Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Progress amidst doubts

I am moving along nicely with the Rust Sweater for DH. The body is done, and ready to block. Now I am in sleeve land. I am knitting them at the same time, circular - no seams for me! So I am Magic Looping two sleeves. It isn't hard, as I am a MLer all the way, but it is a bit fiddly with the two balls of yarn, and the counting. Why are arms shaped? Why can't they just be cylinders?

my progress thus far:

The little white marker is just to show me where the beginning of the round is. So there is none of that , "what sleeve am I on?" "where am I?" nonsense.

If I can keep knitting at the rate I am currently knitting, I should be able to break the Feb. 1st deadline! keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Anne said...

I hope you're at S&B on Thursday, so you can show me how the hell you're able to knit 2 seamless sleeves at once on circulars -- I'm intrigued!

Also, I found a beautiful pattern for Helen's cardigan - in a Debbie Bliss pattern book at the Hamden Public Library. The right size, gauge, and everything, plus a beautiful edge detail that I think would be even nicer than picot. Only needs a very minor adjustment to the collar. I'll bring the book on Thursday.