Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I haven't posted in a while.

Bad me.

But, to be a little kid, "I wasn't my fault!"

I HAD to switch to the new blogger. Piss and Hell. They woiuldn't let me ot of a stupid loop until I did it. Craptacular. Not that it really matters. I just hate farting around with things that are working just fine.
I sound like an old lady.

So, I have no time to write, since playing with this stupid problem has taken all of my time.

Tomorrow February Socks, FPS stole update, and yarn porn from my weekend yarn crawl!!


Agnes said...

What is your problem with the new Blogger? I have issues too ... like I can't install the HaloScan comments without getting rid of the Blogger comments ... and the HTML codes are quite beyond my ability now. But perhaps these two sites can help you:

anphoe said...

Welcome to my world!! I have been having problems with the new blogger. Not that they are significant, but they are just bugging me very much. I want to thank you for your help on my Kyoto sweater. It's finally done as you could see in my blog :) I can't wait to see your new yarn (very interesting to see what was worth to wait in that super-long line at Yarn Barn):D

Anne said...

I too am less than enchanted with the new blogger. For some reason, when I click the login link, it takes forever for the page to load. Maybe it's my POS computer.

My dad called me and said he and his wife had a really nice drive through the Lancaster-Middletown-Harrisburg area -- thanks again for your help and advice on that. They also asked me to convey their appreciation to you.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!