Wednesday, October 10, 2007


One glove down! One to go!

The Socktopia socks are coming along. Not quickly though, for some unknown reason. bleh.
I will persevere, and finish them up soon! I may be stalling since I don't know what my next Holiday gift to cast on will be. I want to work on Trevor's gift, but I don't know what said gift should be. Hat? Socks? (wait. no. he has huge feet.) a scarf? Trevor is a man of accessories and extreme fashion. He wears nothing straight from a store. He modifies all of his clothing to make it unique and distinctly "Trevor".* Knitting for a guy like this is HARD. A simple anything will not do. The yarn choice is important, the pattern is important, and the uniqueness and fashion savvy-ness is ultra important. I cannot knit something you could buy in a store, or something "standard".
To gauge reaction, I was showing him some of the Twinkle designs, and he was in love with the use of fat yarn, cables and tight fit. He also loves to layer on his upper body and arms. OOO, I thought. Cabled arm warmers! In a random non repeating design! But I hate to cable!!! I might have to bite the bullet for Trevor. It will be a labor of love.
That said, the man can wear a scarf! He honsetly wears accessories like no man I've ever seen. To Trevor, there is no such thing as "over accessorized". Multiple scarves, ones with prints you'ld never believe, big heavy woolen ones. You name it. But, they are all in some "magic trevor Clothing bits rotation", that produces amazing fashion results. If I tried this, people would run screaming from the crazy pin lady with too many layers on.
Since I'm on the subject, I'll keep going.
Trev also has been known to go home at lunch and change outfits to "better fit the tenor of the day", or change half an hour after work starts into the "back up outfit" he brought. He goes home between the Opening Night show and after party to change in order to "fit with the resturaunt". It's not always that extreme. Usually, he just moves peices around, and he is suddenly in something completely different, even though the pieces are the same. frankly, he'd make a great Victorian, changing 8 times a day.
He has a whole closet of Blazers. Just blazers.
Trev puts me to fashion shame. I cannot, and don't even try to compete. and he can dance. sigh.
SO what to do? I am teaching him to knit, and have no doubt that if he takes to it, in two years his name will be all over the knitting community. He is destined to be a really great designer, and I could totally see him desiging really funky knitwear.
what would you knit for this guy?

*I don't know about underwear. I've never asked, but I'd bet they are fashionable, pressed, and thrown out as soon as they look worn. Trevor is not a ratty underwear guy. But I cannot imagine anyone "fashioning up" underwear. I guess if any one would, it would be him though.

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Karen said...

Ooh, bring him to S'nB. I think we'd be slightly less likely to scare him off on a Sunday.