Friday, March 09, 2007

It feels so good to knit!

It felt so good to knit last night! ahh like going to yoga class.
I alm *almost* finished with my March socks. I have one pattern repeat and the ribbing left to do on sock #2. I will finish this weekend no matter what! DH and I are making time to go to a movie, so I can probably finish it then. I like to think of it as Multi tasking.
I was thinking about all the crap I have to do this weekend. I'll make the short list:
Pattern a skirt for my show
Pattern a pinafore for my show
Pattern a dress for my show
make 4 baseball shirts - again, for my show
about 4 hours of personal sewing
grocery shopping
laundry - it has reached Mt. washmore status
cleaning - um yea. not going to happpen, but should

ok. That is the "have to" list. It does not include the "should do's" and "want to's". Blech.
Anyone want to trde weekends?

1 comment:

acambras said...

My weekend plans:

1) Continue butchering that sweater so I can (try to)fix it.
2) Buy a car.
3) Eat.
4) Sleep.

Never mind -- I don't think I'm interested in trading weekends with you! ;-)