yesterday, and didn't have a camera at my disposal. You'll have to trust me, it is fabulous. Everyone at work is jealous of my "Where my stitches at?" shirt. (although, they seem to think that it should say "bitches?!" at the end, as that is much more my language pattern. I kinda agree.)
I didn't take another picture of the brown-ness. You just have to trust me. Armholes, here I come! Monday should bring something more to look at, in the way of interesting.
Speaking of interesting, I finished clue 5 on the SotS stole! It's kind of funny that the clue had two lone beads - at least to me. It was a bit of a promise that more beads are coming, and to just be patient. It is also the promise of another chart that I have to actually pay attention to. Sweet!

I managed to squeak this one in under the gun. I wrapped up clue 5 at 11:30 last night. I really thought I might not make it this week. Clue 6, with any luck, will be complete by Monday night. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

not done yet

Nope. Not even a row of progress on the SotS. Dh and I went to the movies instead. We went to see "Bee Movie". It was worth falling behind on all of my crazy knitting, self imposed, deadlines. Very funny. I am not really a Seinfeld fan, and I was worried it would be very... well, "seinfeld-y". It really wasn't. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

So, I guess instead of the promised lace update, I'll show you the beginnings of the fronts of my Colette Sweater!

So far so good. I'm well into the waist shaping, and cannot wait for the Center front shaping to start. (Partly because it means I am almost finished with the fronts, but also because the pattern author does the shaping so elegantly.) Hopefully, I will have SotS pics tomorrow! I have to work late tonight, so I might not get it finished! Ack! I don't want to fall behind!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

brown is not exciting.

It really isn't. Especailly in "miles of Stockingette" form. I finished the back of the Colette sweater yesterday. (Whoo!) Awesome. I cast on for the fronts today. I was going to take a picture, but frankly, I have a rectangle-ish shape and two strips of brown knit fabric. Not the most awe inspiring picture. Tomorrow, SotS pictures. Much more interesting.
I am please at how qickly I am moving through the NaKniSweMo project. I wasn't expecting to have the back finished until tomorrow - so I am cautiously proclaiming myself ahead of schedule. Very caustiously.
I have fallen behind the Mystic Waters Shawl. I knew it was going to happen, I just wish I didn't have to let it. Boo. Oh well, I am keeping up with printing the charts, and it will be a good reward project for when NaKniSweMo is concluded.
That's it for now. Just wanted everyone to know that I was, in fact, still alive.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Off and Running

NaKniSweMo is off! In case you haven't been reading my babble recently, NaKniSweMo (check out the button on the side bar) is "National Knit a Sweater in a Month". The goal is to knit a 50,000 stitch sweater entirely in November. Crazy, right? Maybe not. November is also NaWriNoMo - National Write a Novel in a Month. Now that's crazy. (I can say that. DH is giving it a go this year!)
Normally finishing a sweater in a month wouldn't be that hard, but his November I've got quite a lot on my plate. It will be interesting to see if I can actually do it. It's kind of like Survivor. "which project will outlast the others? Which one will make the cut? Which will not be set aside?" Tune in to find out...

I made good progress on day 1. I am a little over 8" into the back. So far so good. Today I will have little to no progress. (boo) I have to head into NYC for work, and then I am meeting a friend for dinner. Train knitting is normally a good way to get a big ol' chunk if knitting done, but I don't really want to cart it with me today. I'm taking the mittens instead. They need to get done too, and a good couple of uninterrupted hours will progress them quite far.
And, my parents are visiting this weekend. I don't imagine I will get much knitting done while they are here. Unless they decide they just want to sit and watch movies. Unlikely, but it could happen in some alternate universe I suppose. We are going to see the new show at LWT on Saturday night. Maybe we will go outlet shopping on Saturday morning. Mom would love it, and what makes Mom happy, makes Dad happy. He has found life to be less grouchy that way. hee.