Friday, June 29, 2007

OMG! It's up!

It's hard not to get caught up in the frenzy of excitement. I get about 10 digests a day from the Mystery Stole 3 group, and the excitement is absolutely building. There are now 3,500 (!) people signed p for the group, and we still have a week until the group closes! All 3,500 people were getting antsy for the first clue, and the speculation was wild regarding the look and theme of the stole.

This morning the first clue was posted. After the initial OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!, another posting blitz happened with comments, questions, ideas... I'm in awe. Still, I felt myself getting sucked into the Malay. I can't even start until Sunday, why am i getting all worked up? Crowd mentality I suppose.

I have to tell yo, the first clue looks really awesome. I think we are doing a triangular start and finish to our stole! Cool!

I must go, parents await!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm moved!

Sweet! we go today to turn in our old keys, and are officially done with the three story walk up nonsense! Big thanks to our friends that helped us out on the blistering hot move day. We were excited to move in June, since our normal MO is JULY. "Oh it'll be cooler". right. We ended up in the 90's. Of course the 90 degree days were proceeded by a lovely run of 70's days, and are to be followed by another run of 70's days. ehh. What are you going to do? It's done now!!!

I am completely immersed in the unpacking portion of my adventure, and as my parents are coming to "help" this weekend, I need to do it quickly. No offense to my parents. They are lovely people, and I am always happy to see them, I just like to unpack my own stuff. I like to know where it all is. Picky, I know.

I am close to finishing the bedroom, and while DH is at work tonight, I think it will be my goal. hmm. This will be my first time at home alone in the new place! Sweet! The Living room needs some playing so the stuff fits in right. The current set up is a bit odd. Tweaking is in order. Unfortunately, we need to unpack the electronics to make this happen - they are currently in the middle of the floor, making all attempts at furniture arranging difficult, at best. The dining room is pretty set, but we are storing all the "crap with no home yet" in it. the Kitchen could be done in relatively short order as well, I just have to dig it out from under all of the bags of miscellaneous "small bits you don't want to lose". The bathroom is done. We even replaced the shower head, so as to go from "can peel the skin from your back" to "gentle rain". The office is no were near completion, and won't be for at least another week - if then. We moved 36 boxes of books. All of the boxes were at least milk crate size. That's a lot of books to reorganize and put away. Our friends were astounded by how many books we have. I mean SHOCKED. There were a lot of "I thought I had a lot of books" comments. Well, we evidently do not have enough, because we bought a couple more last night. (grin)

In all the moving madness, I've had some time to knit! really! The Sockapalooza socks are coming to an end! I'm so excited! They are very cool, and I want them for me!! Thankfully, my pal has longer feet than me, so I'm not tempted to keep them. They would be too big. whew. Sock crisis diverted.

I also received my first mail at the new place! and what mail it is!!!!!!
I slid it from the envelope...

unwrapped it....

It's my VESPER YARN!!!!! In the colorway Knit and Tonic! Oh my god! It is sooo pretty. resist! Resist! Don't cast on! I tucked it away - after much fondling - so I wouldn't be tempted my is seductive nature.

The MS3 clue comes out Friday, and I still have not swatched. There is a cast on Party in Windsor on Friday night. I wonder if I could talk my Mom and Dad into going. Maybe mom. Definitely not Dad. I still have to bring up SnB. My Mom might come along if I ask her. I don't want to miss it. It'll make me sad.
Lastly, take some time to fill out this poll from CNN. I wonder if we can make knitting #1?
Whew. That's a lot of writing!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cooked Tomato

Do you know how long it's been since I posted a FO?

Me neither. I realize I could look it up, but who cares anyway. I think it has been about a month. That's a long time for me.
After the sleeve disaster of last Thursday, I didn't have much time to work on this poor neglected object. Monday night, after doing a bit more packing, I found myself with some time to knit. (I should have done more packing, but tough cookies)

I got all but the ribbing done on sleeve #2. So I took this bad girl to work yesterday and knit during an ultra boring meeting. Go me! I finished her up, and set her out to block.

Behold the cotton-y-ness!

I still need to finish the end weaving (blech), but for all intents and purposes, it's FINISHED!

Pattern: Tomato from Amy Singer's "No sheep For You"
Yarn: Plymouth Fantasy Naturale

Needles: Knit Picks Interchangeable circulars

Notes: If you make this sweater, go for negative ease. I was a titch concerned about the cotton being too stiff and not stretching if I made the sweater with negative ease in mind. I was wrong. It is a bit too big - ok a lot. It's ok though. I chose to knit longer sleeves, and consider it a baggy "layering" sweater. Big and comfy. I would love to make this sweater again in a wool blend yarn - but this time using the negative ease principle. I also learned it impossible to take agood picture of yourself.

