Friday, June 15, 2007

Squashed Tomato

I had a minor knitting disaster last night. Thanks to Pheobe, it wasn't a MAJOR yarn disaster! (whew)

I brought my Tomato along to SnB last night. I was in the "I'm finishing it!" frame of mind. I was kntting like a mad woman. People were getting drafts from the wind I was creating with my needle speed. ok. I MIGHT be exaggerating, but I was cranking along. Any how, I was nearing the halway finished with the sleeve point when Peopbe asked how the sweater was constructed. We discussed top down raglan construction, and I unwadded the sweater from my lap to show her what I was not explaining very well with my words.

"hmm" I said. "This sleeve looks like it is a different color."

"yes," she aggreed, "It really looks different."

"What the Hell?" I said. "Is this dyelot different?"

*costume chick roots out ballband - Thank goodness she is a packrat*

"OMG! It's not even the same colorway, let alone dyelot!"

fume fume fume. rip rip rip.

3 hours of knitting wasted on wrong color yarn. I wish I would have taken a picture of the half finished sleeve before I ripped it out. I knew I had to rip right then or i *might* be able to convince myself that the yarn was close enough. I really isn't. better off ripped out.

It is really weird how yarn works. In the ball or skein, I can't even tell it's a differnt color. But MAN could you tell knitted. I took this picture this morning:

In the ball i can't tell, and I KNOW it is the wrong color.

Thankfully, I have two more skeins of te correct color, so I can easily knit the other sleeve. My poor one armed sweater.

I am also waiting for my swatch to dry.

You guessed it! It is the swatch for the "bathrobe I won't shut up about". It appears my guage is off. poo. I need to go up a needle size to get better fabric, but I need a smaller guage for the pattern. I really like this yarn, so I am going to be doing some sub math. (duh duh DUH!) At this point, I am guessing that i will need to knit two sizes smaller than the one for my bust measurement. we'll see when it dries.

That's it for now! I'm going to be doing a lot of moving stuff this weekend. (joy) I hope to squeeze some knitting time in between car loads!

ps. check out the MS3 button! -->

you still have time to join!!!!


anphoe said...

The conversation you wrote there makes my english sounded a lot better. And you forgot to mention that I wanted to switch seat to the other end of the group while you were ripping the sleeve out. haha...

That's the fun of knitting, right? ;)

And I am going to check out the MS3 now...

anphoe said...

By the way, the sock you were knitting last week, was it called
Cornucopia Socks?

Kelly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sweater fiasco! I had no idea and I was right there...well, at the other end of the table, guess that's why I missed it! The color is beautiful, and you are right, I can't tell the difference in the pic.