Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Out sick

I really did want to post to my blog, as I had a very exciting knitting weekend, but getting sick seamed to be a higher priority to my body. Blame them body, not the mind. I'm on the mend, so I'm back at work, and able to post once again.
I really need to get Internet access at home.
First up, I cast on for The Secret of the Stole, to be known as "SotS" from now on. The first clue went by really quickly, and I am in LOVE with the Lacey Lamb yarn. It is so wonderful to work with. It felt a lot like Misti alpaca when I was knitting, but the knitted fabric is so sproingy - this stole will grow a lot when I block it.
Onto the pictures:

The cast on edge has two points! The instructions say to knit them at the same time, one from inside the ball, one from outside. When you get to where they join together, break the outside of the ball yarn, and continue with only one. I decided not to do that. Mostly because I didn't want to screw with my ball integrity. All you lace knitters know what I mean. I ended up knitting the left point, breaking the yarn, then knitting the right point, and joining with the right point yarn. Same basic idea, and way less yarn tangle stress. It turns out that I had a good idea, since about half way through the first point I had a major yarn barf episode, and had quite a wad to untangle. It would not have gone well if I had two ends to deal with in the mess.

I tried to stretch the lace out a bit. Of course it is rainy and grey when I want to take pictures. It can't possibly be sunny. So far, the pattern in easy to knit, and not to fussy. We'll see what Friday brings!
On Saturday, I did a bit of yarn shopping. I know. I wasn't going to until Rhinebeck, but it was a 40% off sale! 40%!!! I want to knit Colette for my NaKniSweMo project in November, and was hoping to buy the yarn at Rhinebeck. Well, I was nervous that I wouldn't find any, or enough of what I liked. So, to the Yarn Garden Sale I went. I bought 15 skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Classic Al in Aged Oak for the sweater, and two skeins of Universal Yarns Pace, for what else, socks.

On Sunday I went to AcMoore's 25% off your whole order event, and bought half of the yarn for my Road to Golden Sweater. I got all the contrast yarn. They didn't have enough in any dye lot of the color I want to use for the body.

Then I got sick.
On Monday, I couldn't do anything that required movement beyond moving my hands while laying on the couch, so I did a gauge swatch for the Colette Sweater.

I think it will turn out nicely. It is a challenge for NaKniSweMo, as it has lots of pieces, and it has lace, so it is perfect for Lacevember. Now if only I can keep from casting on....
Yesterday I just putzed around with my gloves and my socks. I hate being sick.


Sunflowerfairy said...

I wondered where you disappeared to!

Take care of yourself.

Me? I missed the yarn garden sale....can you believe it?? Yikes. I'm totally off my game.

KnelleyBelley said...

Beautiful yarn. I can't wait to see your Collette sweater.

And you've added yet another expression to my knitter's vocabulary: yarn barf. What a good one.

Erin said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. At least you can knit from your sickbed. Such pretty yarn -- can't wait to see the various finished projects!