Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am patiently waiting for Live Nation to load. I am trying to get tickets to OzzFest, and it is going SOOOOOOO slow. dang it! Just let me on already! This is the first day of ticket sales, and I think the site is overwhelmed. Crap!

I am also "patiently" awaiting the arrival of my rayon yarn for my Cheap-Ass version of the awesome bathrobe from "No Sheep for You". Not that I can even start on it until July, but I want to pet it! I want to lust after it! I just want to see if it will actually sub! I can swatch it - as I smartly did not move ALL of my needles yet. (smarty smart pants.)
Thie link to the (cross your fingers) sub yarn:


Again, in the patiently waiting category, is my "Tomato" sweater - also from "No Sheep For You". "Where is my second sleeve?", it keeps asking.

"Leave me alone. I'm moving", I keep saying.

"But don't you love me anymore" it whines.

sigh "Yes I love you. I just can't deal with you right now."

"O.k. I'll go back to the bottom of the basket."

Knitting guilt. I tell ya what.


acambras said...

DOCTOR: "So do you ever hear voices?"

COSTUMECHICK: "Yes, my yarn talks to me."

DOCTOR: (rubs brow) "Hmmm. Does it ever tell you to do things?"

COSTUMECHICK: "Yes, it tells me to KNIT it. The yarn talks to me and the needles sing to me."

anphoe said...


Anne, you make me laugh!! (as always)

costumechick said...

Let's play "Pick on Costumechick day". JK Love you guys!