Wednesday, March 21, 2007

When your non-knitting life enroaches on your knitting

My knitting super hero alter ego has been kept under wraps in her secret identity. She is not getting much knitting done, and it is making her mad. She wants to knit more, and stupid life keeps happening. I don't know if her mild mannered secret identity as a costumer can contain Costumechick's will any longer!
ok. enough speaking in a creepy third person way. I really don't have too much knitting news. I am still plugging away on FPS. I am in the middle of tier 18.

I am having a pause moment. I measured the blob this morning.

With no blocking what so ever, or even a light stretch, it measures 45" - not including the top border. I was going to knit the *whole thing* as written. I like to feel like I actually completed it, instead of "cheated" and made it shorter. Well, I might need to stop. According to my swatch, if I stop after tier 19, my stole will be 133" long - not including the border. In case you care, that is over twice my height. umm. I really think I don't need a 161" stole. That is 13.5 feet of stole. Yea. I think I might stop at tier 19. So I suppose on a positive note, I am almost done with the tiers!!!
I am itching to start a new project. Absolutely itching. I think I want to make eye pillows for my staff for end of the year gifts. I have to start those soon. Good tech knitting, and frankly, I don't want to have to "crank them out". I just want to knit one here and there.
I also have two sweaters to recycle. I went to the Salvation army a couple weeks ago and bought two sweaters. The first is a light grey cashmere and silk blend. It looks like it was work once. No pills!

It is not enough to make myself a sweater, but it is enough for a decadent hat, scarf and mittens set.
The second is a pale pink angora sweater. this beauty looks like it was never worn either. and it was hand knit! The finishing is what gives it way.

It is so well knit, it is a shame to see it given away with out having been loved. I wonder how it ended up in a thrift store. If you look in the center front there is a bit of a hole - a split stitch.

Maybe this little problem was the reason it was given away. So sad. I will rescue this awesome yarn and give the sweater new life. Again, not that much yarn, but it could be wonderful gloves and hats.
Well, I must go. I need to keep up my secret identity by working. Stupid work...

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acambras said...

I feel your pain! Between work and the all-consuming apartment search, I've hardly had any time to knit lately. Tonight (during "Lost") and tomorrow... hope to see you then.