Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm a crazy woman!

It's official. I'm a crazy woman. The Secret of the Stole KAL starts today, and I've gone and signed up for another secret KAL. The new one is the "Mystic Waters KAL", and is supposed to be a triangular shawl.
Come on over and join the fun. If all your friends were jumping off the bridge, would you?
I have no knitting update today, just a story.
My Aunt Judy, a lovely woman, is a bit...flighty. She runs out of gas pretty often, and regularly misses exits because she is signing along to the radio - especially if it is Christmas Music. Her daughter, Mel, is not as flighty, but equally funny, and loves to tell stories about her mom.
One day, Mel was sent outside to mow the grass. They had a riding mower, and about 2.5 acres. Normal people could do this job in a hour. Mel hated to mow, and used to come up with any and all reasons to get off the mower, and come inside. The day in question was no different. Mel wanted to come inside because the mower was "getting hot". Judy, having enough of Mel's un-enthusiasm for mowing, told her she could, but she'd have to practice her piano while she waited for the mower to cool. Judy, of course, thought Mel was faking.
Turns out, she wasn't for once. Mel started practicing her piano, when she glanced out of the window, and saw the mower ablaze in the back yarn. Thankfully, about 200ft from the house. She ran to get her Mom.
Aunt Judy jumped on the phone, and said, "I've got to call your Dad!"
"Wait, he's at the site. I'll call Grandpa!"
"No, hes not there!"
"We'll go get them! In the truck!"
SO Mel and Judy get in the truck and start tear assing down the road for the farm.
"Wait!!!", screams Aunt Judy.
"I'm a Crazy Woman! I've got to get the Fire Department!"
Judy jumps from the truck, yelling that she has a fire at her house, and to "follow her!"
They do.
After the blaze is out, the Fire Chief says, "Ma'am, in the future you can just call. We'll come to you."
Oh, and we still tease her about his, and it happened about 15 years ago. About ten years ago, my Mom made a fake news article about the Fire Department putting in a drive through window. We're just mean.
'Till monday!


KnelleyBelley said...

You are mean, but what a great story.

jennsquared said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... even David laughed out loud when I read him the story!

And yes, you are a crazy woman! But I'm equally crazy!

Now I gotta go find some beads for Secret of Stole.

Jen said...

That was great Val! I'v never laughed so hard in my life!