Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shoes and Handbags

Anyone who knows me IRL, knows I have a deep and undivided love of shoes and handbags. So much of my job revolves around fashion that I rarely keep up with it in my personal life. Who wants to work all the time? Instead, I have a very simple style (jeans and t-shirts, for the most part) that I pair with fantastic bags and fun shoes. Part of the sock knitting obsession is because, well, they go with shoes.
Last fall I bought clogs to wear with my hand knit socks. That worked pretty well, but *I* couldn't see them - only people behind me could, and then only if I had too short pants on. This fall I found these:

These are my new "Hand knit socks showin' off shoes", also known as Bass Mary Janes. I looked long and hard until I found these shoes. I wanted something in a Mary Jane, similar to a Doc Martin, but not as heavy. I didn't want a pair of shoes with no arch support and a really thin sole. I also knew I wanted black, and leather. easy, right?
You'd be wrong my friend.
It took me all summer to find a pair I liked, fit me well, fit all my qualifications, and wasn't $75. These were at the Bass Outlet for $40. Perfect. I love my new sock showin' off shoes!


Karen said... doesn't have 'em.

Lucky! (Best said in a "Napoleon Dynamite" voice.)

KnelleyBelley said...

You're smart - show off those socks in some great lookin' shoes!

jennsquared said...

The funny thing is - whenever you wanted something that sounds like it should be a no brainer to find, it would the hardest to find that season, or even just that day! I needed silver simple strap shoes for a wedding I was going to and I never thought finding silver shoes would be that hard! Especially I see them all the time!

Jen said...

OMG!!!! I love those shoes!!! I used to get all my shoes at Bass when they had an outlet store in Branford, where I grew up. Great price too!

Erin said...

Super cute!! I was just thinking I need a pair like that for my socks. And you got a deal, too. No fair :)