Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Geek by Proxy

I always say that I am a "Geek by Proxy". Dh is a geek. MAJOR geek. I am going to totally out him here. He love comic books, action figures, geek movies, Sci Fi books, Warhammer, you name it. As he has done with all my Geek things related to knitting and yarn, I have done with his Geek things. I have learned names, terms, comparisons, plot lines, and criticisms all relating to DH's love of geekery. All with out reading or enjoying said geekery on my own. Basically, learning by immersion. I can talk circles around other semi-geeks because of DH. Lot's of people at work assume I am a MAJOR Star Wars fan because of my minutia trivia knowledge. In reality, I am a regular fan.
Why do I bring this up? well, I think he has finally gotten to me. I was searching around on ETSY the other day and came across a seller called Diabolicalyarns selling "AlterEgo Sock yarn". "hmm, like a super hero?" I thought. You betcha! I clicked on her hand dyed yarn, only to find it had names like "Blue Beetle" and "Dark Knight". OMG! GEEK YARN!
And it's Geek SOCK YARN TOO!
SO I bought some yarn. How could I not? I got two skeins. Why don't you guess in the comments what character or Comic they refer to. I, of course, know since I am a Geek by Proxy!

This one is called Luthor's Revenge.

This one is Themyscira.

Mad props to whoever gets #2.


acambras said...

All right, Alex -- for #1 I'll go with "What is kryptonite?"

But yeah, I'm stumped on #2. No mad props for me, I guess. (:-(

(sighs heavily and skulks back to work)

acambras said...

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, Mr. Kotter! I know! I know!

I got my Wiki-mojo working this morning. But I'll keep my mouth shut and see if anyone else can come by some mad props honestly. :-)

(smiles and goes back to work for real this time)

anphoe said...

Tough questions for me. But I am going to ask my DH and see if he is a real geek...

I also went to Wiki for #2 and #1 of course...

JennM said...

#1. Superman
#2. Wonder Woman

My youngest brother is a HUGE comic book fan. It's part of the reason why I love all the movies that are based on Marvel comic books. And it's really cool to see Stan Lee making cameo appearances in the movies.

acambras said...

OK -- now that JennM got them, I have to ask -- are you going to knit a sweater to go with your bullet-deflecting bracelets?

costumechick said...

Ya'll crack me up.

oh, and on Ravelry, a woman has knitted a Wonderwoman sweater complete w/ "bustier"

KnelleyBelley said...

Okay, okay. Jen beat me. I would have Wiki'd.

What beautiful yarn. Geek is not a bad thing at all!

You could knit the gold headband with the red star.

Erin said...

So cool. This geek is impressed. I looked the seller up -- not much for sale now, but there's some really pretty stuff in the sold section. I want the derby girl yarn!

jennsquared said...

Man! Work has me in meetings all week!!! I would have Wikied it too though. But I got #1 right away!