In other knitting news:

*I'm making good progress on the SP socks. I have reached another milestone.......

*I think I have finally moved all but my WIP basket to the new apartment.

*I keep buying stuff - I guess my Psyche feels the current apartment is too naked without all the fibery goodness, and wants to refill it. It is a hard row to hoe. I did cave in and bought some much coveted Vesper Sock Yarn! It's like trying to buy a breeze. The site gets refreshed ,and is sold out 20 minutes later. I have no idea how I got a skein, but I did! Now I just have to wait for it to arrive....

*I still haven't swatched for the the MysteryStole3. But, I bought beads and a small crochet hook for the project. I'm still undecided about using them ,but I figure if I have them, I am ready, should I decided I want to use them when clue #1 comes out.

Pretty eh? oh, and there really is a hook on the end of that needle. Hard to believe isn't it. I had a 7 that I thought was small. Not even close to this size 12.

Need a size reference? This is the #12 next to the head of a regular pin.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Squashed Tomato

I had a minor knitting disaster last night. Thanks to Pheobe, it wasn't a MAJOR yarn disaster! (whew)

I brought my Tomato along to SnB last night. I was in the "I'm finishing it!" frame of mind. I was kntting like a mad woman. People were getting drafts from the wind I was creating with my needle speed. ok. I MIGHT be exaggerating, but I was cranking along. Any how, I was nearing the halway finished with the sleeve point when Peopbe asked how the sweater was constructed. We discussed top down raglan construction, and I unwadded the sweater from my lap to show her what I was not explaining very well with my words.

"hmm" I said. "This sleeve looks like it is a different color."

"yes," she aggreed, "It really looks different."

"What the Hell?" I said. "Is this dyelot different?"

*costume chick roots out ballband - Thank goodness she is a packrat*

"OMG! It's not even the same colorway, let alone dyelot!"

fume fume fume. rip rip rip.

3 hours of knitting wasted on wrong color yarn. I wish I would have taken a picture of the half finished sleeve before I ripped it out. I knew I had to rip right then or i *might* be able to convince myself that the yarn was close enough. I really isn't. better off ripped out.

It is really weird how yarn works. In the ball or skein, I can't even tell it's a differnt color. But MAN could you tell knitted. I took this picture this morning:

In the ball i can't tell, and I KNOW it is the wrong color.

Thankfully, I have two more skeins of te correct color, so I can easily knit the other sleeve. My poor one armed sweater.

I am also waiting for my swatch to dry.

You guessed it! It is the swatch for the "bathrobe I won't shut up about". It appears my guage is off. poo. I need to go up a needle size to get better fabric, but I need a smaller guage for the pattern. I really like this yarn, so I am going to be doing some sub math. (duh duh DUH!) At this point, I am guessing that i will need to knit two sizes smaller than the one for my bust measurement. we'll see when it dries.

That's it for now! I'm going to be doing a lot of moving stuff this weekend. (joy) I hope to squeeze some knitting time in between car loads!

ps. check out the MS3 button! -->

you still have time to join!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My wish to knit list

ok, so I have thoroughly perused the new Knitty. I have found several things I NEED to make. Now, this is of course in addition to the bathrobe I keep going on an on about, and the 75 million other things I am in love with. keep that in mind.
Dude! Knit Pettipants! I have been thinking about a pair of pants like this for at least a year! I never made a pattern for them as I hadn't *really* thought it out. now I am required to make them! They are great! I will also be making a top to wear with them, so they can be PJs. 5 years ago I would have worn them all the time, but I have recently developed some modesty in my dress. Odd, I know. I can't wait to wear my "bathrobe I won't shut up about", with my knit pettipants and matching knit top. eee!
Of the 4 (!) sock patterns, these are my favorite ones. I can never have enough sock patterns. You know, I figure that if I am ever caught with out heat, or my wall falls in, I have enough printed out sock patterns to heat the house for 3 weeks. Or build a new wall. one way or the other.
I should not like this as much as I do. seriously. I don't think I could actually wear this. But I am compelled to knit it...... at least I don't have yarn for it. I'll maybe come to my senses before I knit it if I have to buy the yarn.
this is the pattern the board is going crazy over. well, it and the pettipants. I am not feeling this one. It might be the collar I don't like. I just don't know. It feels too.... teachery? I'm going to reserve judgement until I see a few knitted up in the blogosphere. I might be inspires when I see someone Else's. Obviously others are seeing something I'm not.

Did I tell you I found more yarn last night? umm yeah. Moving is very, let's say -surprising-when it comes to really seeing all the stuff you have. really.

