Thursday, October 22, 2009

WTF Costumechick?!

Were the hell have you been?!
Well, dear readers, I've been swamped. We had some man-power cuts at work last summer, and while losing two people from your department doesn't seem like a big deal, it is when your department was only 7 people to start with. We started this season with a massive show involving magic tricks, magic costumes, and 20 separate costumes. 20 costumes isn't that much, really, but when they are all engineered for magic tricks and built from the ground up, with 5 people - one of which is an intern, with only 3 weeks to do it and zero lead time... it's a lot. Any way, we survived, the show rocks, and we have a lot of great portfolio pieces. Oh, and even with all of the craziness, I did manage to keep knitting. I actually knit quite a bit. I didn't have time to blog about it, or to update Ravelry, but I still found a moment or two to wave the sticks about!
I'm going to try to catch ya'll up over the next few days. (I feel like I'm talking to a friend I only get to see once a year....)
In the month and a half since I last blogged, I have finished the Angee Mink Socks, My Iceberg Lettuce Kal sweater, a felted neckwarmer for Evad, the Classic Open Silk Cardi sweater for my Mom, the Peter Sweater for Schaefer, and Adult size top for Schaefer (that I won't blog about, considering I didn't even take a picture of it), and the Angora Leaf Scarf from Vintage Knitwear for Modern knitters. I also cast on, and am about 1/4 of the way through, another pair of socks and another adult size sweater. I also went to Rhinebeck. In other words, there is a lot of back log in the blog and Ravelry update world.
Bear with me folks. I still have to get some pictures of the FOs before I can properly take care of the back log. But.... they are coming...

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Eklectika! said...

Having seen the second preview, the show was great and all the tricks were fantastic.

And I have a little crush on El Gallo. *blush*