Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My little "A" cup sock yarn Stash & a very long overdue "Thank You"


This is my sock yarn stash. All 13 pairs worth. I feel so inadiquate.
Starting from the back, L-R we have: 4 balls of Gedifra Fashion Trend Sportiva, 1 Lion Brand Magic Stripes, 1 mystery ball - I think Regia (It was froma swap); next 2 rows: 4 balls of Knit Picks Dancing (above and below) , 4 balls of Knitpicks Simple Stripes (top), 2 balls of Knit Picks Essential, 2 balls of Regia Jaquard, and A skein of Cherry Tree on the end. Down front: Cherry Tree from my Secret Pal(!), 2 balls of Silga, and another final skein of Cherry Tree.

It's sad, but that's it.

Next we have the leftovers. I have small feet., and don't particularly like long socks, so a lot of these balls have almost enough for another pair of "peds". I need to get some cooridinating yarn to do heels and toes - then we'd be in business!

Wow this picture sucks. Oh well. That's what you get for taking pictures after dark.
The back row is all sockotta - all but the last ball on the right is from my end of the season gifts for my staff. The next row is two Lana Grossa's, 1 regia, the ends of 2 KP Essential, and the ends of two Handpainted skeins from Shetland Farms - from the CT Sheep and Wool Festival.
I use the leftovers of my sock yarn a lot. Lifelines in non lace projects, waste yarn for shoulders, etc.

And finally... my long overdue public shout out ot my Secret Pal!! Take a look at my awsome goodies!

SP7 you Rock!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Some belated FO's

My Olympic "Lacey" sweater. I did finish this within the Olymipic games timeframe. Actually, with time to spare! The pattern is "lacey" from, and I knit it with Paton Lacette, Maroon Mist Colorway. I liked this pattern a lot, and hav worn it a lot since I finished it. This was my first "real" lace project - ie, bigger than a scarf. Everytime I wear this people ask me where i got it. ALthough, it does look better with a real outfit, and when I am not fresh out of the shower.

Next up.... the socks I posted about last week. These are for ME, and are out of Regia Strato Color. My own easy toe up pattern- short row heels and toes. I used 54 stiches around the foot. The ribbing starts with only one "PKP" in the center of the top of the foot for 20rounds. Then, I added another set of ribbing, on either side of the first, spaced apart by "KKK" . so the center 15 stitches are "pkpkkkpkpkkkpkp". I did that for 10 rounds. Then I added another repeat to the sides so I got "pkpkkkpkpkkkpkpkkkpkpkkkpkp" across the whole front. I did this for 5 rounds, did my heel, then repeated this pattern around the leg until I got bored. I did my cuff in 1x1 ribbing. I think, in a solid color, this would have a very art deco feel.

Lastly, my Fable socks. These are made from Berrocco Fable yarn, "Billy Goat Gruff" colorway, and are the first socks I made for myself. They are too thick to fit in shoes, but they make great slippers! The pattern was free online, but I cannot remember where from - I think it was called twisted rib socks? If anyone recognizes these socks, please let me know so I can give credit!

Tomorrow I flash my Sock yarn stash! (as small as it might be...)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Post Deux

For some reason Blgger wouldn't let me pout these pics in my last post, so I'm putting them in now. Hmmph. So there.
The table runner from previous posts, in situa. I thinlk it looks lovely on my Dining room table. The placemats are not out, mostly becuase I still have a few ends to weave in, but also because we store the leaves down. This table was made my Paternal Great Grand Father, and has passed though many relatives in my family. I think my table runner looks nice on it.

On to the swatches! These are for my Mystery Stole KAL! More lap pictures! The darker one is more true to color, but the other one shows the pattern a little better.

Please note the screw up. It's just a swatch! I didn't fix it. I know what I screwed up, so why bother to worry about the swatch! I am ignoring the perfectionist in me! ahh. sweet imperfection....

Picture Catch up!

