Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Socktopia socks

Bet you thought I was going to be finished!
Not even close. I haven't even cast on yet. I am trying to pick a pattern before SnB tonight. I have narrowed it down, but am unhappy so far. The patterns aren't really jumping at me. I might be inventing one again. We'll see. Socks on the fly are fun!
and because I can......

My Socktopia yarn for March is Cherry Tree Hill in Loden. I love Cherry Tree Hill so much. I'm nearly drooling.
I got no knitting done yesterday. Nada. zip. It is so weird for me. I usually get at least a little done! Ugg. SO unsatisfactory. I hate when life feels so busy that you want to add an extra 6 hrs to each day. You could stop time, sleep for a good 6, start time back up, and people would think you never rest. I could get so much more done!
I also have another design looming. i am excited about he project, but it is a huge bugger. I really don't know how it'll all get finished. It always does. Maybe the costume fairies will come and help me.

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