Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My first Noro experience

Well, I have another opening night tonight. It's Man of La Mancha. For those of you unfamiliar with the piece, it is a musical about Don Quixote. I don't like musicals. There, I said it. I really want to stay home a work on my FPS, not go to a required work event. Well, i want the free drinks... I didn't design this show, so you can understand my reluctance to go. Ehh. At least I am finished with tier 13. more than half way!

I like the encroaching blob picture. The stole that ate my dining room!!
Oh! Check this out: I am mainly using my KP size 3 circs on this stole, but I did buy the DPNS, just in case. I have been using them when the "giantness" of the stole starts to annoy me. Not as holders, just as working needles. I use one side of the circ, and one DPN. It's odd, but it works for me. Anyway, check out the tarnish on the DPN:

Maybe I need to knit with more than one DPN. Using the same one all time time may not be the best idea. FYI - I'm not upset about this. I strip the finish off of every needle I come in contact with. I expect it, and am surprised that the circ is holding up so well.
I also whipped up the hat for my friend who is going "ice climbing". (i.e. death wishing) She cannot wait for it to dry! SO excited. That's the way I like it!

The info:
Yarn: Silk Garden Lite
Needles: KP options size 5
Pattern: ummm.... yeah. I just made it up. It's a top down hat, and I did some ribbing. Then I did some cables. Seriously. Just went at it. No real rhyme or reason - just like my friend. I loved the yarn. I bought this originally for a pair of fingerless mitts for me. I now realize that I don't need two skeins fo yarn for fingeless mitts, so I could use one for Sam's hat. It is the perfect yarn for her. Thin, warm, and random. I can now compltely understand the love for Noro. So pretty, and so addictive. I still think that the kureyon feels rough, but the silk garden softened up a lot. Maybe the all wool would too. I might need more of this......

The little green sweater is blocked, woven in, and ready for buttons. I would have it finished, but I changed my mind on the buttons. I need to find something... better. Maybe bugs.

The next Socktopia Socks are "formulating" in my brain. hmmm. I can't wait to vote for this past month! So many pretty socks!

That's it for now! Tomorrow, pics of the socktopia march yarn!


Emilee said...

Very pretty!

Ms. L said...

I like it!

I have sweater quantities in two colorways of Kureyon and one of Silk Garden, not to mention some single balls of each. Must do something with them soon...

maryannlucy said...

Very nice, I really must knit my Noro up.