Monday, June 26, 2006

Picture Catch up!

The first pics of my Icarus!
As I said, this is for my Mom, and I am knitting it in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud, Iris colorway. It looks a litttle odd, all unblocked and sitting on my lap in Starbucks. This picture was taken 6 rows into the third repeat of the "19-42" section. This is a really quick knit!
DH was off doing Geneology stuff, and wanted to know if I could find something to do for 4 hrs. He's funny.

I also worked on my Socks for my Mom. They are another pair of Child's First Socks, being knitted in the WONDERFUL Koigu KPM in a nearly solid purple. (Can you tell she likes purple?) I am knitting these on size 0's to make my guage a little small, as my Mom is a Tiny gal.

I am so much further now! This is the ribbing. OOOO. Thrilling. Also, you can see a pic of my handy-dandy home made chart and crib sheet. I hate toting books, and while the patterns are AWSOME in Nancy Bush's "Knitting Vintage Socks", they don't have charts. So I made my own from the ONE sheet of graph paper in my entire house! How that happened is anyone's guess.

On to the primised pic of the Finished Birthday Socks. I told you they are not exciting Boy Socks. You didn't believe me.

BTW, at this point the others in Starbucks are starting to look at me weird. "Why is that woman taking pictures of her lap?" How many projects does she have in the bag?"

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