Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I like progress. It shows that you are actually accomplishing something! I suppose that is the definition of progress....
I am obviously not very eloquent today.

SO let's skip the gibber jabber and show some pictures!

I am about 14" into the body of DH's sweater. I have officially reached "cruise" stage. I am just knitting with out paying attention. I created one of those fancy dancy row counter/ stitch marker jobbies. It is awsome. Check it out!

Suddenly, it is very easy to tell when I am to cable! I just slip the next ring down easch time I pass the marker, until I am on the last ring - then I cable. AH ah! Movie knitting is easy! As a matter of fact, I knit the whole way through a movie on Saturday. I don't usually do that. I like to really watch a movie if I'm going to pay for it. I am SO glad I had this sweater along. The movie was the most boring movie I've ever seen. Dear God.

I swatched for my FPS along last night. (Pictures tomorrow) I think I'm gonna like it! More about that later!!

Oh, and I never did start another project. well, I tried, but I wasn't feeling the love. I decided to focus my energies on the sweater.


Anne said...

What movie was it?

costumechick said...

The Good Shepherd.

I had really high hopes. I loved the previews, and it is the kind of movie I usually like. oh well.