Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have had a knitting DISASTER!

The armseyes of my sleeves for DH's sweater are a million inches too big!

ok. I'm exagerating. They are about 6" too big. That's still freakin' HUGE!

So I have to decided what to do.
I can frog and reknit them a size smaller, using my patterning skills as a guide - as opposed to blindly following the pattern as I did before.
I can do major sewing surgery - this is a tad scary, and not high on the list.
I can say "screw it!" "I'm makin' a sweater vest."

I am leaning towards re-knit. Blech. I wanna be done with it.

stupid sweater.

I couldn't even look at it on Sunday Night. For fun I inserted the sleeve, as is. It is really REALLY stupid looking. Like a leg o' mutton sleeve. Actually kinda funny, if you think about it.

SO, since I didn't feel like working on the sweater since the disaster, I decided to reswatch for my FPS. I didn't take a picture. It looks like the last swatch, except I used different needles. My KP size 3's came. What a difference!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I got the DPNs too, in case I want to use them to work the entrelac bits. We'll see once I get going.
Funny thing about the DPN's. DH had to dumpster dive to retrieve them. Yep. I threw them away by accident. Thank god we threw our garbage out after the truck came in the morning. Talk about pissed off!!
I also found out the themes for February for Socktopia! I'll post more about them tomorrow.
Lastly, I made a trip to NYC for work on Friday. Coldest dang day of the winter so far- (woo hoo) and I got to trapse around Manhatten in it. Of course I had a subway line problem, and had to walk 8 blocks in -15F (with windchill) to get to my meet up point with my assistant. I was walking and grumbling, when I came across... SCHOOL PRODUCTS! It is an awsome NYC yarn store that all the NY knitty's talk about. I went it. In my frozen haze I bought this:

I am going to make gloves to go with my 1960's coat. It is absolutely perfect for it. It looks a bit blue in the picture, but it is really black and brown. I've been putting off the glove project for lack of a good yarn choice. I found one! Of course, I found one when I have another pair of socks to start, a big KAL to do, and a sweater to finish.

Tonight will be about the frog. And the sock planning. Maybe a little actual knitting - if I stop typing and go home.

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Erin said...

Oh that sucks about the sleeves. I know how happy you were to be on the home stretch of that sweater. At least you've got pretty new yarn to take your mind off of it. I've always wanted to go to School Products. Maybe my next trip into the city.