Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm moved!

Sweet! we go today to turn in our old keys, and are officially done with the three story walk up nonsense! Big thanks to our friends that helped us out on the blistering hot move day. We were excited to move in June, since our normal MO is JULY. "Oh it'll be cooler". right. We ended up in the 90's. Of course the 90 degree days were proceeded by a lovely run of 70's days, and are to be followed by another run of 70's days. ehh. What are you going to do? It's done now!!!

I am completely immersed in the unpacking portion of my adventure, and as my parents are coming to "help" this weekend, I need to do it quickly. No offense to my parents. They are lovely people, and I am always happy to see them, I just like to unpack my own stuff. I like to know where it all is. Picky, I know.

I am close to finishing the bedroom, and while DH is at work tonight, I think it will be my goal. hmm. This will be my first time at home alone in the new place! Sweet! The Living room needs some playing so the stuff fits in right. The current set up is a bit odd. Tweaking is in order. Unfortunately, we need to unpack the electronics to make this happen - they are currently in the middle of the floor, making all attempts at furniture arranging difficult, at best. The dining room is pretty set, but we are storing all the "crap with no home yet" in it. the Kitchen could be done in relatively short order as well, I just have to dig it out from under all of the bags of miscellaneous "small bits you don't want to lose". The bathroom is done. We even replaced the shower head, so as to go from "can peel the skin from your back" to "gentle rain". The office is no were near completion, and won't be for at least another week - if then. We moved 36 boxes of books. All of the boxes were at least milk crate size. That's a lot of books to reorganize and put away. Our friends were astounded by how many books we have. I mean SHOCKED. There were a lot of "I thought I had a lot of books" comments. Well, we evidently do not have enough, because we bought a couple more last night. (grin)

In all the moving madness, I've had some time to knit! really! The Sockapalooza socks are coming to an end! I'm so excited! They are very cool, and I want them for me!! Thankfully, my pal has longer feet than me, so I'm not tempted to keep them. They would be too big. whew. Sock crisis diverted.

I also received my first mail at the new place! and what mail it is!!!!!!
I slid it from the envelope...

unwrapped it....

It's my VESPER YARN!!!!! In the colorway Knit and Tonic! Oh my god! It is sooo pretty. resist! Resist! Don't cast on! I tucked it away - after much fondling - so I wouldn't be tempted my is seductive nature.

The MS3 clue comes out Friday, and I still have not swatched. There is a cast on Party in Windsor on Friday night. I wonder if I could talk my Mom and Dad into going. Maybe mom. Definitely not Dad. I still have to bring up SnB. My Mom might come along if I ask her. I don't want to miss it. It'll make me sad.
Lastly, take some time to fill out this poll from CNN. I wonder if we can make knitting #1?
Whew. That's a lot of writing!


anphoe said...

I am amazed that you still have time to update your blog between moving, packing, unpacking, working and knitting. :)
I am also resisting casting an other pair of socks, so I lent my size 2 needles to Jenn, so that I have an excuse that I don't have the needles to cast on my socks. But seriously, love that sock yarn in the picture, when can I pet it?

Erin said...

Congratulations on your move! It's always nice to get to the settling in and arranging stage. The yarn is really pretty. I love the color and the name!

Kelly said...

Congrats on finishing your move! That new yarn is just lovely! When will you start on it? I can't wait to see it worked up!