Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My new condo

I like saying that. It makes it sound like we bought it. It is technically a condo, but we didn't buy it. we are renting from the owner. oh well. It still sounds good.
I snapped a few pictures last night. we have been moving a few things in, and cleaning up the past few days. The owner is elderly, so the cabinets need a good scrub, as well as the appliances and doors. I think she just couldn't get down to really clean anymore. It's ok. I always clean before I move in anyway. I don't care if they *just* cleaned that morning. *I* didn't clean it.
Like any apartment, there are some repairs to be made, but nothing we can't handle. Also, we need to have a medicine cabinet, and some shelving in the closets, so we did a bit of measuring. I like all the possibilities that surround a new apartment. Where do you put the couch? Can the bed go over there? How many bookshelves will fit on that wall?
Part of the reason for the l o n g moving process is that we have time to make it happen. i hate the feeling of snap moving. You are here, then SNAP! You're there. I like to ease the transition. we are moving a car load a night. a nice reasonable amount of work. It's also nice that we can make a pile of packed boxes that are next in line to go, so after we remove those boxes the next night, we have floor space to pile the next set. the goal is to unpack everything we can before we move the heavy stuff. Like the kitchen cabinets, hanging clothing and bathroom - save stuff we need to keep around for the final two days in the old apartment.
Once we get past this weekend, the "moving in earnest" process starts. Count down to M-day. We are making the move official on June 25. For those paying attention, that is two weeks from Monday!
so, here are the pictures!
The master bedroom. Not very exciting, but...
A walk in closet is!!
The second bedroom - our office.
The living room, looking into the kitchen and dining room
off the balcony
The dining room and kitchen, from the balcony
and the bestest part! A washer and dryer!!
SO there are pictures of the walk-in closet in the living room, or the bathroom. But you get the idea!
Sorry, no actual knitted stuff. I can't really show pictures of the socks or my Socakpalooza pal, and my tomato sweater has halted. (I hurt my wrist, and I can't knit on the heavy-ness of the sweater with out pain. So it is 1.5 sleeves from being done... :(
BUT, I can show you my packed up knitting stuff!

AHHH! These is so much of it!!
I have to be honest.
That's not all of it.
I still have a couple of shopping bags of yarn, and a chest of yarn yet to move. hmm. I might need a yarn diet.
I can start next week. I just bought the yarn for an amazing bathrobe from NSFY! When it gets here, there will be pictures!! (and, no. I did not buy the yarn with the $450 price tag. I bought a sub for less than $50!)
Tomorrow, I hope to take pictures of my latest scenic project - a room at the Gala, and on Monday, there will be pictures of the finished FPS, modeled with my gown!


anphoe said...

Nice appartment. Nice than my house, really!! from the of the view from the balcony, I may be able to figure it out where your apartment is...

Chris said...

Ok I have to know what yarn you found for $50 to make the NSFY robe. I have been playing with the idea to make it or at least another kind of knitted robe.

chrispy said...

oops. i forgot to put my correct screen name up.

anna said...

that's a cute place! congrats to you and the hubby!

Erin said...

What a nice place! I hope the moving is going smoothly. I can't wait to see pictures of the FPS in use.

anphoe said...

I have lost your email address. So... I am assuming that you have finished 24-season 2 since last time you said you were going to give it back to me. Do you want the season 3? I can bring it with me to SnB tonight. Or you prefer to borrow it after you finish moving, or you don't want to borrow it from me anymore, I really don't care :D just let me know. OK?

acambras said...

Love the new digs!

We missed you at S&B last night -- I hope the gala goes swimmingly!


ksheady said...

That's a lovely condo, I hope you and yours are happy there for a long while! Congrat's!!
-knewbie knitter

Minneva Carker said...

Looks pretty cozy to say the least. It'll be an easy place to clean, as it isn't overly spacious. Just a little touch-up here and there and it'll be a great!