Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fun with Elvis

So, I had a good-ish weekend. I went Christmas shopping on Saturday morning. Dancing on Saturday Night, then sat on the couch with a cold on Sunday and Monday. bleh. I did get some knitting done, as I couldn't do anything except blow my nose and pass in and out of sleep. I made two "Red Scarf Project" scarves. I am going to photograph all of the scarves before I send them off, so no Pictures yet. I am finding it very hard to type. I am a bit loopy from the cold medicine. Let's hope this all makes sense.

In addition to the christmas shopping, I also went yarn shopping. Would you expect anyless? I bought the red scarf project yarn, and a skein of.... Trekking Pro Natura! What is that? Why it is Sock yarn! and it is Trekking Sock yarn! And it has Bamboo in it!!!

The color way is 1600.
It is a less springy than wool yarn - do to the bamboo I guess. It is more like knitting with a cotton blend. That's ok for me. I like cotton blend sock yarn. As with cotton, it is a bit stiff feeling, but it is softening up as I work with it. I am using 0' s, but it seams a bit open still, but I always think that when I start a new toe up sock. Onece I have a bit of the foot done, I always feel better about it.

My super zoomed in picture is of the first toe of "Falling Leaves" socks from Knitty. I think the brown, gold and green colorway will look nice with the leaf pattern.

Now, as promised, my Elvis Wig Pictures. I took these of myself, so no judments about the photo quality. I also do not have makeup on, or even a shower. Frankly, these are cold medicine fog photos.

I don't even have the thing on my head right! oh well. You get the idea. It is much funnier in person.

I decided to snap the photo of the finished Glasgow Lace sweater on Wednesday. I have my staff Holiday Party, and plan to wear my sweater! The finishing went well! I can't wait to show it off!

hmm.... that means that since Thursday, I have finished 5 (!!) projects! (Glasgow Lace sweater, Friday Harbor socks, red scarf 1, red scarf 2, and Elvis Wig) I should get some sort of award!

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