Thursday, February 01, 2007

It 's here! It's here!

February 1st is here!

My FPS KAL starts today, AND my February Socktopia socks start today!
SO much to start!
SO much still OTN......

The February themes for Socktopia are:
Life is like a box of chocolates
Forever in my heart
Bed of Roses
Short and Sweet
Laissez les bon temps rouler!(Let the Good Times Roll)
I had a hard time picking one this time. I have ideas for all of them. I came down to the yarn choices. I want to knit from my stash as much as possible, so I just had to see what I have floating around. I have tons of good choices, but not really any great ones for most of my ideas. I settled on this yarn:

I think you can guess my theme. I am making the pattern myself, and am pretty happy with it so far. I am just about ready to turn the heel. (I had a lot of time in the car today) Pictures when I'm done! Maybe Monday, if I put off the FPS.

Speaking of FPS, I really don't want to put it off. I am going nuts to start it! We'll see which wins out.

I've still not frogged the DISASTER sleeves. I know how I will fix them. I just don't feel like doing it yet. I've got the stupid project blues.

Then what, you ask, have I been working on for the last few days? Well, I have been readying my FPS pattern, I've wound my February Sock yarn, and my School Products yarn, I wrote the February Sock Pattern, and I worked on a "Slingshot" for my friend from work. I've been kind of busy in my non-knitting life, as I have another design coming up in March, and I am opening two shows before that. Not so big of a deal, but the one show is "Man of La Mancha". The show in March is a huge one. I find out how huge on Monday. At least I have all weekend to knit away, and not worry about it too much.
I really want to hit a yarn sale or two this sunday. It seems like every store is having a Super Bowl Sunday sale, or a going out of business sale. If I go to all of the ones I really want to go to, I will attend 4 slaes this weekend. The number of sales doesn't bother me, but if I do it, I will get very little knitting done. and it is, of course, also rent week. Poo. I wasn't going to go crazy at the yarn store, I just want to check it out. I probably *will* buy sock yarn if I go to any of these sales. no... I will. No "probably" invloved.

well 'till tomorrow!

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