Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Some belated FO's

My Olympic "Lacey" sweater. I did finish this within the Olymipic games timeframe. Actually, with time to spare! The pattern is "lacey" from Knitty.com, and I knit it with Paton Lacette, Maroon Mist Colorway. I liked this pattern a lot, and hav worn it a lot since I finished it. This was my first "real" lace project - ie, bigger than a scarf. Everytime I wear this people ask me where i got it. ALthough, it does look better with a real outfit, and when I am not fresh out of the shower.

Next up.... the socks I posted about last week. These are for ME, and are out of Regia Strato Color. My own easy toe up pattern- short row heels and toes. I used 54 stiches around the foot. The ribbing starts with only one "PKP" in the center of the top of the foot for 20rounds. Then, I added another set of ribbing, on either side of the first, spaced apart by "KKK" . so the center 15 stitches are "pkpkkkpkpkkkpkp". I did that for 10 rounds. Then I added another repeat to the sides so I got "pkpkkkpkpkkkpkpkkkpkpkkkpkp" across the whole front. I did this for 5 rounds, did my heel, then repeated this pattern around the leg until I got bored. I did my cuff in 1x1 ribbing. I think, in a solid color, this would have a very art deco feel.

Lastly, my Fable socks. These are made from Berrocco Fable yarn, "Billy Goat Gruff" colorway, and are the first socks I made for myself. They are too thick to fit in shoes, but they make great slippers! The pattern was free online, but I cannot remember where from - I think it was called twisted rib socks? If anyone recognizes these socks, please let me know so I can give credit!

Tomorrow I flash my Sock yarn stash! (as small as it might be...)

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