Monday, October 01, 2007

What a weekend.

I had an amazingly eventful weekend. So much so, that I am wiped out today. The tinge of Insomnia I've had over the past few days has not helped either. Whatever did Costumechick do to tire herself out, on the weekend, which everyone knows is supposed to be relaxing?
Everybody wanted to "do something" this weekend. I don't mind, really. I'd rather people want to hang out with me, rather then avoid me, frankly. It started with learning that my friend Nate was coming into town this weekend. Cool! Lesley said, "Nate likes to dance"! Let's go to Oracle! Trevor, DH, Matt, Danny, Denise, Nate, and I all met up at the club. Trevor was the only one who had ever been before, so we didn't really know what we were getting into. We had a freaking' blast. Drinking, dancing, generally making fools of ourselves. we all left sweaty, smiling, and with copious amounts of hearing damage. Danny described the club best by calling it the "club of misfit gays". SO true.
As we were leaving, Nate asks Dh and I if we want to go to the Big E the next day. DH didn't get to go last year, and wanted to , so we said yes. After being up until 3:00, and getting up at 7:00, since, I guess my body only wanted 4 hours of sleep, I didn't really want to drive. 5 of us crammed into Danny's car. We are not 5 small people. AND, I had to ride bitch in the backseat, "since I had the shortest legs". What a crock. DH and I have the same inseam measurement. Anyway, we got to know each other very well.
The Big E was very cool. I petted lots of sheep and alpacas. I didn't buy any yarn, even though I saw two vendors selling it. Both vendors had it tucked way down, in and under other stuff. But I saw it anyway. DH told me I have some sort of yarn sniffing radar. Yep, I do. It calls to me.
We ate way too much, walked until our feet felt like they would fall off, and only had a block of "Big E special" Cabot cheese to show for it. Well, the cheese, and an extra 10 lbs on our butts from all the fried goodness.
We got friendly again on the way home, and literally sprang from the car when we arrived in Westville. Then Nate asked if I was coming to Janet's Bday party. DH just wanted to sleep. I said sure, since Nate was going, and I hardly get to see him. and I like Janet. SO off to Sully's I go. "I won't stay long". Ha. Let's see, 9:30 until 2 isn't long, is it? Ugg. Lot's o' Guinness later, Val remembers that she is supposed to go to PBR tomorrow.
8am, Sunday - slept a bit longer than the night before - wide awake. Dh and I get up to go see Professional Bull riding at Mohegan Sun. Lesley, Mike, Sam and Beshta came along. Lesley, DH and I have never been there, so we toured around the building alot. It is HUGE. I don't gamble, as I find it kinda boring, but I do enjoy a good shopping experience! PBR was awesome, especially since we got free seat upgrades! Sweet!
We finally got home at 5:30. I took a much needed two hour nap. Then I finally, for the first time all weekend, got to sit down and knit. Ahhh.
If there is a good thing about insomnia, it is that you get to knit for hours. I am only 5 rows from the end of my Shawl I started Friday.
and, I didn't buy any yarn.
Someday I'll tell you about the stuff I got invited to, and didn't go to this weekend.


Erin said...

See, I knew somebody was having all the fun I wasn't this weekend -- it was you! I'm glad you had such a good time, and hope you made it through Monday's work ok. Congratulations on making it through without buying yarn -- are you saving up for Rhinebeck?

Karen said...

At first mention, I thought "PBR" was Pabst Blue Ribbon.

KnelleyBelley said...

Oh my, you were a busy girl. Just reading about all you did made me want a nap. It also made me a little sad that I spent the majority of the weekend sitting on my couch correcting papers. I'm jealous.

anphoe said...

I am jealous too! I spent most of my weekend time in Ikea and Walmart/Target. I will definitely not miss Big E next year after reading this post!