Sunday, November 25, 2007

You've missed a lot!

Where have you been? I've been very busy, and you haven't even been paying attention. tap.tap.tap.
Oh, I guess I have to actually take a few minutes to update my blog, if you are to know what I am doing. hmm. Quandary, isn't it.
Let's see. I went home to visit with my parents over Thanksgiving. It's always good to go home and remember where you came from, who loves you, what you like most in life, why you like it, and how much you'll miss it when you are gone. My brothers were entertaining as always. My Dad grumbled about all the work my Mom makes him do, and about how she "spends all his money". My Mom wanted to go shopping, a plan I didn't resist at all! We went to a bunch of cute little stores, not to any of those crazy Black Friday sales. Please. My Mom doesn't believe in getting up before 9am. (or going to sleep before 2, but that's another story entirely) Guess where the last place we went was?
A YARN store!
My mom got some yarn to make a multi-directional scarf, and I got some sock yarn, (duh) and a sock pattern booklet.
I've had some Jojoland Melody before, but not the superwash variety. I'm really looking forward to using it, but I fear it won't be for quite a while. I still have a lot of Christmas knitting to do.
Speaking of knitting, I finished my Snowdrift Mittens for my Grandma M! It only took forever.
I was originally making two pair of these. One for each Grandma. I've changed my mind. I'm going to find a different pattern for Grandma R. The pattern was fun, but I'm tired of looking at these!

Pattern: Snowdrift by Patons, free from
Yarn: Green - Tioga Three Ply Fingering Wool, Purple - Jaeger Alpaca Pure
Needles: KP circulars, size 1
Notes: This is very well written, and easy to understand - a feat that is hard to master sometimes in a vintage pattern. we just write our patterns differently now. I had no trouble with this one. The gloves fit nicely, but if you have larger hands, they are going to be very snug. For larger hands, I'd go up to a sport weight yarn, and a size 2 needle. Usually, I'd say just go up a needle size, but these aren't the most tightly knit mittens on size 1's, and I'd be afraid they would be too breezy on 2's. On a design note, I love the old school vintage quality of these gloves. You can tell they are a 50's pattern with out even seeing the original text. I know not everyone has my love of the old, but these are a real classic.

My knitting picked up speed this weekend, as I didn't have to go to NYC every other stinkin' day. Therefore, I also completed the edging for my sweater! I'm steaming it today, and sewing it on tonight! Pictures Tuesday! I don't care if it takes me all damn night, I'm finishing it! I'm also so close to finishing the SotS, it actually hurts. I would like to get it finished off, and blocked before Thursday. I know I can finish it, but I'm not sure about blocking. Cross your fingers.

So what is next on the needles? I have to start planning! When I finish the SotS and the sweater, I'll have gone from 4 WIP to 1! We can't have that! Like I said, I have a bunch of Christmas knitting I want to do, so that will be my main focus the next couple weeks. I want to do two bags - one for Mom, and one for Mom's friend Vangie. (Vangie is another knitter - she gave me yarn last year for Christmas.) I still have my Assistant Trevor to knit for...and I'm still not sure What I am making him. Grandma R needs a gift - most likely mittens. Lastly, Aunt Helen has to be knit for - I'm planning a shawl. If I can get moving on the Mystic Waters Shawl, it might be for Aunt Helen. Oh, and I forgot, my friend Corrine's socks! Her birthday is in December, and she asked if I would knit her a pair of socks. I am going to be a busy lady. What to prep first... opinions?


jennsquared said...

Wow, you've been BUSY!

I saw a new pattern of mittens on Kate Gilbert's blog Needles on Fire. It's not a free pattern but I love the way it looks though. Maybe it would be good for your Grandma R.

I wish I have the time to knit all the things I want to knit...

KnelleyBelley said...

You've got lots to do! First, I love the mittens. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see Collette and SotS. As far as what to do next . . . yikes. I don't know. Maybe crank on Mystic Waters because that's potentially the most time consuming.

Wait. What am I thinking? This is Costumechick we're talking about. Nothing is time consuming for you. You'll whip through all of it.

JennM said...

The mittens look cool. I wish I had the patience to do fair isle. I could barely remember when to change color's on Paige's mittens and tam! As far as what to do next....I'm with Knelley. This is you we're talking about here. You knit like the wind as anphoe would say!

This comment is brought to you by the letters: j,g,q,l,p,m and q.