Monday, June 26, 2006

Post Deux

For some reason Blgger wouldn't let me pout these pics in my last post, so I'm putting them in now. Hmmph. So there.
The table runner from previous posts, in situa. I thinlk it looks lovely on my Dining room table. The placemats are not out, mostly becuase I still have a few ends to weave in, but also because we store the leaves down. This table was made my Paternal Great Grand Father, and has passed though many relatives in my family. I think my table runner looks nice on it.

On to the swatches! These are for my Mystery Stole KAL! More lap pictures! The darker one is more true to color, but the other one shows the pattern a little better.

Please note the screw up. It's just a swatch! I didn't fix it. I know what I screwed up, so why bother to worry about the swatch! I am ignoring the perfectionist in me! ahh. sweet imperfection....


Batty said...

Ummm, why, exactly, haven't you been showing off? Everything I'm seeing on your blog is show-off-worthy. Great job. I particularly like the Branching Out, it's very pretty.

costumechick said...

sheer lazy-ness.