Friday, June 23, 2006

okay! I've been away!

Yes. i've ben lazy in posting. I admit it. Since my last post I've been knitting up a storm. Of course my camera is w/o batteries. Someone STOLE my rechargeables. Grr. Anywho. That means no pictures. But I have completed the following:

1. Socks for me! They are regia strato color - black, navy, blue, grey, olive, and green striped. ahh. bruise colors. Of course they are ML Addi size1 needles. My own ribbing creation though. I shall eventaully post a pick, as they are cool.

2. lace scarf. I gave this away before I got a picture - but the recipient was super happy. It was a tiger eye lace scarf made with #5 inox needles in I forget the yarn. (stop throwing things! You can't see it anyway!) It was a varitaged yarn that smootly transitioned between colors - rainbow colors! Mohair and poly. Twas $$, but beautiful. The lable was black and silver - so maybe Filitura?

3. Socks for my friend Nate. His b-day was yesterday. SO I made him bright red socks from Sockotta yarn. Plain Stockinette on the foot, with 4x4 rib on the leg with 2x2 cuff. Total leg= 6" when worn. He's not a long socks kinda guy. I might be able to snag a pic before I give them to him tomorrow. Boy socks take sooooo long. stupid giant feet.

4. the aborted bag. made it, hated it. frogged it. that is all you need to know.

5. the aborted socks. I WAS making my mom some socks like the lacy ones I made for myself - only in purple Sisu sock yarn. I HATE the yarn. I mean HATE. It is all stiff and squeeky. And it is wool! Yuck. So I pulled the needles out and bought some Kppm to try again. gawgeous! The new yarn is now in my handy home made sock travel bag waiting to be cast on.

6. Also cast on for my Icarus shawl from the Summer Interweave knits. Tis also for my mom. SHe saw the yarn and pattern and the claimed the finished product for herself before I started. I told her that it was a good thing that it was for her! I am on the 2nd repeat of the row 19-42 5rep section - for those of you who know the pattern. I hope to finish this in time for...

7. the Mystery Stole KAL! I have entered - like a crazy lady! I am using Valley Yarns (WEBS) 14/2 alpaca silk laceweight in Eggplant. DId my swatch - #3 susan bates needles. This is why I must finish Icarus. My needles are in that shawl. I am getting another set this weekend so I can work both sides at the same time - or heaven forbid - work on both projects at the same time.


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