Ok. I refuse to think about the amount of crap I have, and how close my move date is anymore. back to knitting.

that makes my list:
1. sockapooza socks - WIP
2. tomato sweater - WIP
3. DH sweater of Doom - UFO yeah. I'll get back to it
4. MS3! (sign up's still open on Yahoo groups!) Start date June 29
5. Bathrobe I won't shut up about
6. knit petti pants!
7. shirt for with knit pettipants
8. elbow length gloves in cashmere for me
9. rayon table cloth - OMG! This yarn might work for Coachella! bad bad bad
10. log cabin bathroom rug
let's stop at 10. I don't keep a written list anywhere. I just put down the first 10 patterns that pop in my head. Obviously, they are the 10 I most want to make. or at least the 10 my wanderlust brain is centered on today.

Editing my post to add:

It CAME!! My yarn for the "Bathrobe I won't stop talking about"!!

Be prepared to "oo and ahh"

Check it out!!!

oo and ahh damn it! Ok. I understand that not everyone is excited as me, but you should be! It is super nice, soft yarn, and has a great shine to it. I cannot wait to work on it. Maybe it should be my "good job getting your tomato sweater and moving done" reward.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am patiently waiting for Live Nation to load. I am trying to get tickets to OzzFest, and it is going SOOOOOOO slow. dang it! Just let me on already! This is the first day of ticket sales, and I think the site is overwhelmed. Crap!

I am also "patiently" awaiting the arrival of my rayon yarn for my Cheap-Ass version of the awesome bathrobe from "No Sheep for You". Not that I can even start on it until July, but I want to pet it! I want to lust after it! I just want to see if it will actually sub! I can swatch it - as I smartly did not move ALL of my needles yet. (smarty smart pants.)
Thie link to the (cross your fingers) sub yarn:

Again, in the patiently waiting category, is my "Tomato" sweater - also from "No Sheep For You". "Where is my second sleeve?", it keeps asking.

"Leave me alone. I'm moving", I keep saying.

"But don't you love me anymore" it whines.

sigh "Yes I love you. I just can't deal with you right now."

"O.k. I'll go back to the bottom of the basket."

Knitting guilt. I tell ya what.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Wooly Carp!

It has been forever and a day since I posted. Well it at least FEELS like it. SO much has happened in so few days.
Since last I left you, we had the Gala at work. I designed a rehearsal hall to the theme of "Illumination". I think it was very successful. Dh took pictures for me, as I had to be away doing other things. I wanted the pictures before the guests came in and filled the space, so he had to take them before it got completely dark out. In reality, the whole room glowed a candle flame orange. I had many compliments coming my way, and I am happy for it. I'm glad everyone had a good time, and enjoyed the surroundings.

I also debuted the FPS at the Gala! And DH took pictures to prove it!
The front view:

A back view: (oddly my tushy looks enormous in this picture. I choose to believe it is the angle, not the tushy)

I also got tons of praise about my FPS, along with a request to submit a lace piece for the silent auction next year! hmm. I maybe should have had him take the pictures in a decorated area, instead of in the ugly catch all of the costume shop.

Speaking of new lace projects, I signed up for the Mystery Stole 3! I had a ball last year with MS2, and can't wait to knit another one. I printed out the welcome info, and am patiently awaiting the arrival of the first clue! I even have yarn in the stash that will work for this piece!

For those of you who don't know what the MS3 is, check out the hosts' blog: . Come on! You know you want to join me!!!
Let's see, what else... I finished one sleeve on my Tomato sweater. Thank freaking god! I fell as though I have abandoned the sweater. In reality, with the hurt wrist and the busy-ness, I just haven't been able to work on it. Maybe I'll get the other sleeve done soon! Well, at least before the fall.
I am also working away on my Sockapalooza socks! I have just started the leg on the first one!! I refuse to post a picture, BUT, I will give you a peek!

Look away Secret pal, lest you see the sock!

