Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A little sweater update

My little green sweater.

All together now... "Awwww." This is a nice super quick project. Seriously. If I just worked on this project, I could probably make it in a weekend - including blocking. The pattern is "Babies Neckdown Cardigan" by Knitting Pure and Simple. It is very well written, with out being fussy. It is super easy to adapt to striping and such. I will most likely make this again. (No seams make me happy!)

Yesterday, I said that I should tally up my projects by color, starting when I started my blog. I did. What a supreme time waster! Just in case you need to find a way to waste some time......

the totals:

red 7

pink 1

orange 1

yellow 0

green 8

blue 6

purple 9

black/ grey 4

white 1

brown 2

multi 5

The multi category is anything that is not one color more than another. Something mostly blue went in blue. So, turns out, purple is still in the lead. Green is close behind, and will catch up in March with my Socktopia socks. I anticipate a surge by purple in the spring, as I have lots of purple sock yarn, and plans for most of it. hmm. I guess we can tell which color is my least favorite. I also have a lot of white yarn, so it seems odd that I only have one project in white. Curious.

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