Friday, January 12, 2007

If I knit two inches a day

I can have the Rust sweater finished in.... two years.
Just kidding. Probably by February 5th. The way I figure it, I knit two inches a day around the body of the sweater, up to the armpits. Then 4" a day working back and forth across the front or back after I split for the armholes. Also, 4" a day on the sleeves, or 2" a day if i knit them at the same time.
I might be having wishful thoughts.
But, I am making progress! I have joined the front and back hems together! I have done 1 cable! I will have more progress to show for it on monday.

I think I have decided to stave the bordom by knitting some fingerless mitts. I am going to use the left over yarn from my celebration socks I think. It's all fuzzy and stuff.

I suck. No pictures again today. hmmm. Maybe I'll just put in a past picture.
Tada! Branching Out table runner in Farmhouse Yarns "Summer Spun".
See ya'll on Tuesday!

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