Either the color is slowly burning out my rods and cones, or I am getting used to the bright pink. Either way, it is certainly the brightest project I have ever worked on. Well, except my Gala room. - it was also this color, along with neon orange and yellow. eh hem. I'm amazed that my world is not in black and white now.
Oh, and as you know, Saturday was WWKIP day. Which to you non-knitters is "World Wide Knit in Public Day". I did KIP, but not with a group, sadly. I knit on the 6 train between Westchester Ave and Grand Central. And at the Staten Island Ferry Station. Not too much KIP, at least for me, but enough to feel I participated.
I intended on taking the day off from moving yesterday and just sit and knit. Preferably on the beach. It was all cloudy and threatening to rain yesterday, so DH and I took a drive instead. We went to the giant Borders and bought books. We are moving! We DO NOT need more books! Yet, we bought more books. sigh.
I added Mason Dixon Knitting to my collection. I am inspired by the rugs and lack of planning the authors advocate. I like his approach to crafting in general. See where it takes you! I don't know if I'll knit any patterns directly from the book, but I'll certainly use the projects as "jumping off points". In grad school we talked about "Jumping off points" a lot. Like using a photo as color inspiration, or a shape as a major theme in a design. Spring boarding your ideas is another term for it. I like to do this when I knit. I guess tat is why nothing ever turns out *just* like the pattern. I always adapt and modify. too bad too sad. I like me this way!
Another giant post from Costumechickland. I distinctly hope to be more postalicious in the next few weeks, even through the move. (Wish me luck.)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My new condo

I like saying that. It makes it sound like we bought it. It is technically a condo, but we didn't buy it. we are renting from the owner. oh well. It still sounds good.
I snapped a few pictures last night. we have been moving a few things in, and cleaning up the past few days. The owner is elderly, so the cabinets need a good scrub, as well as the appliances and doors. I think she just couldn't get down to really clean anymore. It's ok. I always clean before I move in anyway. I don't care if they *just* cleaned that morning. *I* didn't clean it.
Like any apartment, there are some repairs to be made, but nothing we can't handle. Also, we need to have a medicine cabinet, and some shelving in the closets, so we did a bit of measuring. I like all the possibilities that surround a new apartment. Where do you put the couch? Can the bed go over there? How many bookshelves will fit on that wall?
Part of the reason for the l o n g moving process is that we have time to make it happen. i hate the feeling of snap moving. You are here, then SNAP! You're there. I like to ease the transition. we are moving a car load a night. a nice reasonable amount of work. It's also nice that we can make a pile of packed boxes that are next in line to go, so after we remove those boxes the next night, we have floor space to pile the next set. the goal is to unpack everything we can before we move the heavy stuff. Like the kitchen cabinets, hanging clothing and bathroom - save stuff we need to keep around for the final two days in the old apartment.
Once we get past this weekend, the "moving in earnest" process starts. Count down to M-day. We are making the move official on June 25. For those paying attention, that is two weeks from Monday!
so, here are the pictures!
The master bedroom. Not very exciting, but...
A walk in closet is!!
The second bedroom - our office.
The living room, looking into the kitchen and dining room
off the balcony
The dining room and kitchen, from the balcony
and the bestest part! A washer and dryer!!
SO there are pictures of the walk-in closet in the living room, or the bathroom. But you get the idea!
Sorry, no actual knitted stuff. I can't really show pictures of the socks or my Socakpalooza pal, and my tomato sweater has halted. (I hurt my wrist, and I can't knit on the heavy-ness of the sweater with out pain. So it is 1.5 sleeves from being done... :(
BUT, I can show you my packed up knitting stuff!

AHHH! These is so much of it!!
I have to be honest.
That's not all of it.
I still have a couple of shopping bags of yarn, and a chest of yarn yet to move. hmm. I might need a yarn diet.
I can start next week. I just bought the yarn for an amazing bathrobe from NSFY! When it gets here, there will be pictures!! (and, no. I did not buy the yarn with the $450 price tag. I bought a sub for less than $50!)
Tomorrow, I hope to take pictures of my latest scenic project - a room at the Gala, and on Monday, there will be pictures of the finished FPS, modeled with my gown!

Friday, June 01, 2007

New socktopia themes

It is June already!! Time is just flying by, and I'm no closer to landing. Actually, I seem to be ramping up in speed and altitude now. One week until the gala! One week until work calms the heck down, and I can just worry about moving. Speaking of which, I officially take possession of the new place at noon today! (eep!) I want to move an inaugural ---- load in tonight. I want to run the dishwasher and the washing machine! I want to grill on the balcony! Frankly, I want to pull a "bewitched" and be done with the process, but what are you going to do?

Tonight I want to get some real packing done, and start on my SOCKPAL's Socks. Speaking of which, I ave decided which June Socktopia theme to use - "Summer in the City"
the rest of the theme choices are:
"Here comes the Bride"
"The Equinox"
"Not another Tie!!"
"Orient Pearls fit for a Queen,
will I give thy love to wing
And a shell to keep them in" - John Fletcher, The Faithful Shepherdess

Last night I got the ribbing done on the hem of my Tomato Sweater. I just have sleeves to do! I have plenty of yarn, so I think I am going to make 3/4 sleeves./ Most of my shirts are 3/4 sleeves, and I think they suit me best anyway. Frankly, I probably will wear my tomato most in the fall and spring, and I get chilly easily.
Well folks, till Monday!