The first pics of my Icarus!
As I said, this is for my Mom, and I am knitting it in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud, Iris colorway. It looks a litttle odd, all unblocked and sitting on my lap in Starbucks. This picture was taken 6 rows into the third repeat of the "19-42" section. This is a really quick knit!
DH was off doing Geneology stuff, and wanted to know if I could find something to do for 4 hrs. He's funny.

I also worked on my Socks for my Mom. They are another pair of Child's First Socks, being knitted in the WONDERFUL Koigu KPM in a nearly solid purple. (Can you tell she likes purple?) I am knitting these on size 0's to make my guage a little small, as my Mom is a Tiny gal.

I am so much further now! This is the ribbing. OOOO. Thrilling. Also, you can see a pic of my handy-dandy home made chart and crib sheet. I hate toting books, and while the patterns are AWSOME in Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks", they don't have charts. So I made my own from the ONE sheet of graph paper in my entire house! How that happened is anyone's guess.

On to the primised pic of the Finished Birthday Socks. I told you they are not exciting Boy Socks. You didn't believe me.

BTW, at this point the others in Starbucks are starting to look at me weird. "Why is that woman taking pictures of her lap?" How many projects does she have in the bag?"

Friday, June 23, 2006

I forgot #8!

The last new thing! The Vintage KAL! Wongderful Ms.Purll has put together. CLicking on the button will get you there. The following is a pictre of what I will be making, should I ever get caught up with the lace nonsense!

Also, I have the most Wonderfullest SP in the whole world from Knitty SP7! She gave me awsome gifties - which again are hampered by the battery problem. I got Cherry Tree Hill sock Yarn, a tape measure, needles - addis! - just to start! And did I mention a COFFEE POT THAT I"V BEEN LUSTING AFTER!!! Must fix camera! Must fix Camera!

okay! I've been away!

Yes. i've ben lazy in posting. I admit it. Since my last post I've been knitting up a storm. Of course my camera is w/o batteries. Someone STOLE my rechargeables. Grr. Anywho. That means no pictures. But I have completed the following:

1. Socks for me! They are regia strato color - black, navy, blue, grey, olive, and green striped. ahh. bruise colors. Of course they are ML Addi size1 needles. My own ribbing creation though. I shall eventaully post a pick, as they are cool.

2. lace scarf. I gave this away before I got a picture - but the recipient was super happy. It was a tiger eye lace scarf made with #5 inox needles in I forget the yarn. (stop throwing things! You can't see it anyway!) It was a varitaged yarn that smootly transitioned between colors - rainbow colors! Mohair and poly. Twas $$, but beautiful. The lable was black and silver - so maybe Filitura?

3. Socks for my friend Nate. His b-day was yesterday. SO I made him bright red socks from Sockotta yarn. Plain Stockinette on the foot, with 4x4 rib on the leg with 2x2 cuff. Total leg= 6" when worn. He's not a long socks kinda guy. I might be able to snag a pic before I give them to him tomorrow. Boy socks take sooooo long. stupid giant feet.

4. the aborted bag. made it, hated it. frogged it. that is all you need to know.

5. the aborted socks. I WAS making my mom some socks like the lacy ones I made for myself - only in purple Sisu sock yarn. I HATE the yarn. I mean HATE. It is all stiff and squeeky. And it is wool! Yuck. So I pulled the needles out and bought some Kppm to try again. gawgeous! The new yarn is now in my handy home made sock travel bag waiting to be cast on.

6. Also cast on for my Icarus shawl from the Summer Interweave knits. Tis also for my mom. SHe saw the yarn and pattern and the claimed the finished product for herself before I started. I told her that it was a good thing that it was for her! I am on the 2nd repeat of the row 19-42 5rep section - for those of you who know the pattern. I hope to finish this in time for...

7. the Mystery Stole KAL! I have entered - like a crazy lady! I am using Valley Yarns (WEBS) 14/2 alpaca silk laceweight in Eggplant. DId my swatch - #3 susan bates needles. This is why I must finish Icarus. My needles are in that shawl. I am getting another set this weekend so I can work both sides at the same time - or heaven forbid - work on both projects at the same time.