Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At least I got some knitting done.

We all know by now that my least favorite part of my job is Tech. I sit for 8, 10,10,and 8 hours, over 4 days in the dark. I watch people walk around and say the same things over and over. I listen to the same music over and over. The only way tech is not mind numbingly boring is when it's horrifyingly stressful. Rarely is it anything else. One or the other every time.
This time it was drool enducingly boring. I could have been in a coma and no one would have known. But, since I anticipated the possibility of extreme and excruciating boredom, I was prepared. DH helped me wind up one of my Farmhouse Sweater Skeins, and I brought the "Cactus Blossom" sweater along to work on. It is in the round, with a K2P2 hem, and simple geometric fair isle on the cuffs and yoke. Perfect knitting for in the dark.
By Saturday night I was here:

The body is done, at least according to the pattern. I think I want some more length. I am going to add some if I have the yarn after I finish the sleeves. I want this sweater to be my big, ubber-warm, Saturday sweater. A little long would be great.
So on Sunday I cast on for sleeve #1. When I got to the Fair isle part I realized pretty quickly that the "tiny" difference in yarn weight was a HUGE problem. I was making bullet proof sleeve cuffs. Great if I really was Wonder Woman, not so great for my Secret Identity. But I kept knitting. If I didn't I would be REALLY bored.
< Insert puiblic service announcement>
Knitters, please remember that when preparing for long bouts of uninterrupted knitting time, one should always be sure to pack all supplies. this includes a back up project. No matter how prepared you are, things go wrong, and the only way to keep your fragile sanity is to have another project at the ready.

So, the night ends, I have the FI chart done, (that I know I'm going to rip out) and I have a need for new yarn. shucks.
I went to Saybrook and bought three skeins of Noro. I really liked the colors in my old yarn, so I took a swatch to try and find something that was about the same. The noro was best.
Yes. I bought more than just the Noro, but that is a story for tomorrow.
Anyway, I ripped back the bullet proof sleeve, and restarted the FI chart with the new yarn. Success!

One sleeve down. Now, when I cast on for sleeve #2 tonight, should I start a new skein of Noro so I am at the same place in the color progression as sleeve #1? Or should I except the randomness of life, and let the colors change as they will? (I would be starting with light green, and it will fade into orange.)

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