Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Last Day of May

Today marks the end of my Birthday month. Thirty is not too bad. I guess.

Here is a picture of my completed Child's First Socks.

This was a super fun pattern to knit. I am a 'Toe-up" person normally, but I plan on making more of these as Birthday presents.

BTW - please ignore the messy desk. Summer at work= messy desk. Don't ask me why.

More blocking adventures! These have been finished for a while, but I needed to find some time to block it all.

These loverly pictures are of my new table runner and placemats. I basically adapted the Branching Out pattern from The yarn is a locally produced yarn called "Summer Spun" from Hopyard Spinnery. It is cotton and silk spun into a lovely, textury yarn. I usually don't like orange, but I figured it is a nice summery dining room color. It reminds me of creamsicles.


Anu said...

Those are really beautiful! What a great idea...

Sarah said...

I really like you widened branching out. That scarf has been on my "to be knit" list for a while. Yours came out beautifully.

Kathy S. said...

You call that a messy desk?