Friday, August 14, 2009


Progress is often a hard won enterprise. I think we, as humans, take for granted that we move forward, develop technology, even generally accomplish tasks. It strikes us as weird when we move backwards, or have an insurmountable obstacle in front of us.
Why the waxing philosophical? Well, a couple reasons. I have a friend going through a very rough time right now, and she is just trying to tread water. She is measuring progress in millimeters. Just trying to keep her head up, and not be sucked down the river to the waterfall. Still, she is remarkable, strong, and every minute of every day is a milestone on her progress chart. I think of her everyday, and want to be a big branch sticking out in the river for her to grab onto when she is too tired to tread. Her progress is slow and cautious.
The other thing omnipresent in my mind is the Health Care reform bill(s). There are many reasons that this issue is important to me, some personal, some social, but mostly, it is about progress. Often we look at eras in history and define them by advancements - progress, if you will. Most times, the eras that see the most development of technology, art, and science, also see a major leap in health and life span. This isn't happening now. We are going backward in health. Blah blah blah - I know it has to do with diet and sedentary life styles, but not having access to all the medicines and medical advancements plays a part too. I'm not saying that if we have universal health care no one will get sick, but at least they won't be near death before seeking treatment! People will still die, accidents will still happen, and doctors will still make mistakes. I could go on to say why I'm for it, but that isn't my point. My point is that we, as a nation, cannot seem to discuss this issue with out someone screaming down whoever else is talking. I don't get it. Having your Representative hear your opinion is important. That is what they do. Screaming and shouting like a moron isn't helpful. No progress comes of it. It doesn't further debate, it doesn't make your argument stronger, and it certainly doesn't make you sound rational. Frankly, it is starting to wear really, really thin on me. I watched another shouting person video today, and wanted nothing more than to be able to tell him what I really thought.
In that spirit, I'm writing an open letter to the (majority of the) screaming idiots at the town hall meetings. Feel free to flame away. I don't care. Just know, I'm serious.
Dear screaming moron in the back,
Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day of handing out inflammatory propaganda pamphlets and protesting at "Planned Parenthood" to be with us. I understand that you don't want people to have health care access. That is fine. You should know, you will still be able to utilize the current insurance plan you are on, if you choose, whether that is private, group, or the kind that you just "pray that God will fix it". No one is going to make you see a doctor about anything. But, if you want to keep going to the doctor for your boner pills, since we know that is how you get it up to reproduce and made all 16 of those kids, and since you only get a stiffy naturally at your 'men's prayer group' on Wednesday night, you can keep right on going to him. That said, please sit down, shut the hell up, and let the rest of us talk for a little bit. we have important things to discuss. If you choose to keep trying to talk while others are already speaking, I will come back there and shut you up myself. The jail time will be worth it just to have the chance to kick your ass so hard you forget your name.
Thank you again for coming to this meeting. Oh, and please remember, "louder does not equal better."
/political rant for the day
In other news, I'm making steady progress on my knitting projects. The AIDS socks are about 3/4 finished. I just reached the heel on the second sock. I hope to finish them this weekend.
I've also picked up the Iceberg Lettuce sweater again, since it is marginally cooler now. I managed to get the "skirt" part of the thing - after mucho modification of the top. Then I ripped back to the start of the skirt. (backwards progress) I didn't like the brioche rib. It looked like ass. I'm doing a plain slip stitch rib instead. It makes me much happier.

I took a look about for buttons too. I have two choices. Which do you like better?


Kim said...

You go!!

accountantgrrl said...

Thank you!!!

cafeeclectic said...

Totally agree. I don't understand why people think if they are louder, then they somehow is right. Their points certainly don't get across as well, in my opinion anyways.

Love the iceberg. And I like the slip stitch ribs better too!

knelleyknits said...


And the paragraph about our friend was very touching. You're a goodie.

Batty said...

The idea about the American family that won the West by being self-sufficient, without any handouts from neighbors and the government? The people who cared for each other, loved for each other, and didn't need any help from anyone (unlike those lazy people who want government handouts)?

It's a myth. Little House on the Prairie, not history. Complete self-sufficiency didn't work then. It doesn't work now.
See? That degree in history comes in useful every now and again!

Anonymous said...

Don't you know Costumechick, the government should only use taxpayer funds to extend the lives of the old, fight huge pointless wars (terrorists are not armies, we will never beat them), and prop up the same financial system that got us in the current recesion. Helping everyone be healthy...THAT'S SOCIALISM!!!!!!!!