Friday, September 28, 2007

GO me!

I am totally cranking through the Holiday presents! Ok. I'm on three of 9, but still, it's three more than two weeks ago! Sweet.
Last night I finished up the Retro Shrug, and cast on for the "Shetland Lace Triangle". I'm blocking the shrug this weekend, and will have pictures on Monday.
This is my progress, thus far, on the Shetland Triangle:

Yes, it is the same alpaca from my Synchopated hat.

and from my Glasgow Lace Sweater.

I find it appropriate that I knit with this yarn for the holidays. After all, it is turning into my "miracle of the Maccabees's" yarn. I started with ten balls, and even after I finish this stole, I'll still have at least two left. It is the yarn that never runs out. Still, $40 for three projects, and counting, is not so bad!


quaffy said...

That yarn is so pretty! Did you find the syncopated cap a bit long, or do I just have a short head?

KnelleyBelley said...

You are cranking out the knitting. Unbelieveable. The triangle is beautiful.