Thursday, February 15, 2007

another one bites the dust

uh uh uh . Another one bites the dust. and another one gone, and another one gone....
Some Queen to brighten you day. It's definitely brightening my day! I have completed another tier last night! Down with 7 on to 8! I am just moving on this shawl! I am currently at that place where you stop paying attention and go into "auto mode". It makes it a little scary. I realize suddenly that I am knitting and watching t.v., then PANIC because I don't know when the last time I actively looked at my knitting was! Check Check! ACK! whew. All is well. I am not yet at the place where I feel I can trust "auto mode". Those little adrenaline spikes cannot be good for you.
and some proof:

I am going to try to finish tier 8 tonight. I won't be able to work on it again until Monday, so I want to feel "ahead", and I'll be 1/3 of the way through the tiers. That's a good even place to stop for a few days. I know it is not a race, but I hate UFOs. (shut up about that rust sweater.)
The green sweater has a sleeve! (awww) I have come to the realization that I hate seed stitch even more beacuse it screws with me when I am doing K1P1 ribbing. I keep trying to seed stitch. (scary voice) May this serve as a warning to all those who seed stitch in the future! Try not to do a K1P1 project and a seed stitch project at the same time! You will mess up! (end scary voice)
As I near the end of this little guy - or girl - I dread the end weaving. I've been weaving as i go, but that only goes so far. I still have a butt load to do. Ugg. I remember why I don't like stripes. Seriously, how am I going to meet my goal of completing a fair isle project this year if I hate end weaving so much?
One of the people I've taught to knit recently has gone crazy with the knitting bug. She is producing mass amount of projects, and has really taken it upon herself to learn EVERYTHING she can. Very cool. The only thing she can't wrap her brain around is stripes. I told her, "If you can cable, you can stripe." She is making changing colors so much harder than it really is. Maybe when she sees the inside of this little guy she will change her mind about stripes.
I am proably not going to post again until Fausnaught Day! (also known as next tuesday.) if I do, well, Surprise!


Kris said...

FPS is looking so pretty. I'm still on tier one. Yep... I'm pathetic!

Debi said...

It's lovely Valerie!

Erin said...

The shawl is looking great! Congrats!